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‘Ummu Khayran

As-salamu aleykum, o Lovers of Shah-i Mardan! As-salamu aleykum, those of you who love the
path of the Lions of Allah, may peace be upon you. We ask to be granted a good day, and we
ask that our honour be increased. May we be given more light; come, come into the servanthood
of our Lord. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. La ilaha illa-llah La ilaha illa-llah La ilaha illa-llah,
Sayyiduna Muhammadur Rasulullah (sas). O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan, o you who love the path
of the Lions of Allah, O you blessed servants, Welcome to our assembly. Our assembly is an
assembly for goodness. Come to us, o Shah-i Mardan. Your beloved friends, your dear ones long
for you. They long for your path and they ask for goodness.
‘Umm ul-khayr. ‘ummu khayran ‘ummu khayran - what is he saying? ‘ummu khayran Spread
goodness all around. Today is a new day. Today's sohbah has a different kind of distinction, an
association, from Shah-i Mardan. O Lion of Allah! Masha'Allah, la quwwata illa bi-llahi l-‘aliyyi
l-‘azim Our gathering is an assembly of knowledge [‘irfan], It gives our humanity a polish, a
shine. It makes us polished, puts a shine on us. Shah-i Mardan's blessed words and his
associations give us this finish. They polish us. Therefore, pay heed, o people, O people, let Shahi
Mardan with his blessed words give us a polish, let us wear a finish, let us shine, and be like the
stars in the sky. What did the Prophet of the Last Times (sas) say? "ashabi ka-n-nujum" The
Prophet of the Last Times, the Sultan of Prophets (sas), the Beloved of the Lord of the Worlds,
what did he say? Become polished, become polished. This polish gives men a dignity, a certain
Our assembly's polish are these words: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Speak them, do not fear!
Become polished. You do not become polished by painting your face with make-up. The finish,
the secret of beauty comes from heaven. Welcome, o Shah-i Mardan, how well you express this!
Beauty comes to mankind from heaven. It is not given on earth. The beauty you can acquire on
earth is the beauty of four-footed creatures. What a lovely horse, you may say. What a beautiful
cat, you say. They also have a kind of beauty. The beauty given to it is of an earthly kind. But
there is a beauty that comes down from heaven, that is for mankind.
Welcome here with us, o Shah-i Mardan. We ask for the beauty that comes down from heaven.
For the creatures on earth we say: What a beautiful creature! What a lovely cat! What a
beautiful horse! But this is not to be said of people, it is said of animals. What a lovely horse! Its
beauty lies in the form it was given. But the beauty given to mankind is not like that of the horse.
A human's beauty descends on him from the heavens. The beauty of man comes down from
heaven, while that of the animals is from the earth. What a lovely horse! How did it get its
beauty? By being well cared for. What did it eat? It ate barley, hay and grass, and grew to be
beautiful. Ah, but we are not after the beauty of animals. We seek the beauty that descends from
heaven. That you must ask for. Seek the beauty that descends from heaven. A well-kept animal,
what of it! A well-kept animal, what a lovely horse, you say. Its beauty, it came from what? From
the grass that it ate, the barley, the oats. That is what we call animal beauty. But human beauty
comes from heaven.
Come to us, o Shah-i Mardan! The field is yours. Let men listen to your words, so they may find
honour. So that they may be beautiful, that they may be able to say, and that it may be said of
them: What a beautiful person! So that your beauty, your perfection may be spoken of on earth,
and be pointed out in heaven: How beautiful a servant, how beautiful a servant! How? "How
beautiful a servant" is not the same as "How lovely a horse." What a beautiful servant! How was
he fed? He was fed by heaven. The beauty of mankind comes to him from heaven. What a lovely
horse! Animal beauty comes from the pasture of the earth, its barley and oats. That is not what
we want. We ask for the beauty that comes from heaven. "What a beautiful person!" Let this be
said of you!
Begin therefore by listening to Shah-i Mardan and saying: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. From
the heavens the robe of beauty comes upon you. The robe of glory, the robe of honour, the robe
of reverence, the robe of familiarity, Allahu akbar, descends from heaven onto mankind, not onto
animals. Come to us, o Shah-i Mardan, the field is yours. We are seeking the beauty that comes
from heaven. The beauty on earth is that of the animals. What a lovely horse, what a lovely cat!
you say. That is for animals. The beauty of man comes from heaven. What a beautiful person!
From what? "Well, we entered this beauty contest, and for women there are certain standards of
beauty, and for men there are certain standards of beauty." But that is only animal beauty, it is
not what we want. We ask for that which is dressed upon us from heaven, robes of beauty,
athwab, as we say, that is what we want. But he cannot understand.
shaytan has dragged people along with him. It controls them, saying: Come along with me, I will
make you look beautiful. Like this, like that, what is it called? Moda, fashion, they call it. That is
the path on which shaytan leads people astray. shaytan says to people: I will make you look
better. How is that going to happen? Through fashion. You will dress in fashionable clothes.
