Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Try to make me happy

O My servants, try to make Me happy! Or: Allah is cleaning the earth now
As-salamu alaikum! Are you tired?...Go. Go and sleep. We are sleeping, better...
As-salamu alaikum. Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya.
Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded. A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim,
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

By the Name of Allah Almighty all-Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most
Magnificent. Oh Allah, Anta-llah. Anta-llah. Forgive us and send Your Blessings
on Your weak servants. Oh Allah, Anta-llah, SultanAllah, SubhanAllah. Meded! We
are asking heavenly Support to reach to you, to me and to every believer whom
they are believing (in) Truth, not making their ways like this, like that, (but)
straight on. Oh people, try to be servants of your Lord, servants for your
Creator. That is most important – Huuu! – (the) most important aim.

Oh people, we haven’t (been) created to follow Shaitan. Allah Almighty, who
created you, (is) giving to you an honour that no any honour may be over it. He
Almighty (is) saying: “O My servants, I am your Lord and you are My servants.
Are you accepting that I am your Lord? Are you accepting that I created you? Are
you promising to be My servants everywhere, anywhere?” And your souls was (were)
saying: “O our Lord, You created us and we are giving our oath to You that we
are going to keep Your servanthood (and) that our servanthood (is going to be)
for You only, o our Lord!” And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “I am happy. Who is
keeping their oath and (is) going to be My servants, I am inviting you to My
divinely Presence and I am going to grant to you (something) that no one can
grant to you such a grants. No one! I am that One that (I) created you and I am
promising you that I am granting to you eternal life. I am (have) created you
for eternity, o My servants! Try to make Me happy with you and I am granting to
you eternal life in My divinely Presence!”

(Is there) anything more this? O people, what we are doing? What we are doing?
After what, which thing we are running? We are foolish ones, no mind ones, crazy
ones, mad ones, Shaitan’s followers! Therefore Allah Almighty (is) sending (that

Just I remembered that before 3 weeks ago I was here and my Grandsheikh (was)
saying to my heart that: “People, they are... unbelievers, they are so proud
with their nuclear bombs and such a things, such a things, they are so proud”
and I am remembering that Allah Almighty is not in need to send to you nuclear
bombs, no. (He) may send to you from His soldiers, (as) He sent for Abraha and
his army, whom they are (were) coming to destroy (the) holy (Kaaba), Allah
Almighty’s holy House in Mecca Mukarrama. They are (were) coming so proudly,
they are (were) saying: “We are coming and we are going to destroy Baitullah,
Allah Almighty’s House!” When they are (were) coming, approaching to holy Mecca
- Allah makes it honoured more and more – (they were) reaching perhaps in ½
hour, just reaching to Lords House, (Allah Almighty was) sending a fly, we are
saying ababu-l mul (?). Sending(these birds). They were (each) carrying through
their beaks one (stone,) small as a lentil and (also) through their claws,
nothing else. (They were) coming and sending. Each bird (was) sending (3 stones)
on one soldier of Abraha and making them to explode. (They were) falling down,

Now He is not in need to send (birds with stones). (He was sending that time,)
because they are (were) using only swords and spears, only that. But 21st
century people they are so proud: “Ohhh, we have such a power, we may burn (the)
whole world in seconds!” Hmmm! You are so proud!

Then, before just three weeks ago, we are (were) saying that He is sending some
small armies, very small... Bacteria that you can see under microscope, but
there is (are) someones that you can’t see them. (Even) under (the) most
powerful microscope (you) can’t see (them). And we said that (it is a) virus.
After one week the Lord of Heavens (was) making our speech “tasdik”, confirming,
and (He was) sending that, a kind of virus, that they (had) never heard about.
What kind? Pig(-virus) sending, that (they were) never thinking on it, (on) such
a virus. Pigs-virus. And 7 billion people now (are) like this... like this...
they are trembling. I am saying: “Why? Where is (are) your nuclear bombs? Send
(them) on that virus, to kill them.” “Oh Sheikh, we can’t see them, to send on
them something.” “Ha? Eh.” Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyi-l ‘Adhim. Subhanallahi-l
‘Aliyi-l ‘Adhim.

