Maulana Sheikh NazimTry to be a Defender of Truth!

You must follow the ways of Prophets, particularly (the way) of the Seal
of Prophets!
As-salam qabla-l kelam- before you are speaking, say Salam!
Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded ya Rijalallah! Ask spiritual support,
don't trust yourself. We are only between two breathings, on which thing
you are trusting, who are you?
"Who are you?" "I am President- that means: I am (a) VIP person!" "You
are (a) VIP person? You are not going (to the) WC?" "I am never thinking
on it..." "(Are you) making on your bed, not going to WC? You are
saying: 'I am very important person' ... How can- be all these people
with their uniforms, with their suits, with their dressings, they are
coming and looking in front of mirror also and saying: "This (belly) is
too much... I must make a little bit diet, because ladies they are not
happy too much like this... and we are VIP, even we are weak people, but
ladies they (are) never looking our VIP looking another point..."
(The Scheikh is getting angry:) Don't sleep, humaka, o heedless people!
Coming here to look cinema?...
VIP people... "We are VIP people, therefore we must look that if people
(are) looking (to) ourselves, if we are VIP... I dont think, I don't
think so, people (are) never looking who is VIP... If they are asking
something, (they are) coming and making like this (showing respect and
asking): "Our boss, VIP person!" "O people, you must give us something!"
Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitani rajim! We are running away from bad
thoughts! So many imagenings (he is) throwing to our minds Shaitan, for
cheating people, saying: "You are not ordinary person, you are VIP", and
therefore I am asking: "You are VIP?(You are) not going to WC? How
(someone), who (is) going to WC (is) going to be VIP?" You must change
your looking- to yourself and to people! May Allah forgive us!
Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitani rajim! Run away from Shaitan and shaitanic
ideas! People (are) following shaitanic teachings, shaitanic ideas,
nothing else and Shaitan (is) trying to make you (a) VIP person,
(saying): "Try to be VIP person", because Shaitan he was asking to be
VIP through Heavens. When he (was) prevented, forbidden and that honour
(was) just granted to Adam, he was so angry, (saying): "I must be, I
(am) that one! I was trying, I was worshipping, I am trying to learn
more and more, more and more"- for what? To be VIP through creation!- "
And now You (are) creating a new creature and (You are) saying for him:
'You are (a) VIP one, o Angels, bow to him!' "
(Therefore he was) thrown away! His main hope was to be (the) master of
creation- and (a) master (is) more than (a) VIP. Master of creation!
When the Lord of Heavens (was) giving masterhood to the Sons of Adam-
shock, shock! Yet he is in shock, never coming to himself; not looking
and to say: "Who am I? Why I am asking this? How I am dealing (with) my
Creator? How I can say 'You are wrong'?" Astaghfirullah! But yet he is
drunk, drunk (with) the bad ideas that he was thinking to be (the)
master of creation; (that idea was) making that one drunk. Yet he is
drunk. Even (on) the Day of Resurrection, when people (are) going to
Paradise and Shaitan (is) going to Hells, with his followers, that
drunk(enness is) never leaving him. Allah Almighty time by time- that
there is some knowledge coming, reaching to ourselves, that every 120
years Allah Almighty (is) ordering that Shaitan to be brought to (the)
entrance of Paradise and then Allah Almighty (is) asking to Shaitan:
"Look, I am saving you from Hells and making you to enter to Paradise.
You like it?" "Yes, I like!" "Call Adam to come!" Adam coming at the
entrance of Paradise and (the) divinely Adressing (is saying): " O
Shaitan, if you like to enter Paradise and to be saved from fire- he is,
Adam", (Allah Almighty) was saying", "(the) porter; (the) doorkeeper he
is. Make Sajdah to him and get in!" And Shaitan, as when sometimes I am
saying 'Jump', he was jumping from earth up to Heavens and saying: "I
(am) never entering! If that one (is) in it, (if) Adam (is) there, I am
not entering!"
As that Zahid was saying that to (the) Prophet his Salams and (he was)
saying that : "Say my Salams to (the) Seal of Prophets! I was like to
visit him. If (those) two ones (were) not under his door, nearby to him,
I was every year coming and visiting him!" Some people that they are not
happy with Sahaba, he was saying. (And it is the) same bad
characteristic that (is) inherited from Shaitan. Shaitan (was) saying:
"I am not entering! Until Adam (is) there, I am not entering, I am not
accepting!" (And he is) going back!
