As-salamu alaikum! Tuba, ya Rabbi, Tuba, ya Rabbi, tuba wa rajana ilayka, ya Allah!
Allahu Akbaru-l Akbar1 Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitan Rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Madad ya Sultan. This is the first obligation that we must keep because we need
heavenly support. If heavenly support is taken away what is going to remain? Not
only this small planet but also the entirety of creation is in existence because of
heavenly support. Only one unit from His power oceans is keeping all these universes
in existence. You cannot imagine this because no one can give a description of
power. What is power? Who can bring a description or an explanation of it? It is
something that you cannot touch but it surrounds you from inside and from outside.
Even the smallest unit of the entirety is surrounded from the inside and the outside by
this power ocean. What can remain from that thing if that unit of power leaves it? What
is then going to be in existence? Will there be anything in existence then? Will there
be anything there in existence. There are huge galaxies. Some galaxies are bigger
than the others and even more powerful than the others and yet we are able to see
them through our eyes. We are such small ones but through two small holes in our
head which are our our eyes we may look at them and see them. Look at Almighty
Allah’s greatness. Even this world and the Solar System and even our Galaxy is very
small in comparison to the other Galaxies. Yes they are as nothing in comparison to
the other Galaxies but as I said before the human being is so small but through his
eyes, through two small holes, Allah Almighty has given mankind the ability to see he
huge Galaxies that are swimming through space.

What is space? Can you give a description of space? Man has made an instrument
called a camera through which he can make photographs. This camera has a small
hole which has a small diameter, maybe measuring one or two inches. You have to
focus it to get the full figure of the person you are taking the photograph of. If you go
back a little bit or come forward a little bit you will say that the image is too big for the
camera lens. If you go far away from the camera you may not be able to take the
photograph. In the case of your eyes it is different and you may see up to the stars.
What is this secret power? This is not a material power. This is the power that Allah
Almighty gives you through His Power Oceans.

You are so small but you are big and honoured in the Divine Presence. Allahu Akbar!
What is power? As we said before no one can describe it. It is not a material thing.
Yet you do not welcome it. You have not yet been introduced to these Power
Oceans. You are now like foreigners living in this world. This is why you have not
reached to even an introduction about these Power Oceans. There is power and
behind this there are also Power Oceans.

Oh people! You must use your intelligence and be humble enough to bow (sajda) to
your Lord’s Divine Presence and say, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.”
This is all we can say. The Lord of Heavens is asking to open these secrets and to
give to you from it. How can you reach to this one unit of Power Ocean? It is passing
through sajda. Therefore He is making a beginning with Allahu Akbar and ending also
with Allahu Akbar. This is the Lord’s Divine Will. He is asking to open to you one unit
of His Power Oceans but people are so ignorant. They are refusing to bow (sajda)
down to the Lord as Shaitan is telling them, “don’t bow!” and people are running after
shaitan and not bowing (sajda) to their Lord. Allah Almighty is only going to use one
unit from that Ocean of Power which are countless and endless oceans. He will order
only with one unit from these Oceans of Power to take away those people who are not
bowing (sajda) to their Lord.

This unit of power has now slowly begun to move like an ocean that makes waves
because of the wind. This should take away anyone who lives on this planet and who
refuses to bow (sajda) to their Lord. Yes! Those who refused to bow (sajda) to their
Lord will be taken away. This has just begun. Gradually these waves are going to get
bigger, stronger and wider.

About a year ago the Lord of Heavens showed all people something of this through
the Tsunami disasters. This was to teach us so that we may take a lesson from it. The
ocean was made to rush forward like strong rivers, so that nothing could withstand it
or stand in its way. We say that this was only a very weak movement of that power.
This was done by only a very small unit that only belongs to this world and not to
space and the heavens. This is because our earth and our globe is surrounded with
only one unit from those power oceans and therefore this a only a very small
movement which gave a lesson to mankind. Allah Almighty says, “Oh people I can do
this through oceans as well as through deserts because such are my Divine
Attributes. I do not repeat my actions in the same way and I can do acts that have
never been manifested before.” Yes, Allah Almighty does not make photocopies.

Allah Almighty says, “I may do what I did in the Indian Ocean to the Tibet desert.”
Someone showed me three or four months ago what happened in the Tibetan desert
(more than 3000 years ago it was in the news) and under it millions of people
disappeared. You won’t be able to count them. Yet this is very small. If only one ray
was to come even the great Himalaya Mountain will become the like the Tibetan
desert. Finished. If there were three powers and three waves it shall make even the
Asian Continent to disappeared Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Oh men therefore use your minds to think about this. During the time of Nooh (alai),
he told his son, “come and get into my ark so that you may be safe.” The son replied,
“there is no need for me to get into your Ark because as you say if the flood comes I
shall climb up to the highest mountain and in that way save myself. I have no need of
your Ark.” Then Noah replied, “no one can be safe when Allah Almighty’s Divine
Anger comes and no one will be able to save himself.” It was shown to me that the
water came up to 70 meters over the highest mountain which Noah’s son was talking
about. This is knowledge from the knowledge of the Prophet (sal), particularly the Seal
of Prophet (sal).

Oh people of the 21st century! Don’t be too proud. Use your minds now to save
yourselves. No one can save themselves when the Divine Anger comes from Allah
Almighty. “When my disobedient servants make me angry my anger shall come and
they shall be finished and shall disappear.” So oh people! Don’t say that you will be
safe. Don’t run after technology. Technology is the dirtiest thing because it is making
people not to bow (sajda) to their Lord but to bow to technology. Today all people
even the Islam world are slaves of this technology and they are trembling in the fear of
this technology also because they are afraid that the Government of Iran is trying to
make a nuclear centre with this technology. The whole world is now trembling
because they are afraid of Iran’s technological power. Still they do not fear the Lord
of Heavens and the Angels are saying, “wait just a little bit more. You will see what
your technology is and what will become of it.” May Allah forgive us, shelter us and
bless His servants.

Tubna wa rajana ilayk! We are repenting and asking forgiveness, oh, our Lord. Give
to us who are Your weak servants Your Divine shelter and send to us your real
servant who will destroy all falsehood (batil) on earth and bring the flag of Islam and of
heaven to be raised through the East and West for the honor of the Seal of Prophets
(sal) the most beloved servant Seyyadina Muhammed (sal). Fathiha.

Lefke, 12.3.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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