Maulana Sheikh NazimTwo kinds of water: Pure, blessed water from Heavens and dirty water from Shaytan's sewage

As-salamu alaikum!
Huuu, Huuu...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La haula wa la quwatta ill bi-llahi l-Aliyyi l- Azim

O our Lord! We are asking Your Heavenly Support to Your weak servants!
We are weak servants and we are running to You, O our Lord, from
Shaytan and shaytanic people, whom they surround to Shaytan, surrender
to Shaytan. Shaytan (is) asking to make you from his group. May Allah
forgive us and protect

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi l-Aliyyi l- Azim.

We are weak ones, therefore you must ask Allah Almighty s Power to
reach to you. Which way (is) using Allah Almighty to send His Divinely
Under roads or streets there are two channels: one channel (is)
carrying dirty water, and (a) second (channel is) carrying clean water

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya!
We are not ignorant people, not to understand what is clean, what is
dirty! Everyone may understand quickly. And His Divinely Support (is)
running to people to those, whom they are following Prophets. And
Prophets (are) bringing clean water from (the) spring.

And (the) second channel is (carrying) dirty (water) that (is) coming
from homes and (that is) running through streets down.

Clean waters (are) entering homes, dirty waters (are) running away
from houses. Even (a) house is unhappy to keep dirty water in it, but
it likes to keep clean water in it - but dirty waters, (it is) never
asking, (it is) asking to put (them) in channels, to run away

Therefore, real life, as Allah Almighty (is) saying, Allah Almighty
created everything from pure water. Pure water, everything (is) coming
from pure water: wa ja alna min al-ma i kulla shay in hayy ! Allah
Almighty (is) saying: We did everything in existence from clean
water. Therefore keep clean water lines that (are) running into you
as (they are) running through your home. That is important. Clean
waters (are) from Heavens, dirty channels (are) from Shaytan.

Allah Almighty (is) teaching His servants to: ... wa-drib lahum
mathalan Give them examples, O My beloved servant, make for them, to
understand what clean water (is) doing, through bringing (an)
example. For example: wa-drib lahum mathalan make for them (an)
example, because (an) example (is) making you to understand everything

Yes, therefore, you must try to understand: If clean water makes
ourselves to be happy, to be healthy - He is giving us examples: This
is water, that is water. Clean water and dirty water channels, running
from East to West, from North to South. Look, all holy Books (are)
saying this: wa-drib lahum mathalan O my Prophet, give them
examples, to understand what We mean to say!

Yes, therefore, it is an example: O people, if you are using dirty
water, even plants or grass or trees (are) never growing up, because
dirty water (is) full with poison; (it is) poisoned water. And (the)
poisoned water spring that (is) running on earth, running after
mankind, that is Shaytan s channel! Shaytan s channel (is) always
dirty and poisoned, don t use it! Allah (is) saying, (the) Almighty:
Use clean water!
Even therefore I am never happy that people drinks from bottled
water, no! It is also a kind of dirtiness, that Shaytan (is) making
it, not to give any benefit to our physical being. They are saying:
We are purifying water. It is against the reality, because they are
not purifying. The Lord of Heavens just prepared water for mankind and
other living creatures.

They may use it, but I don t think that any creature (is) drinking
from dirty water - (they are) running away (from it), only mankind
they are not thinking on it, to say: This (is) so dirty smelling!
Why (Allah is) giving this for us? Why (is He) giving (us the) eyes,
why (he is) giving (us the) tongue? Your eyes (are) looking and seeing
a dirty colour- leave it! You may taste and you are going to taste
something, it is so dirty, making your stomach to get out - leave it!
>From this point even water, bottled water, it is a shaytanic way to

harm people, to harm their health, to harm everything from mankind!

What about if bottled water is prohibited to be drunk? Heavenly
warning: Don t use bottled water! Don t look, what they are making,
so many advertisement on it, don t believe! You must know that if
something (is) getting too much advertised, that means, Shaytan (is)
asking to cheat people and to harm people!

Up today we are not seeing a water it is written on it and to put on
bottles to be said: This is famous water, this is such and such no,
but Shaytan, for harming people, (is) making this bottled water also.

What about drinks? O Sheikh, (it is) so tasteful to drink Coca-Cola

No, Sir, Pepsi Cola is much better I think

I don t think! Pepsi-Cola may be faster for harming (your) body, but
Coca-Cola (is) making everything in such a way that man (is) loosing
himself and never tasting after that anything

What about wines that Allah Almighty making it haram, forbidden,
forbidden, forbidden ! Doesn t matter, o Sheikh, if we are drinking

What is that?

It is not from grapes, it is only from barley

Hmmm, why not you are eating barley?