O people, o people, don't follow Shaitan! Shaitan (is) carrying people
to troubles!
There is a knowledge, a 'haber', news from (the) Prophets news, that he
was saying, warning his nation: "When (the) Last Days (are) coming,
approaching, people (are) going to fight, nations (are) going to fight
(among) themselves." Before nations they were fighting other nations,
but when (the) Last Day (is) coming, as a sign of Qiyama, (of the) Last
Day, nations (are) leaving to fight another nation and (they are) coming
to fight through themselves.
Arabs, Turks first... Pakistanis also? Pakistanis also that they are
claming 'We are first class Muslims!' I am saying: "What, for what you
are killing? For what you are making blass(?),for what? (It is the)
biggets sin to kill an innocent person, without a reason, (so) how you
are doing this?" and they are claming: 'We are first class Muslims, we
are fighting!' "To whom you are fighting? Are you fighting to ShaItan or
(you are) fighting Muslims, fighting (the) Prophet? How it can be?"
Rasulullah sws was saying (the) real truth: "When (the) Last Days (are)
approaching, nations (are) going to fight among themselves; not another
nation, but through themseves- for what? For what? Allah (Almighty is)
saying this? Allah Almighty (is) saying: "Nothing I am preventing for Me
that I am preventing you, only I am making one Haram. Through (the) Old
Testament, (the) New Testament, (the) Psalms and (the) Holy Quran (there
is) one Haram only"- (It is a) Hadith Qudsi, Allah Almighty (is) saying:
"Yes, only one Haram I am making for all nations through all Holy Books,
o people: Haramtu dhulm 'ala nafsi! I am... nothing I am making for Me
forbidden, only I did for Myself one thing not to do: Haramtu Dhulm 'ala
nafsi. I am making Haram for My Greatness, for My Lordship, I prevent
for My Lordship not to do Dhulm" , Allah (is) saying, "wa la tadhalamu!
(so don't oppress!"
(In the) Ingil, (the) Taurah, (the) Sabur, (the) Quran (there is only)
one Haram, (a) never changed Haram! "I prevented, (I am) making
forbidden, making Haram, only one thing that I did it for Myself: not to
do dhulm, oppression. I prevented on Myself. O My servants, 'fa la
tadhalamu', don't oppress each other! You must keep only one, if you are
keeping this, your Dunya (is) going to be like Paradise!"
But everyone (is) trying to make dhulm, oppression, on other people! If
they have been granted a small chance, they are asking to destroy
everyone around themselves, to be (the) only one. That is shaitanic
teachings! Shaitan (is) saying: "Do! As much as you can do, make
opression! Don't give a chance to others! Kill them, grind them, making
them under you feet! As long as you have power, make other people, poor
people, weak people, under your feet!" That (is) Shaitan! Allah (is)
saying: "No, I prevented My Lordship not to do oppresion!"
Where is Islam, where (it) is, o people? They are saying 'We are Muslim
fighters'- how is fighting? Allah should ask them, (He) should punish
them with (a) heavy punishment! Heavy punishment! I am trying to make
them under my feet- all oppressors, first my ego, then others. Mehdi
(is) coming!
May Allah forgive us, for the honor of the most honored one in His
divinely Presence sws.
This (is) enough for all nations, for all Muslim nations. For all Muslim
territories, that is enough! If (they are) not understanding, I am
making them under my feet! I am (a) weak person; weak person, (it)
doesn't matter, sometimes Allah Almighty (is) making unseen creatures
with (one) that (are) making people to tremble... "What happened?" "O
Sheikh, you are not hearing that there is birdflu?" "What is birdflu?"
"Where are you living?" "(I am) livinig on earth! What is that, you saw
it?" "No, I never saw it, but people (are) saying (that) there is
birdflu and (they are) killing birds. They are using guns, they are
using bombs, using missiles... we are fearing; even we are fearing from
birds, from chickens, hens, and others... " "They have guns?" "No, no
guns, but we are fearing and catching them, killing and burning them..."
How Allah... If He likes to do something... don't look to me, I am too
weak, but that bacteria (is) so small, when nations (do) like this,
killing millions of birds, Allah can do everything! Keep yourself,
before coming on you divinely Cursing from Heavens and (there is) no
defense for you, no defense! Try to be defender of truth, you should be
in safety. If (you are a) defender of shaitanic ideas, you should be
May Allah forgive us, Fatiha!

Lefke, 29.7.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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