You will walk in fashion, you will eat and drink in fashion. You will keep up with the latest
fashions, and you will be beautiful. People of this 21st century have abandoned their humanity
on account of fashion, and they have turned into very strange creatures. Through what?
Through fashion. Fashion is an affliction. What they call today's "economical crisis", the main
reason for their having fallen into economic hardship is this fashion. There is no cure for this,
other than letting go of this fashion. There is no other cure, the crisis is unavoidable.
Fashion has made a mess of the world. It has driven people crazy. It has removed them from
humanity and turned them into devils. Fashion is the sect of shaytan, fashion is the most popular
sect. Since you are following the fashion, there is no end to it. Fashions do not make people
beautiful. Maybe fashion can make people appear attractive for animal life, but in regard to his
spiritual character, it removes man from his humanity. All holy prophets - ‘alayhimu s-salam -
came in order to destroy those fashions that turn people into devils. As they say, "asatiru lawwalin"
(6:25), from the earliest times shaytan taught mankind about fashion. Beginning with
the first human being, this fashion, it made mankind spin out of control. All his efforts went
towards appearing good-looking. Even if they are eighty, ninety or a hundred years old, foolish
people still follow the trends of fashion and try by all means to look good.
There are two classes of beauty. There is beauty that descends from heaven, and there is beauty
that comes from the earth, which belongs to the animals. The beauty which descends from
heaven robes mankind in grandeur, familiarity and beauty, in perfection and even majestic glory.
But the weeds growing from the earth, food and drink do not make man more beautiful. Maybe
they increase his desires, make him lusty. "We eat, then we will become beautiful!" Therefore,
men become the slaves of their stomachs - what do they call it? In order to satisfy the lust of their
stomach, that is what they are after. For high, noble goals they are not asking. Whereas all the
prophets were sent to teach mankind what is good, to teach man goodness. "’ummu khayran"
This was what all prophets brought and taught to man: ‘ummu khayran. Spread goodness, he
says. The prophets came to mankind in order to teach goodness.
shaytan tried with all his might to teach his own evil ways. Nowadays, unfortunately, the son of
man is not going after the ways of goodness. He seeks evil ways, and where do evil ways lead to?
They lead to Hell. Where do good ways lead mankind? They lead to Paradise. ‘ummu khayran -
all of what the prophets came to teach people, ‘ummu khayran, spread goodness so that the
world may be steeped in goodness. You follow shaytan, ‘ummu sharran, the evil ways shaytan
has taught to man. Spread evil, he says. The world today, the whole world is running on those
ways - who can be even worse. Who can be even more brutal and wild, who can be the most
godless and unbelieving. The aim of 21st century man is to try in whatever way to become even
worse than he is now. He says, "’ummu sharran," spread evil. Alas, the people living in this world
today, in order to spread evil and badness to all places, have invented all manner of implements
and devices.
People are now infused with such strong desire that they cannot get enough of doing evil. They
do not tire of enacting badness. Even though the heavenly command is: "’ummu khayran!"
Spread goodness Allah Almighty says this. So for what are you spreading badness? All countries,
all nations are striving to spread evil. Every government is busy destroying goodness. Every
nation is striving to spread badness. War, assault, disgrace, poverty, ignorance and insult are
upon all people now. Whereas it was the command of the Sultan of Prophets: "’ummu khayran!"
Spread goodness, he commanded. How beautiful is Islam. All prophets are on the same road.
The prophets came to teach mankind humanity. What is humanity? Humanity is based on
He who is good, is a man. He who is not good, is an animal. People today are running after evil.
People today are worse than tamed animals, they are wild animals. To murder, intimidate and
burn, to destroy, crush and consume, that is what the philosophy of life consists of nowadays.
That is why there is no end to suffering in the world. The very first order given to mankind was:
"’ummu khayran!", spread goodness. How lovely. The command of every prophet, of the
Prophet of the Last Times, was: "’ummu khayran!" Spread goodness, he says. Which state is
there that spreads goodness? Who is there who encourages goodness? There is no one
encouraging goodness. They all make people rush towards evil. Murder, burn, ruin! Spare no
one! Wipe out the human race! At the very least, make people abandon humanity. Turn them
into wild things. They have been given honour in heaven. But on earth, I will degrade them and
make them despicable, says shaytan.
O our Lord, what can we do? "’ummu khayran!" This is an order to save humanity. O you who
you are in your right minds! Speak to us, o Shah-i Mardan. How lovely are your words: "ummu
khayran"! Let goodness be general, let it extend in all directions so that everybody may partake of
goodness and may see no evil. But people living nowadays, those whom shaytan has raised, say:
"Crush, oppress, burn, demolish! Therein lies your honour!" This is from shaytan. What is
shaytan's principle? "’ummu sharran", spread evil, he says, act with badness. Die and kill. Build
and destroy. Leave no one but yourselves alive on the face of the earth. shaytan has raised man
and turned him into a monster.