We can t eat, because only donkeys may eat (that); they have big teeth
and they are very happy, but if we are trying to eat, we can t eat.
Therefore we are boiling it, making so many things, making this
beeeeer and saying: You must drink beeeeer every day, to loose or to
forget everything, every day

I am saying only this: For what?

Because we can t eat barley through our teeth therefore we are asking
to do something from beer, to make, to keep our teeth

What about alcohol? (It is) harming (our) body or not? Which doctor or
physician may say that to drink wines doesn t matter? Who may say,
Doesn t matter! ?

How you are saying, doesn t matter?

It is good for sometimes.

For what?

Because sometimes man (is) in need to shout like a cock: kukurukuuu,
but (he) can t say this, (but) when (he is) drinking, (he) may say
(it)! That is one benefit, therefore they must drink!

Every harmful drink (is from the) shaytanic source, from shaytanic
sources, from dirty channels, sewage channels, but whole people (are)
drinking. They are saying: (It) doesn t matter, Sheikh, a little bit
we may enjoy ourselves!

If you are asking to enjoy yourself, go to (the) stable of donkeys,
make there you should be very happy (it is) enjoyful, their place
also, because they are eating barley Barley eating, therefore they
are very strong, because they are working daytime

Haaa! Therefore we must drink this, to be much more powerful daytime
for working! Man tashabbaha bi qaumin, fahuwa minhum which (one is)
going to make himself as any creature, he is going to be from that
creature Therefore who (is) very happy to drink beeeeer that animal
also, they are so happy to eat it and you are going to be like animals
Donkeys, they are very happy to drink or to eat, but you can t eat,
you can drink... then you are going to be on (the) same level of

Dirty channel! Putting so many advertising also Walky, Johnny Walker
look, how he is moving!... I am saying write under it: Like donkeys ,
they are coming so powerful look, 80 years person, how he is
walking! Because they are using too much beeeeer. Beer for Germans,
whiskey for English people, champagne for French people, and vodka for
Russians... yes? Yes. Eh, our people also, they are going to be like
Western people We are now Western Muslims!

I am asking: Western Muslim? How it can be? Kufr ma a l-Iman? They
are unbelievers, (and) you are running to be like unbelievers - how
you are going to be believers? Doesn t matter! We are producing
millions or thousand hectares and we are planting barley, therefore we
must look a market for our barley, because it is too much for our
donkeys and we are asking two legs creatures to eat and drink its

>From where (this is coming)? That advertisement (is) Shaytan s

advertising: People (are) drunk and (it) doesn t matter

Islam is (a) pure religion, pure, most pure, purest and most clean -
come and drink!
If not, you are going to be Now, what they are doing, you know?...
When they are going to fight, they must drink from dirty channels of
Shaytan, to forget and to see themselves so hero!

Once a mouse (was) falling in a barrel of wine. It was drinking,
drinking (and) asking to get out. (It was) getting out and it was
calling: Where is those our enemies, cats? May come here! I am now
not like cat, I am now like lion! Where they are?

Like this (drinks are) making people: Where is that angels, coming to
take my soul? I am here, keeping my sword! If (they are) coming, I am
cutting their heads!

(He) may say (this), because he is drunk, like that mouse (that was)
falling in (a) barrel of wine Making people to be in such a way, that

Therefore it is also from Shaytan, from shaytanic dirty channels!

(The) Heavenly Order to whole nations (is): Don t drink from dirty
channels, but I am sending to you pure drinks from My Heavenly Oceans.
O people, use what it is clean for you, don t use dirty channels!

That is the summary of whole Heavenly Books: (They are) preventing
people, not to be drunk, but to be awakening, to know from which
channel they are drinking, he is drinking. Now all people (are)
drinking from dirty channels

Sometimes looking something (in the water) making like this pure
They are so clean, but when they are asking to drink a vodka or
champagne, (they are) never looking, what is in it: One more, one
more one more They are getting to be barrel of wine so dirty
inside and their outside. Making their bodies so dirty and also making
everything (that) belongs to their honor, making it to be dirty.

Therefore, when Mehdi alayhi salam (is) coming, first of all (he is)
making an order: No more! No anyone should drink! If Jesus (is)
coming after him, he is also saying that: No more drink of wines!
Never, because it is from shaytanic channel, (the) dirty channel! Don
t use it, whom (they are) asking to be clean here and Hereafter!

O people, think something! Give some time, even very short time, for
thinking on such a points! That (is) saving your physical being and
(is) giving from Heavenly Lights on your face and to your hearts. ?May
Allah forgive us and protect us, not to fall into dirty channels!

May Allah bless you and forgive me! For the honor of the most honoured
one in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad sallaLlahu alayhi
wa sallam, Fatiha


Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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