A real follower is like a shadow, it will never leave you. The Prophet did his best for mankind in every moment of his life. So whoever has a perfect mind will understand that point and try to follow the sunna in everything. That is the best. Once the son of Sayyidina Omar was going to Mekka through the desert with a caravan. He came to a place where he left the caravan and started to walk around. The others asked him why he did that. There wasn't really any need for it, because the way was straight. He told them, "I saw that when our beloved Prophet reached this place, he did a roundabout. That is why I like to follow his steps." Whoever keeps his steps will reach Divine Presence. Keep them firmly and you will reach the Divine Presence which the Prophet reached during his Nightjourney. His way is so clear.
Until today no-one can say that the Seal of Prophets, the pride of mankind, the pride of universes, the pride of the whole creation, Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him, did anything which was wrong. Satan can say so, unbelievers may say so, but it is not valid. Whoever has a pure mind and a pure heart can't say that the Praised Servant did anything which was wrong, or that he harmed anyone. Satan will always claim such things. Just think of what he said in Divine Presence, so what about to us? He adressed Allah with a lot of rubbish. Whoever has a clear mind must say that Muhammad did his best. So his followers must also reach Allah Almighty's pleasure here and in the hereafter.
That is the final point. There is no higher point which a servant can reach than if it is said to him that his master is pleased with him. Who can ask of anything else? Of all the believers: the Buddhists, the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims, they cannot ask fo anything more than this. When all the people of paradise enter paradise, Allah Almighty will invite them every Friday and they will sit on numbered seats according to their faith. But everyone will think that they are sitting on the best seat. Then Allah Almighty will give his servant enjoyments in eating and drinking and dressing, more than any eyes have ever seen, any ears have heard and any heart has known. That is the beauty of the view, taste, colours and smells which have been unseen and untasted of before. Then Allah Almighty will show His Divine Face and the opening will come. At this appearance people will forget everything and any taste they have ever had. They will melt. Their existence will be finished in the unity oceans of Allah Almighty. They will enter in them and be finished. You cannot explain the taste. After that the Lord will adress and say, "Oh, my servants, is there anything which I still haven't given to you?" The people will answer, "Oh, our Lord, you gave us everything, even to see your endless beauty oceans. What more could we ask for?" The Lord Almighty Allah will answer, "Oh, my servants, I am still keeping one of your grants." "Oh, our Lord, what can that be?" "Oh, my servants, it is that I am forever pleased with you, I will never get angry with you. I will be pleased with you forever!"

What can be more than that?
London - 01.03.1994
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