(It is) from (the) signs of Qiyama. Jesus Christ should come! And the Seal of
Prophets S.Muhammad sws - Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah... (Sheikh is
standing up) he was saying that he (Jesus Christ) is going to kill (the) pigs.
And (he is) coming to break (the) cross also. (He is) very angry! S.Isa,
S.Massiah, Jesus Christ, (is) very angry from Christians that they are making
his honour under their feet and (that they are) making him to be on a cross.
Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah! (It) never happened, (it) never happened! And he
is coming and (he is) ordering to be broken all crosses and also (he is) killing
(the) pigs. Subhanallah. (It is) just beginning. Before he is coming, (the)
earth must be cleaned from pigs. Subhanallah. (It is) coming!

But those Europeans, Americans, all unbelievers, when happened something from
cows, they are shooting and burning them. Even (the) Islamic world (was) making
this also for hens and cock. They are (were) killing millions of hens, chickens,
without any mercy on them. Shooting cows. They are (were) saying: “There is some
wrong thing with them, we must kill them.” Killing and burning them. But for
pigs they are saying: “No, we must not touch pigs.” Why? Why? Why killing cows
and chicken, why not killing pigs? Why not killing? Even Turkish professors,
some of them, they are saying: “(There is) nothing with pigs. (It) doesn’t
matter, we are far away from them, we are not touching pigs.” Tauba,
Astaghfirullah. But (they) should be killed! (They) should be killed. (They)
should be killed. And they are using such things... on their faces.

(It is a) heavenly Order that (is) coming to Awliyas, (saying): Who is making 5
times ablution, three times (washing their mouth)... and three times (washing
their nose)..., never touching (them that virus)! Never touching. This (is) for
believers, whom they are believing and making ablution every day. Never touching
(them)! Never touching (them)!

O people, Allah Almighty, He can do anything, as He likes. And pigs must be
killed (in) the time of Jesus Christ. And it is a beginning. (It is) beginning
and (the earth is) going to be cleaned. (The) world (is) going to be cleaned
from unbelievers and from those people, whom they are making today Eid, feast.
Today what is? (Someone is saying: Workers day.) (The) whole world (is) getting
up, saying: “May day. May day. May day.” They forget their Creator and they are
running everywhere through (the) whole world. Today (is the) biggest day for
them. Insha Allah they are not reaching coming year(‘s) May day! Allah Almighty
(is) taking His Revenge that they forget their Creator and (they are) coming and
(they are) saying: “May day, first (of) May, should be Eid.” For what? For what?
What happened? What happened? Hundred millions of people (were) killed after
that worst day, yet everywhere today (they are celebrating). Allah knows how
many thousand (of) people (are) going to be killed and (are) going to (go into)

They lost Allah, they forgot Allah, they are running (after) their May day. We
understand for Non-Muslims, unbelievers, (but) what about Muslim countries? For
what they are doing this May day? For what? It is a holy day, really? Hah? It is
(a) “mubarak”, (a) sacred day? No! No! No! Today, I hope, should be (the) last
May day for them. Allah sends on them that virus. No need to use nuclear bombs.
Once, it is written through old history books, that happened (something) in
Iraq, in Basra. Basra more than Baghdad was (famous) that time. (There was)
coming (a) “taun”, (a) plague, coming (to) that city. (In) one day
(people) just passed away. (On the) second day passed away. (On the)
third day passed away. (On the) fourth day (there was) never remaining a
person to open his door to enter in his house, or no one is (was) alive through
houses to come out.

Allah! He may do everything! You must fear from Allah Almighty! Tauba, ya Rabbi,
Tauba, ya Rabbi , Tauba, Astaghfirullah. (He) may send, (He) may that virus.
They are saying till they are finding that (vaccine)... , till they are finding
now against that virus a kind of vaccination, they need, they are saying, three
months or four months. Through four months no one (is) living (anymore) on
earth, finishing! Only (there should be) living these” janavar”, pigs... They
are dying also!

O people, we are in (a) very difficult time, because people they lost, they
forget their Creator and they (are) never taking a “tadhim”, respect for
heavenly Orders. They are thinking that: “We may do some rules or laws (and) we
may do everything okay.” They can’t do! They can’t do, until they are coming and
looking (after the) heavenly Rules. Heavenly Rules, you must obey heavenly
Orders, or you should be taken away.

May Allah forgive us. Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah.
Tauba, Astaghfirullah. Ya Rabbi, afwak wa ridaak. O our Lord, forgive us. Send
us someone that he should take Your servants from wrong ways to true ways. For
the honour of (the) most honoured and glorified servant of Your divinely
Presence and Your deputy, Your representative S.Muhammad sws! (Sheikh is getting
up again), Fatiha.

Lefke, Sohbet after Cuma, Friday, 1.5.2009

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