Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are trying to imitate good people

Assalamu Alaikum
Madat ya sultanul Awliyah, madat ya rasulallah, madat ya rijalallah
Audhu billahi minashaytan nir rajim
Bbismillah hir rahma nair rahim
La hawla wala quwwata ila bilahil alihil adhim
We are trying to imitate good people and their meetings because every prophet
coming, has been sent and they are sitting and people coming around them sitting
as a circle and looking to them and asking to hear asking to hear what they're
saying. And those foolish Muslims ignorant Muslims they are saying now that
prophets also they're as ordinary people, no. If they are ordinary people they
are on our level that means they are on our level. What taking any benefit from
our level? If you are going to university and saying that professor they're
like ourselves, why you are going there, for what? If he's on your level why
you are going to hear and to listen for what? But foolish Muslims that they are
bringing so many bad things to Islam that never happened. Those wahabi people,
they're shaytan people. They saying that Rasulullah (saws)is like ourselves
knowing he is not like ourselves, no. Qul ina ma ala basharu amantu billah,
coming from mankind but yu ha ilay, my connection with heavens so that I am
not like you (them). But no mind people never understanding. You have
revelation. Anyone they have revelation from heavens now come and say 'I have
revelation' then I may say that he is on our level. Even one if you are saying
that he is like ourselves we must have as he had from revelation from heavens.
Who claiming now up today that coming to me revelation, was from heavens. How
they are saying if that is such a example. If a foolish one saying from his
stone, from stones to rubies we are stones as you is it true, yes that is so,
precious is so, originally belongs to stones to rocks but its quality is not
like quality that you walking on it. Yet you may put under your feet rubies and
walking on it how you are saying rubies and we're all the same? Donkey's
mentality this that they are trying to destroy Islam from inside but world will
be destroyed on their heads; wahabbi people and their message. They have no
respect to respected aspect in Islam.

Nabi, Ambiya, prophets like they have been sent from heavens but dressed as
mankind. For understanding what may be in need mankind or Allah Almighty may
send an angel, but even sending an angel he will say I'm dressing dress of
mankind or it is not of wisdom from divinely wisdom to sent a group a of people
that his characteristics something else and their characteristics something

Christians, they claiming for Sayyidina Isa and his Mother, they're giving from
themselves heavenly personality. They're saying the Lord of Heavens appeared
through Jesus Christ. Leave Allah Almighty, can't He carry one angel to appear
through Jesus Christ? Is it possible? But they are saying He gave something to
Jesus Christ that his level over the level of mankind. Where is his level?

Through, through (Arsh?) holy throne, glorious throne of Allah Almighty and here
His appearance here. What is his appearance? His appearance the appearance the
Lord of Heavens or his appearance like a man. And what mankind needs must be
with prophets. Therefore Allah Almighty saying.. they are saying such things
that it is not for him and claiming that 'I am with him in such a way that I am
appearing with Jesus Christ' but they are not thinking anything that their
characteristics and appearance like their personality. because they also eating
and drinking.. Who going to be eating must go to the toilet also..(Arabic)..
They have been dressed by Shariah. Mankind characteristic and they have the
sent. What an ordinary man in need they were in need. Their feelings same
feelings. Only their connection through their hearts to heavens to their lord.
And coming to give to your their hearts from heavenly streams and blessing.
Open your hearts to running through streams heavenly blessing. They coming to
prepare you for the day of meeting ?.with divinely presence; coming to you to
clean your personal physical being to make it clean so that you should be
prepared to be clean for his divinely presence.

We are imitating, we are coming to our point now, we are a handful people from
East from West coming here and we are trying to be imitators for prophets and
their inheritors and Allah Almighty's awliyah saints granted, shaykhs we asking
to imitate. Because if you are imitating, that imitation giving to you honour.
And that honour enough for us here and hereafter. Nothing else. You can't do
anything else because we on lowest level people. And trying to imitate good
ones, prophets and their inheritors and to make our lord that Oh our lord we are
only able to do this, no more, forgive us. And after your forgiveness, your
blessings coming yourself here and hereafter. May Allah forgive me and blessing
you! On the honour of the most honoured one in His Divinely Presence, Saydinah
Muhammad (saws). Fatihah.

Lefke, 05.07.2003

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