Maulana Sheikh Nazim Try to reach the level of heavenly beings
As-salamu alaikum! Ya Rabbi, ya Allah. Ya ayyuha-ladhina amanu ittaku-llah wa
kunu ma’a sadiqin. Subhanallah, Sultanallah. Huuu! As-salamu alaikum! Salamullah
alaikum. Salamun qaulun mir Rabbi Rahim, Salamun qaulun mir Rabbi Rahim, Salamun
qaulan mir Rabbi Rahim. Thabitna ‘ala-l Haqq, thabitna ‘ala-l Haqq, thabitna
‘ala-l Haqq!
O people, welcome to you! You are coming from Far East, from Far West, from North, from
South -from every direction of Dunya you are asking to reach to a humble place. We are not
using some ...I am not sending, we are not sending invitation to you. That invitation means
nothing else, nothing. (The) invitation that (is) coming from heart and going to another heart:
“Mina-l qalbi ila-l qalbi sabila.” That is something that through our material being or this world
(people) can’t reach to understand that; only through (the) spiritual world may reach a person
from one (person) to another one.
A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. First you must speak
(the) holy Name of Allah Almighty and (the) holy name of His most beloved and most
honoured, most glorified servant in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws. O people, keep
your positions! Think that (the One) Who created you (is) looking after you. Don’t be ‘ghafil’,
heedless. You must try to be much more with your Lord, your Creator, the Lord of Heavens,
the Lord of Universes, the Lord of everything that appeared. Try to be with Him Almighty as
much as possible much more. And (the) biggest mistake that (is) carrying people to fire here
and Hereafter that is to be heedless from their Creator and not giving their high respect for
their Creator, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Mankind. And Allah Almighty that created
mankind... they are like ordinary creatures, but Allah Almighty – Huuu! – (is) dressing them
something that it is impossible to know its value from beginning up to end.
If you are saying one, it is going to be two. If you are saying two (for
mankinds) value, (it is) going to be three. If you are going to say (for) value
of mankind three, it is going to be four. If you are giving 4o, he is giving
4oo. Giving, giving Giving 4oo million... and so on. What
(number), which thing you may give as a value for mankind, it is going to be
always zero, zero, zero. (The) value of mankind no one can understand or (be)
able to understand that, the value of mankind, (the) real value of mankind in
divinely Presence of their Creator.
O mankind, Allah Almighty granted to you, to us, a value that universes, billions or trillions or
quadrillions or pentrillions times, if they are going to be treasures, can’t give any value (in
comparison to) what Allah Almighty granted mankind from value, of people. O people,
beware! O people, use your thoughts or your thinking. As much as you
can do that - more and more times as a value - but it is going (to be) in front of Allah Almighty’
s Reward that (He) granted to mankind, it is going (to be) always on the point of zero, zero,
zero. I am sorry to say that now mankind they are never trying to think on it, but they are
wasting their energies, their minds, their knowledge for something that
(has) no meaning, no value. For example: They are running to, through skies or through space.
Running and they are saying: “We are running to know about Mars.” What? What is that
foolishness! You finished about this world? Your research finishing (about the
earth) that we are living on it and now you are running to Mars? What is that?
What is there? They are saying: “(There are) only some mountains, some rocks or
some deepless (depthless) valleys. “ What (he) is going to know? What you are
going to say? They are making (a) scenario through their imagination. As that grandfather of
gorillas and chimpanzees Darwin was thinking, that Shaitan, today they are using
also; they are trying to keep the way of (that) Shaitan person, that Shaitan person to say: “O
people, just we are looking and seeing big giants there. We are finding so many jewels,
diamonds there and we are preparing a line from Mars to earth to bring so many tons of
diamonds!“ When it is going to (be) too much something, (it is) going to be cheaper. Valuable
(is) which that it is rare. If you are finding something (in) big amounts, that means: no value.
It should be like our mountains. Our mountains (are) from rocks, from earth. They may say:
“We found mountains of diamonds.” When (something is) coming (to be in) so big amounts,
(it is) going to be cheap. So cheap. I mean to say that they are using their energy and their
ability or capacity or their knowledge, using it for
nonsense. Beginning first (with) that you are on it living... (Take the children
out!.. .) Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah...
(They are) not using their capacity or ability to understand. To understand, to know more
about this world, but they are trying to waste their energies, their abilities, their capacities for
nothing. That is the beginning of troubles through East and West. If they are making research
centers for understanding for this world, they should be happy, but Shaitan (is) never leaving
them to think on it, never! And they are going to fall into endless troubles and (there is) no rest
for them night or day. Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyi-l ‘Adhim. Just I heard another foolishness from
those people, whom they are trying to make a research through space and they are saying that:
“Light may run from one to another one (and it needs) billions of years for reaching.” They are
saying this, but they are making such advertisement that they are trying to understand about
space. What is that foolishness? What is that foolishness! How you are reaching to understand
and you are saying that (in) billions of years the light can’t reach from one star to another star?
