Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimUniversities Must Teach Holy Books

(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Fatiha. Allahu akbar kabeera, wal hamdulillahi katheera. Allahu akbar, wal lillahi 'l-Hamd! Alfu 's-salaat, alfu 's-salaam, countless praisings and countless glory on Your beloved one! Make his dominions from pre-eternal up to Eternal. You are Creator; he is most honored and glorified servant! We are saying la ilaha ill-Llah, Muhammadan Rasulullah! We are so proud to say la ilaha ill-Llah, Muhammadan Rasulullah!

A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytan i`r-rajeem. Bismi`lLahi `r-Rahmani `r-Raheem.

We are running to holy ones dressed with heavenly powers, for a protection from most dangerous enemy of most honored creature, deputies of the Lord of Heavens. And we are saying A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytan i`r-rajeem. And we are asking to use Bismi`lLahi `r-Rahmani `r-Raheem, heavenly sword to cut the heads of shaytan and also those whom they are following that shaytan and giving trouble to mankind, and fighting against Haqq. We are going to destroy their sultanate; that is only my mission! I am nothing, but I am only giving my warning, very humble, very weak warner to you, O people!

(Mawlana Shaykh sits)

O people. As-salamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. I am saying to you whole nations, whole creatings under the title of Mankind,"Hear, listen and obey." That is the summary of heavenly messages. Hear whole summary of whole holy books for you.

The summary… Hear, listen, and obey. The summary of all holy books for you, O mankind. You have been honored to be obedient ones to the Lord of Heavens. That is a summary of all the speeches or the real power of advices coming through that only that… be obedient ones. If you like, O mankind, to be happy here and hereafter, and to be enjoyful here and hereafter forever, be an obedient servant.

The Creator never likes you to run after dunya and shaytan, and to forget Him. The biggest sin that Lord of Heavens angry with His servants—to forget Him Almighty. He is Almighty Allah. How we are going to forget Him? O people, what is that? What is that foolishness? What is that heedless? What is that to be drunk? For what? What is your … guarantee? Who is giving you a guarantee for tomorrow? Or who is saying that when you are leaving your dying and leaving your dead body there, going to save you.

Do you think that when a dead body put on in front of people or jama’at, front on a table, and imam saying we are praying on this servant O people—pray on this one, that one.

A small boy is saying to his father, O father, imam is saying that praying on this person that his name was Sabir or Shakir or Hamid—I am not seeing him here. We are saying that… his dead body there, but his real being, not the real being of Sabir, Mr. Shakir, Mr. Young, Mr. Johannes, where is he?

“O my son, first we must pray on his dead body.”

“I understand this is his dead body. Where is his living body?”

“Imam going to finish praying on him, keep your questions til after.”

Allahu Akbar (imitating praying janaza, Salaams… finish)

“Answer me o my father.”

“It is not time, we must (bury?) his dead body.”

“Dead body—I am not interested in the dead body. I am interested in if he had a real existence or he had a real being or not—I am asking this one.”

“O my son, you may learn this through universities, when you are beginning to learn.”

“O my father, universities they are saying that here there is only positive knowledge, no any space for … (holy books? Religion?)”

“What? Why saying this?”

“Because they are saying to youngsters, don’t believe … (believe in?) the power of knowledge that we are teaching to you.”

“Phoo on those people and their knowledge also! They are not accepting holy books that they are a fountain of knowledge, realities. They are saying we are living in the time of “positive knowledge.” Which thing you are giving answer to ourselves, that you are saying positive knowledge.

“O my father, you are very angry?”

“Yes I am angry because they are liars. Saying they are writing books and teaching, thinking their knowledge is the knowledge o holy books, but they are liars, Shaytans, Diabolos, not accepting real knowledge sent from heavens to earth. I am asking those heedless ones that claiming we are Ph.D., we are doctors, we are so… and so… learned ones. We are not accepting knowledge except what we are writing and what we are teaching.

And I am asking—what is written through these books that on it your name is written. 114 pages, what is written? (Arabic) He was saying I must look there—no, don’t look. You are writing your name is on it. Your knowledge is in the book, so say to me. On page 114, what is written—from which thing you are saying this as a proof. I am asking you. You are saying they are “positive knowledge” professor. Yes, telling me.

Who made our earth? Our planet? The qurrah, globe. Who made its qalib—form? You can say this, you can give an answer. … like a football… if not accepting holy books, give to me an answer. What is… how this globe… given a shape like an orange? Or like a football? You can tell me? (Arabic) and he is going to be… şaşırır—astonished.

“How you are saying that, holy books give knowledge you are not accepting, accepting only “positive knowledge.” Say where your teachings, where your knowledge reaching about this planet that we are living on it.” First man, from where coming, from up down east or west, from gifts of oceans coming out, or from air—tell me. Because I am anxious to understand about humanity, the creation of mankind. Make my heart to be in satisfaction.

But they are so proud ones. They are saying “No holy book’s sentences can be taught to students. We are only teaching real knowledge, we are giving it to them. Knowledge is what we are thinking and what we are understanding, what we are writing—that is our knowledge.

Lefke, 04.10.2009

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