The Turks carried the flag of the Prophet sws. for 600 years. No other nation came into contact with the unbelievers except the Turks, the Ottomans. Allah Almighty made it possible for them to reach right up to the unbelievers in Europe. The other Muslims were not in touch with the unbelievers. For 600 hundred years they carried the flag and then they suddenly came down. The Jews are governing the whole Muslim world and the rest of the world. The only solution for the Muslim world is to unite under one command. There must be one Calipha. That is the first command of Allah Almighty to all Muslims. We must have one Calipha. If we don't have that, His Divine Help will never reach to us.
When the Prophet sws. died,his followers ran to their new Calipha. That was the first thing they did. They left everything and ran to choose a Calipha, to choose Abu Bakr and to let him act and order. There must always be one commander for Muslims, not 1000 commanders. One will go like this, another will go like that. No! That is haram. That is why Allah Almighty is not giving His Divine Support. Not to Palestine, or Cyprus, or East or West, He will never give His Divine Support.
The Calipha must have complete power in his hands. Not for a committee to come together and to elect him. No! The Calipha must have the whole power. No parliaments, MPs, ministers voting and electing. No! The power must be in his hands and he must be based on the Sharia. There are conditions to who is going to be the Calipha. It can not just be any King or any Sultan, or any President to be elected. No! Whoever is the Calipha has conditions.
Now there is one person from the line of the Ottoman Caliphas who should be the Calipha. But that person is not able because there is no power in his hands if people come and say that he is the Calipha. Only a Divine Intervention can come to put the Calipha back on his place. That is why we are only waiting for one person who is appointed by Allah Almighty, not by us. He will have all the power in his hands; the power of Islam and the power of faith.
An ordinary person cannot bring all the Muslims together, because we don't want someone to just bring the bodies together, we want someone to bring all the hearts together. No-one can do this unless Allah Almighty will send one of his chosen servants, he may do that. That is what we are waiting for. The only one who can do that is Mehdi alehi salam, no-one else.
Pakistan - 01.11.1991
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