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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Two Directions, Only One Blessed**

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim

As-salamu alaiukum, salamu-llah alaikum.
May be bestowed Allah Almighty‘s blessings on you forever!
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya!

Run (toward) the direction that blessings (are) coming; on that direction. Now we are on this planet, we are living, billions of people. There is only two directions: One direction (is the) blessed direction, another direction (is the) cursed direction.Allah granting us mind.

That is a big grant or (the) biggest grant for mankind: to have a mind. Mind - it is a state or balance. With that, when you are using it, you may understand blessed direction or cursed direction. It is so simple. That is the… just it is heavenly messages what is in it, (the) real point?…(the) essence… (the) essence of whole revelations. And also for whole nations. Never this message… and the essence of messages can’t be changed - from Adam up to… from (the) first messenger up to (the) last messenger, (it is) never changing.

But- Subhanallah, Subhanallah - Ahlu-l Kitab, Jewish 71 sects, and Christians 72 sects, and the last Ummah, (the) most honoured Ummah also, (is) just divided into 73 sects.

For what? For what? It is so clear. Blessed direction, cursed direction, what you are playing on it, saying: “I am this one, I am that one, you are wrong”? No! True way and wrong way. True way that (it is the) blessed way, it is clear. And (the) wrong way, that (it is the) cursed way, it is clear also.

(The) Lord (is) saying: “Don’t drink!” This is blessed ways’ command, calling people: “Come, don’t drink, don’t be drunk! I don’t like drunk people! I am sending My chosen servants to you to teach you, because you are My deputies on earth, you must learn! You must learn, because I dressed you a honoured dressing that I never dressed anyone!“ - Even Angels they are not dressing, what we have been dressed - “And I am saying to you: O My honoured servants, don’t be drunk, don’t drink. I am saying to you!” But Shaitan (is) saying to you: “Don’t listen, don’t go on that direction, come to my direction! When you are going to be drunk, you should be in pleasure!” What is that! Which one (is) going and being pleased, when they are drinking?

So many years I have been in London. Every night we are going some other places for breakfast or for any invitation, for praying, and after Maghreb we are moving and mostly London (is) full with pubs. After Asr, people, when they are finishing their works, (are asking themselves): “Where we must go?” Shaitan (is) saying to them… “We may go to church, we may go to synagogue, we may go to mosque…” “No, no! What you are doing there? Come and enjoy yourself! I am building for you hundreds of pubs - you must go there! Why going to mosque, what are you doing in mosque? Come here!” and they are coming and sitting… beginning from Asr. When we are going, they are yet silence. When I was coming (back), so many times I am looking: “Oh, what (is) happening?”.. tüt tüt tüt tüt... police, emergency, police force coming, running …. Ehhh! [Hitting with] tables on each one, taking this table on another, seats on another, people their heads broken, hands broken, ehhh and they are in full dirtiness…

This direction do you think that (it is a) good direction, (a) blessed direction? Allah (is) happy to be His servants in pubs?

Churches (they are saying): “We have Sunday Service. We are inviting our brothers and sisters - or sisters and brothers - to come and to be present with our service. From 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock…” Then churches (are) in darkness, because Europe is a Christian Continent… and they were very happy, even (the) Pope (was) happy! He was trying to make Islam down and to say: “Islam (is) coming with (the) sword, making people Muslim.” Haha! From where (you are) bringing that knowledge, you? You look Europe! Look after your people, (you) that you are saying: “I am their Lord; on behalf of our Lord I am here!” Why (you are) not training Catholics not to drink, not to do bad things, not to do cursed works, why? (You are) only coming and making... (the Sheikh is imitating the blessing ceremony of the Pope)…

Our Muslims also (are) saying: “We must try to be westernised Muslims.” Hmmm. From where (you are) bringing, ya Shaitan, this? What westernised Muslims? (If they are) western coming, they are Christians. You are coming to be like them? How they are Muslim? Westernised Muslim - in which book you are finding this, ya Shaitan? Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim! And people now 99% they are on (the) cursed way. They are saying, Ya Hu, even I am saying: “You make your outlooking as a Muslim. According to (the) high Command of Allah dress a dressing that (is) covering your blamed place!”