And you are saying: “We are trying through our satellites.” So foolishness, so foolishness. If I
am asking: “What about Everest, Himalayan mountain? You reached and you looked and (you
are) seeing about that mountains everything? How you are claiming that: “We are trying to
reach something about universe”? What is that foolishness?
Once there was an ‘Alim, (a) learned person or philosopher, that he was saying:
“I am (a) so big authority through science and knowledge. O people, you can ask
me anything (and) I may give a reply to you.” One person is standing up and
saying: “O that one who (is) claiming that you are knowing everything. Can you
tell me if your hairs, their number, is odd or even?” This (is) coming like this
or like that? That philosopher (was) saying: “I am not counting, therefore I can’t say, if it is
odd or even. Ask me another question.” One person is standing up and saying: “O that one that
you are claiming that you are knowing everything and we can ask you. So many years I am
thinking on something.” “What is that?” “O my Sir. (An) ant, it has two parts, head side and
back side. I was thinking that (if its) intestine (is) that side, back side, or head side?” He said: ”
I never tried, because (an ants body is) coming like this (narrow in the middle).I don’t know
(if) its intestines (are) here or here...”
This is something that (is) making some foolish people to fall down and to be ashamed. “Look
(to the) ant” I am asking those people, whom they are running to know something of secrets
of space: “Leave that and give answer for ants intestines.” La haula wa la quwwata ... So
foolish people! 21st century people, they are so foolish, no mind people, never thinking and
their levels (are) under (the) level of (the) animals world. May Allah forgive us! O people, think
(about) your beginning, (the) beginning of your creation and
think what is going to be (the) end of your creation. Think on it! Leave others. How you came
to this life? Say to me first (how was the) beginning of your being in existence. Say to me
how (it) happened? And now you are saying: “No Creator, no Lord” – Astaghfirullah! Who
was making this to ... Man’s water and woman’s water coming together? What is that? Semen
and eggs...For that you are coming in such a way. Why (you are) not thinking on it (and)
trying to know something through universe? That Shaitan (is) making 21st century people to
think on nothing, ‘malayani’, nonsense. Think about your Creator that created you and give
your high respect (to) Who created you from one cell and now you are getting to be a man
and (you are) saying: “No Creator, no Lord.” What is that! But Shaitan (is) making them...
deceiving them. And whole troubles and problems it is (a) sign of cursing. Everywhere cursing
(is) coming like rains, coming on earth through East and West. Daily coming that cursing
signs, but people (are)
not thinking, because people they are drunk also. May Allah forgive us.
You are welcome. What we are saying, must be listened, heard (by) everyone and
(to be) thinking on it. If no, (if) they are not thinking on it, (in) their last moment they should
be regretting, sorry. Now on earth there is perhaps 7 billion people. You can’t find awakening
people that (are) thinking on such point. Everyone, everyone’s thoughts they are thinking on
‘economical crises’, nothing else and they are saying: “Just there is a famous person - his
name (is) Bubamo - Bubamo may save ourselves!” And Bubamo... what is his name? Obama...
even he can’t save himself, (but) people(are) saying: “He may save (the) whole word.” One
person may save whole world that you may say: “No value” (for) that person. No value. That
one may save, may save (the) whole world though 24 hours. No need (even), because they are
supported through heavenly Powers. But people, because they did their worst for their Lord,
and the Lord of Heavens, our Creator (is) asking to punish them. Therefore (there is) no any
arrangement, no one can do, no. I can do! I am (the) weakest one, I may... 24 hours, it is too
much for me
(even). But they are not asking such a person through East and West. They are
saying: “Bubamo...Bubamo save ourselves!” U S... you ass? You donkey?... Tauba,
Astaghfirullah al ‘Adhim! If (the) world (is) asking to save themselves, I am a
person (of) no value, behind (the) one, (on the) left side. I am that one. But
they may use that zero on left side, if (they are) putting (it) on (the) right
Ya Rabb! Anta-l Rabb! Rabbu-l ‘Alamin. He brought and sent us such a heavenly
Orders and Commands that through 24 hours can be arranged everything on earth
and people (will be) changing themselves from to be beasts to be human nature.
May Allah forgive us. O people, pray for me and I am praying for you and I am
asking humbly from (the) Seal of Prophets (in) His divinely Presence that he is
in (the) divinely Presence always - to look after ourselves, to save mankind, to
reach to (the) rank of being (of) human nature. Human nature they are equal (to)
that Angels, but mankind, they are on the level of animals. Try to get out from
that level and to reach the level of heavenly beings, you should be happy here
and Hereafter. O our Lord, for the honour of Your most beloved, most honoured, most
glorified servant S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 27.3.2009 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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