Please speak, o Shah-i Mardan. May your sword strike the neck of shaytan, and the necks of the
followers of shaytan. The prophets all said: "’ummu khayran", spread goodness. But who is busy
doing good? The whole world is engulfed by evil. Mankind is confounding itself. They are joining
the ranks of shaytan who was once the most honoured but then became the most detested of
creatures. shaytan says, "Follow me and you will find honour. You will come to rule the world."
Eh, Pharaoh also used to rule the world. In the end he was drowned in the sea. Nimrod also
made claims, and Allah destroyed him by means of a mosquito. They are now preparing various
kinds of weapons. For what? In order to finish off the human race. Shame on them! It is from
what shaytan has taught them: "’ummu sharran", spread evil, do not do goodness. Commit evil
acts, so that your honour might increase. May their honour be confounded, of people of that sort!
"’ummu sharran" says shaytan, spread evil. Do no goodness.
O Shah-i Mardan, come to us! Draw your sword Dhu l-Fiqar! May your sword Dhu l-Fiqar
overpower all those who wish to spread evil! Now there are two ways:
ummu khayran and ‘ummu sharran. Either you spread goodness all over, or else you let evil
become a general condition. shaytan is trying to let evil take hold of the whole world. He has
now succeeded. People think of nothing else any more but of evil. They do not think about how
many Pharaohs were overcome by heavenly might and have gone under. How did they end?
Some burned to death by fire, some drowned in the sea. Some were vanquished and destroyed
by a mosquito. Nimrods and Pharaohs. shaytan's intention is "’ummu sharran", spread evil, so
that the whole world will be filled with Pharaohs. When they have become Pharaoh, what will
be their end? Either they will drown in the sea, or they will burn in the fire.
Ya. That is how it is. The miserable condition of today's people. That is why we ask to listen to
Shah-i Mardan every morning, so that his words might help men reach the rank of perfection, so
that he becomes a perfected man. In a perfected man there is justice, kindness and favour. There
is generosity. There is every kind of beauty. In "’ummu sharran", there is every kind of evil,
badness and filth. There are so many people on this earth roaming the streets. They don't know
what they want. They do not find their satisfaction in eating or drinking, because shaytan says: It
is nothing just to roam these streets, you must wipe out one another, so that there are fewer
people; there must be fewer and you will be in charge. That is the “‘ummu sharran", the
spreading of evil by shaytan. That is the concern of people nowadays: to spread evil, to prevent
goodness. To shut the doors of goodness and open the gates of evil.
O our Lord, You have created us! Send us one who will teach us goodness - an illustrious King of
Men, Shah-i Mardan. Let there be a thousand Shah-i Mardans, forty thousand Shah-i Mardans,
to destroy our deformities, our evil. There can be no peace in the world before evil is destroyed.
"’ummu khayran", we will make goodness spread all around. We have no other way to be
saved.. We will abandon all weapons and go after goodness. The world will be at peace.
Otherwise the world will become shaytan's hellhole. It will also throw you into Hell. It will make
you share its own fate. Spread evil! is shaytan's command. Spread goodness! is the command of
the Prophets. O our Lord, send us one to teach us these things, send us one of the Kings of Men.
O Shah-i Mardan. Upon you be the Good Pleasure of the All-Merciful. Draw your sword, Dhu
l-Fiqar, and with it strike shaytan and those working to spread evil. Strike with your sword and
finish them off! Strike! Strike them for the love of Allah! For the love of the Holy Prophet! The
world is filled with monsters, strike them! Kill those who have monster characteristics and who
teach badness. Then the world will be sweet for you. Perform works that will bring you closer to
Allah. May evil disappear. Before the gates of evil are shut there can be no peace in the world.
This is our sohbah for today that comes from Shah-i Mardan: "’ummu khayran", make goodness
to be universal and spread about. Put an end to evil. Abandon badness, and open the gates of
goodness. Were you to give all that money you spend on weapons to the people, the world would
become like a paradise. But it is your ambition to root out all mankind. Who is your master?
shaytan. O Shah-i Mardan, Masha'Allah, la quwwata illa bi-llah. All around us is a confused
mess. And it will not stop there. Since mankind is constantly busy playing his evil tricks, evil will
come. They will not encounter any goodness. Look at it, look at the whole world. Change its
course! Run after goodness! As long as you run after badness, the world will not be set aright.
Man will not be man. Men will be wild beasts.
This is the summary of our sohbah today: Shah-i Mardan says Run after goodness! Let go of evil!
