Maulana Sheikh NazimOh, Universities! Why are You Missing the Heart of the Matter: Heavenly Knowledge?
In the Name of Allah Who created man, Who created the universe and the whole creation. He gave them life, blessed them and gave everyone a destination. He is the Creator Who created earth and Heavens and the here and the hereafter. In the Name of the One Who is able to do everything as He likes. No-one commands Him, no-one can be over Him, no-one's will can be over His will because everyone is His servant. It is an honour for me and for you, to open this meeting in His blessed name.
According to all Holy Books which have been sent from heavens to mankind; the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Holy Quran, which can be called the Last Testament, it is mentioned that we must live for His honour. We must do everything for His glory and live this life for His glory. So any meeting, or any action, without the glorification of His name, will be false. It will contain no soul, no benefit and no blessing. That is why I say Bismillahi rahmani rahim, in the Name of Allah all-merciful, most munificent, most beneficent. I am greeting you with the greetings of Heavens. I am not saying, "Hello!" These are the greetings of Heavens, "Peace to you!". Heavenly greetings will give you peace, happiness, contentment, satisfaction and enjoyment in your souls.

I was not expecting to be here today. I was in doubt whether I would be able to come to Scotland because it is so far and so cold. Being nearly 80 years old, travelling is not very easy for me. I was offered a plane ticket, but I prefer to see new places from a car, where I can look around from right to left. They told me it would take 3-4 hours to drive here, but instead it was 13 hours. But it doesn't matter! This is why I am one hour late here, although that is nothing, usually I am at least 3 hours late!

I am happy to be here and to see the brilliant faces of young people. It is a good meeting, and I hope Allah will bless it from His power oceans. May He open our ears to hear and give us the strength to practise.

We believe that the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of mankind, created man. This is a well-known fact within traditional knowledge which is being passed on until today. But the universities do not teach this serious subject.

Universities are the most atheist foundations in the world. If the universities would even accept 1% of the traditional knowledge which came to mankind through the prophets, they would within all their institutes have one branch dealing with Heavenly Knowledge. It would deal with the Psalms, the Gospels, the Thora and the Quran.

But these people are too proud to do that! They investigate ants to see how fast they run within one minute. They research how it is possible for ants to carry sticks ten times bigger than they are. That is what universities are busy and spend all their time with. But they never want to know the truth about traditional knowledge, about Knowledge from Heavens. Unbelievers have empty heads and empty hearts! They are like the sphinx. All the messages which came from Heaven to earth have the main purpose of making a connection for the people living in this world to the Heavenly Stations. No prophet or Holy Book came without that purpose. Because man was not only created to be 50, 60 or 70 kilograms. We are special creatures, we have been granted something which other creatures haven't. There are countless creatures living on earth, but from all of them only we have been given a mind and will-power. Do you think that horses and dogs have that?

We have been granted a Divine Soul which no other creature has, because we have been appointed to be deputies for the Lord here on earth. That is our main purpose. That is our destination. We are all candidates to be the Lord's deputies here on earth. Those who are like lizards on earth without any connection to Heaven, cannot be deputies of the Lord. A deputy cannot be a real candidate until he reaches the Heavenly Stations where he will have a connection with his Heavenly Position in Heaven.

- 01.01.1996
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