Oh, our Lord! We are servants and we come to worship You. We are trying to be good servants. That is our intention: to be better. If someone is good, to become the best. That is our intention. We do not want to be written as bad servants. Those who are written with the good-ones, is lucky. He will be pleased here and in the hereafter. We are believers and we believe. That is a grant from Allah Almighty to us, that He has made it possible for us to declare that there is a God, a Creator. We are creatures, not creators. If there are creatures, there must be a Creator. Who can say of himself that he is a creator? Who can say that he created an atom? Who can say that he created this world? Who can say that he created the moon? Has anyone even been able to create an ant, a rose, a mosquito, the sun or a star? Who can say such a thing? Why do people not think? There must be a Creator! But people are drunk. They speak in the name of knowledge and science and they say that there is no God! What a foolishness! Who brings the sun everyday from the East and makes it to set in the West? If you have power then show it! Bring the sun from the West and let it set in the East! That is what Nimrod was discussing with Sayyidina Ibrahim, may peace be upon him. He called Nimrod to believe in his Lord, but Nimrod said, "No! I am the Lord!" And Ibrahim said, "My Lord can give life and take it back again." But Nimrod answered, "I can do that!" and he ordered two slaves to be brought and one of them to be killed. To the other one he said, "You go!" That was his mongul-type logic. He was Nimrod, but his mind was like a mongul. Then Abraham looked at him and said, "Alright, if you are the Lord then you must be able to do more than this. My Lord brings the sun from the East and lets it set in the West. If you can, then bring the sun from the West and let it set in the East!"
Everyday the sun is rising and setting completely punctual. It is never delayed, planes can come too late, but the sun is always fully on time, perfectly arranged. In the name of science, mongul-type people are trying to deny the existence of the Lord of Universes!
We are believers and we believe in the existence of the Creator who created everything in its perfection. Everything is in their perfection. An ant is in its perfection. The mosquito is in its perfection. The monkey is in its perfection. The horse is in its perfection. The sparrow is in its perfection. The crow is in its perfection. The fox is in its perfection, Bears are in their perfection. We do not believe in such ideas brought in by Darwin, he was a mongul-type person! Where did he come from? England? Doesn't matter, he was a mongul-type! Some people came from Germany and France and supported his idea. Well, nowadays all Europeans are partners anyway and you have to share the responsibility.
The Lord created every creature in its perfection. It wasn't a step by step approach and reaching to mankind. These are nonsense idea. The plan is to make people deny the Holy Books. Allah Almighty, the Creator has created countless creatures, each one in its perfection. Look at the butterfly! There are thousands of kinds. Who made the decoration on their wings? If they have anything inside themselves then it must say, "Allah u akbar! The Creator!" Do you think that that butterfly has chosen its own decoration? Someone decorated it! Ahmed, did you decorate youself? Someone ordered, someone's will made everything in its perfection. Cats are happy to be cats. No cat wants to be a dog and dogs never want to be a cat. Mice never want to be cats and cats never want to be mice! No lady wants to be a man and no normal person wants to be a woman, except if there is something wrong. Everyone is happy with their being. The Lord chose for them and made them happy in their classes.
We must be happy that we have been created as the sultans over all the creatures. We have been granted something from the Creator which is very special which even angels haven't been given. Allah Almighty gave mankind some of his Divine Attribute. That is what we have been given. We have been honoured to be Allah Almighty's Deputy in this world and also in the universe. Physically we are on earth to be deputies, but spiritually we are also deputies in the whole universe. Physically we are here, but spiritually we can move through every direction and every distance. As far as the universe reaches... When you leave earth the six dimensions are finished. You can stay on earth, but you can move away spiritually to any distance and with your spiritual being you can reach the end of this creation. That is what it means to be the deputy of the Lord. The spiritual being can reach anywhere, so the whole territory of the Lord Almighty Allah has been given to us to be in. But Allah Almighty is not inside this creation. He can't be! The existence of the Lord of Heavens is something else. It is not the same as his Creation. You must understand that the existence of the Lord Almighty Allah is not the same.
You may use your imagination to understand what endless means. Take this creation, this universe and multiply it by million, trillion, quatrillion, more and more and more... and still all of it is nothing infront of the existence of the Lord of Heavens. Take it, and then finally it is going to be zero and finish. Then within that zero you can find billions and billions of universes. That is only a spot which you describe. It has no length and no width, it is only a spot. This huge universe can never be more than a spot, even if you multiply it a million or a quatrillion times! Compared to the greatness of Allah Almighty it is only a spot. Oh, people of the 20th century, you must learn! They still think that the Lord came in the form of a man and was put on a cross. What kind of imagination is that?
You are the deputies, it is even too big for your imagination to understand what you are able to do. You must understand the greatness of Allah Almighty and how small these creatures are. Within his endless power oceans we are but spots. Therefor it is impossible to understand the real essence of the Lord. Give your endless respect to the Lord. Don't be an unbeleiver, unbelievers are those who make their Lord a creature. May they be forgiven. He is the Lord.
When the last days approach, a time will come when there will be an opening of the Holy Quran for all nations. They must understand. You will now be prepared for the real understandings of the Holy Quran. It will improve. I hope this change will be perfect with Mehdi Alehi Salam. And we hope that everything will be perfect until the year 2000 comes. Jesus Christ is also coming and he will tell you just what we said now about the greatness of the Lord. May Allah forgive us and grant us the understanding of the Holy Quran.

London, 01.03.1994

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