You will be prosperous in this world and safe from torment in the hereafter. If not, things will fall
from heaven. Hurricanes are coming. Storms are approaching, floods are coming. Earthquakes
will occur. In unexpected places volcanoes will erupt. Islands will sink where you don't expect
them to. Fear Allah! Fear Allah! Fear Allah! If you do not, the fate of shaytan will befall you as
well. Tawba, ya Rabbi, tawba, istaghfirullah.
O Shah-i Mardan, Habibu Yazdan, Beloved of God. Let me say it in Farsi, in Persian, in the
Persian language. O servants of Allah Almighty, the one and only God, Stay away from evil! Run
after goodness! Stay away from badness! If you don't, things will happen to you. Earthquakes
where you don't expect them, tornadoes and floods where you least expect them, a rain of fire
where you are not expecting it. Beware, do not stand against Allah Almighty. Do not spread evil.
Try to extinguish all badness. One who murders people is not a good one. He is evil. You must
know this, o you Persians, ‘Alawis and Shi’ites! Shah-i Mardan has said this. Refrain from doing
evil! Run after goodness, flee from evil. Run toward goodness. That is it.
What a sweet word he has spoken. O Shah-i Mardan, Habib ur-Rahman. O Sultan, owner of
the sword Dhu l-Fiqar. We are waiting for your soldiers who are to teach us this. We are waiting
for Sahib uz-Zaman, we are waiting for Sayyidna al-Mahdi (as). We are Sunnis, we follow the
commands of Allah and His Prophet. We are not oppressors. We are of those who draw the
sword only in order to pave Allah's way. For a thousand years our glorious Ottoman ancestors
held aloft the banner of Islam. They found honour, they gave honour. But today's people are
good for nothing. Allah will be asking: "thumma la-tus'alunna ‘an in-na’im". (102:8) He says: I
will call you to account for the blessings that I gave you. And this holy verse as well: Asta’idhu billah:
"wa tilka l-ayyamu nudawiluha bayna n-nas" (3:140) To every class of human beings I shall
give power. Let's see what they will do with it. Will they listen to Me? Or will they follow
Today all nations, all countries are running after shaytan. But from heaven comes this word:
"Inna batsha Rabbika la-shadid." (85:12) The Divine blow, the strike of the hand of Allah that
puts to ruin. Look, what happened in the Hijaz - Floods came and took everything away. In the
middle of the summer there was snowfall. And why? People tried so hard to find an answer to
this problem whereas all prophets spoke of this: a house should have one floor, perhaps a second
one, but if it is built higher than that the angels will say: "O son of man, what is this? A second
story, and then a third one - have you turned into a Nimrod?" You are building towers of
Nimrod. Have you no fear that with one shaking they will collapse on top of you? That is what
the angels say when there are more than two stories: "Where to? Where are you going? You
have turned into a Nimrod." They filled up everything with concrete, all over. Water will rise
from below and those concrete buildings they built on the holy grounds, will all come crashing
down, "boom", all those concrete buildings.
Let the kings beware, and the emirs and the heads of state! Fear Allah! Forego evil, run towards
goodness, so that you may survive. O Shah-i Mardan, you have the word. Send us support, for
the sake of the most-honoured Beloved of Allah. Let us spread goodness, let us not spread evil.

Let us put out the fires of evil, and let us open up sources of goodness. wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. O
our Lord, forgive us, Send us Sultans who will be leaders for us, o our Lord! al-Fatiha.
A few months ago perhaps we delivered an address in the language of Truth, O you who rule the
Hijaz, you who call yourself Royal Majesty and have yourself addressed as such! We told you to
read salawat on the Holy Prophet (sas) every morning. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar Allahu akbar,
Allahu akbar. You should glorify at morning prayer the Holy Prophet (sas) by reciting salawat on
him in front of the palace. We have already given a sohbah concerning this. Nobody listened.
Now they are trembling. Their palaces will crumble. Let them be afraid. Every morning reciting
prayers and blessings for the Holy Prophet, ‘alayhi as-salatu wa s-salam, praise and glory be to
Allah Almighty. Glorify him, and you will be saved. If you do not, the floods will carry away all
Arabia, the whole of it. There is no joking with Him up there.
Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah, Allahu hasbi. Hasbun Allah wa ni’ma l-wakil. Recite
this every day, o Muslims of Arabia! Hasbun Allah wa ni’ma l-wakil, hasbun Allah wa ni’ma lwakil.
Ni’ma l-Mawla wa ni’ma n-nasir, ghufranaka Rabbana wa ilayka l-masir. Teach these
words and have no fear. If you don't the water will carry you away. It respects no king, no emir,
no ruler.
Tawba, ya Rabbi, tawba, istaghfirullah. You are subhan, o Lord, and we are Your powerless
slaves. O Shah-i Mardan, send us the ones who will take these steps and hold fast to your

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