And I am saying - modernised, westernised Muslims (have) even no moustache - I am calling one of them, saying: “Come, look that cat! (A) cat (is) never happy to be taken its moustache, how you are taking? Heh? How you are shaving your moustaches?”

Westernised Muslims! In Arabia (they are) dressing clothes, galabiyya, (then they are) coming to London or Paris or any European (country) - (and changing their clothes) - where is (the) Holy Command of Allah?

O people, use your mind! If you are not using your mind, coming a punishment! That Allah Almighty should punish them, whom they are insisting to be on (the) wrong way, on (the) cursed way, (the) cursed direction!

True direction, who is (on it)? Ehhh… true direction: Sheikh Abdul Hafiz - Sheikh Abdul Aziz-ehh-Scheikh Abdul Hafiz, representing Germans, Sheikh Hassan Dyck [Mawlana pronounces 'Dyck' "deek', laughs, then continues in Turkish: doesn't 'deek' mean rooster? I never heard of a rooster becoming sheikh, but rooster Hassan, Hassan rooster, he became Sheikh] … Then we are looking in Italy: Nizamuddin. Nizamuddin also, when his wife (is) getting angry, cutting half of his beard… when she is happy, he [lets it grow]…

So many… People never using their minds! And when Allah Almighty (is) asking to punish people, first (He is) taking their minds; (then they have) no aql, no mentality, (and) then they are doing something that never mind (is) accepting that and (then) cursing (is) coming on them.

Sham [Damascus]… eh, Sham, I was there since 60 years, everything (was) so good, they were also dressing - women - galabiyya and men all (had a) beard and also they were dressing galabiya and they were putting turbans or like this tarbusch… so beautiful, so handsome people! And they were covering their faces.

Now I'm going… “What happened?” “O Sheikh, from where you are coming?” I am saying: “From Marikh, from Mars coming. First one coming from Mars coming, I am that one. 60 years ago I was here, then I disappeared. I was in Saturn and now I am coming“... “Ahhh…what you are asking?” “I was here, but now I am not recognizing Damascus and people in such a way!” “Ya Hu, I am born here and people they were like this! I never knowing that Dimashq people going to be before in such a way, no! Even - that time is another time, now… O Sheikh, you are really coming from Saturn?” “No doubt!” “What is your object[ion], why you are objecting?“ “Because I was so happy in that time; ladies they were covering and people they were using their traditional clothes - (but) now…” “O Sheikh, we are living (in the) 21st century! What you are saying? We must do as Europeans (are) going to be, because Europeans (are) coming and saying: ‘You are qaumun muta-akhkhir… backward people. Dede (is) coming here, dressing turban and shalwar… ‘”

Servet, that is Turkish one - Turkish they are most active people to be like Europeans! Alhamdulillah, Europeans - even they are 100 years trying to be like European people - but now Europeans (are) saying that: “You (are) never going to be like Europeans, no, we are not accepting (you)!” “Ya Hu, we tried to change everything, we changed everything and you are not accepting us as Europeans?” “No, go away!”


Daghestan people, Ghumuq people (it) doesn’t matter, because they were under the tyrants that they tried to take away Islam from Muslims… But, Al-hamdulillah, they can’t do! Because Islam (is the) building of Allah! (It) can’t be destroyed, no! If anyone (is) asking to destroy, to make to fall one stone, he must put his head instead of that stone! That is (the) Heavenly Command for people on earth!

They passed away, tyrants in Russia! Even the time of czars, Caesars, he was not doing anything for Muslims; if they were building mosque, prayings and doing their obediency to their Lord; he was giving them freedom. But that Shaitan, big Shaitan, that (was) coming and killing Caesars and bringing that communism, they tried to destroy everything. They destroyed so many things, but they can’t be able to take everything. Islam yet (is) standing up, because Islam it is a building from Heavens!

That person that (was) bringing communism to Russia - what is his name? Lenin… What remained from that Shaitans empire? Only his dirty body in that big square, nothing else! Yet churches (are) standing up, that Christians they were building (them) according to their beliefs, to their religions. They are standing up; even their domes, even golden, but that Shaitan can’t be able to take them, a fearing (was) coming (to him)!

And Islam - they did their worst for Muslims! Millions of people they killed. More than 90 million Muslims that communism tyrants killed to take away Islam and to make their wrong way standing up. But they can’t do! They killed, but they can’t take, they can’t be able to take away Islam buildings. Islam now in Russia (is) much more powerful to be from Turkey! Much more freedom for them in Russian territory, more than (for the) Muslims that (are) living in Turkey.

But Allah (is) not sleeping; Allah knows who is attacking on Islam! (He knows those) whom they are prefering to follow His good direction, blessed direction, and He knows (those) whom they are asking to make people to follow (the) cursed way. Everyone that (is) on (the) cursed way, they should be taken away. Islam should be forever!

O people, therefore - this is not a prepared speech to you, no, but this coming to me. I am speaking on that way, because people are not taking any care which way, which direction, they are on it.

O people, there is only two directions: (the) direction to be blessed, (and the) direction (that is) cursed. Mostly people (are) on (the) cursed direction. (It) doesn’t matter - (they) should be taken away!

Allah Almighty (was) sending Noah alayhi salam; 950 years (he was) calling them (to Allah), they are refusing. He built (the) Heavenly Religion by his Lord’s Command, but people (were) never coming to his direction, (the) direction of Paradise, (the) direction of Eternity. They were insisting. Then Allah Almighty (was saying): “O My servant, O Noah, don’t worry, I am going to punish them! I am sending on them (a) flood, I am drowning them. Don’t worry!” And through 40 days (there was) no one (of them) on earth… (He was) just taking them away. Only 70, 75, or 80 people they were accepting Nabi Nuh - alayhi salam - and landing in (the) ship. They have been saved and whole these nations (in the world are) coming from him…

Allah Almighty, He can do everything! When He is getting angry with His servants, (He is) punishing, punishing, punishing them. Allah Almighty (is) saying: “…falama asafuna intaqamna minhum - ayy - aghdabuna… When they are making to be Heavens angry with them, We are sending our punishment and taking them away!”

Now people (they are) going to take some of them some others… some others… (The holy) Prophet was saying - peace be upon him: “When (the) last Days (are) approaching, people, nations, they are not fighting to other nations, but nations (are) fighting through themselves.” (In the) same nation, (people are) going to fight to each other! I was surprising. Now I am hearing (that) in Palestine, Palestinians in their countries, they are fighting to each other. They are not fighting Israelis, they are not fighting Urduni [Jordanians], they are not fighting Iraqian, they are not fighting to Saudian, but (they are) fighting to each other! That (one is) saying: “Fatah“, that (one is) saying: “Hamas“. Where you are finding this division? Asma - they are giving such names that it is not mentioned through Holy Quran. They are inventing! They are not saying: “We are Muslims“, and they are not saying that: “Damm al-Muslim haram ‘ala-l Muslim“; to kill Muslim another Muslim biggest sin and its punishment (is) to be thrown to Hells, never ending!

They are Arabs! We may say, if we are fighting, (that) we are not understanding (the) Holy Quran, but their language (is the) language of (the) Holy Quran. Why they are doing this? And so many westernised Arabs, countries also, they are looking and they are not saying (to) anyone: “Stop, what you are doing?” No! (But they are) saying: “Let them kill each other, finished!“ May Allah forgive us!

O people, (there is) no any other third direction! Blessed direction, cursed direction. And you are free! Allah (is) giving (the) free will to you to choose through your mind: blessed way and cursed way!

May Allah forgive us. May Allah send us… therefore I am asking: “O Allah, send us (the) Sultan to collect (Your) servants under Your Holy Prophets Holy Flag. If not, we are finished!”

May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam,


Lefke 17.12.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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