Maulana Sheikh NazimUse Your Mind and Your Will-Power
The best wish anyone can have, is to want to belong to Heaven, to be a Heavenly Person. Whoever is not interested in Heavenly Life, is like a lizard running in this world with its head down.
The Lord sends Heavenly Greetings regularly to his people through his prophets, saints and holy people. Such greetings give us refreshment in our hearts, minds and bodies because they bring blessings from the Lord. I would like to give you such a greeting, 'May peace be with you!' because this Interfaith group is asking for peace all over the world.

This is a chapel, a place for worship to bring peace to people. The building of churches, cathedrals, synagogues and mosque all have the main purpose of bringing peace to the souls of people, nothing else. All those places which ask for peace for humans are the most blessed places on earth. I wish to see a time when there will be as many places of worship as there are pubs. I am sad to see that there are 100 times more pubs than places of worship at the moment. Pubs are not blessed places, they are places of satan. They cause people to fall into troubles, to quarrel and to even kill each other. Very often when I drive through London late at night during the holy month of Ramadan on my way to the mosque, I see the people getting into the pubs, full of enjoyment. Two, three hours later, I see them fighting in front of the pubs, kicking, boxing and swearing at each other.

Oh my Lord, you gave us a mind, but most people are not using it. There is something preventing mankind to use their mind. It is a well-known fact that there is an evil-maker, a creature which is against the well-being of mankind and prevents mankind to use their mind and their will power. These two are the biggest grants from the Lord to his servants. You can find countless creatures on earth and in Heavens, but mankind are the only ones who have been granted a mind and will power.

But there is a creature which prevents us from using it. The Lord has sent several warnings, 'Beware of the creature who was the first one to rebel in my Divine Presence!'. Satan is the worst servant. Yes, even he is a servant, although he is the worst. He wants all of mankind to be like him: a bad servant. The Lord has sent his good servants to his servants on earth to be aware of this. I see so many notices on the church wall, but never the sign, 'Beware of satan!', even though he has been our first enemy since the beginning of creation. We are not really enemies of each other, but satan makes us. This 20th century is the worst century since the beginning of time. People are following satan more than they have ever done because they are not interested in anything belonging to Heaven. They are only interested in their enjoyments and in fulfilling their physical body's desires. That is all.

This morning I was watching people running with their Samsonite briefcases. In the evening I see them running back. What are they running after? I ask them, 'Did you catch what you were running after?' The days pass, months, years and our life ends. Our Samsonite will remain and we will be carried to our graveyard. If you know that your life ends in the graveyard, why don't you consider that? Why do you cheat yourself and say that there is no God? Who is teaching you such nonsense?

Religious people are disturbed by people's actions. Interfaith, the way I see it, is to join every faith, for every faith to meet each other and to find a way to save people in this life and in the next. Only that point is important for people to remember: that their life will end in the graveyard. We must find a way to remind people, otherwise their lives will be heedless. People are as if they were drunk or deaf. The more you speak, the less they will listen. If they listen, they will not hear. If they hear, they will not listen. Even if they do understand you, they will not give it any value and they will not practise the advice.

That is why meetings like these are not enough. Religious people must at least be representatives of prophets and saints and they must ask each other in which way we can come all together to save people by reminding them. If the kingdom of satan is not destroyed, the Kingdom of Heavens cannot be established.

We are fighting each other by the command of satan. Every day you see so much dirt on television, people are learning every kind of dirt through there, polluting the minds of young people too. From day to day, more chaos and darkness is coming. Problems, miseries and sufferings are increasing and governments are more and more shocked. They don't know what to do. They think that it is an economical problem to be solved. But the real problem is satan. He causes the governments to look in the wrong direction. It is not an economical problem, it is something which belongs to our souls. We have lost the values of mankind. But satan does not allow them to say such things. They cannot see that this chaos into which every nation is falling into, is the result of our bad actions. Satan will not cease to push mankind into leaving all their values behind. That is the reason. Satan urges them to call it an economical crisis. But no! Economically we are on the highest level. No-one here is dying of hunger and everything in this life is arranged in a best way. Thank the Lord for that.

Friends can say bitter words, enemies always speak sweet, so that you will continue to run into your disaster. We must try to come together all of us, to prevent satanic dogmas and ideas to live. We must accept Heavenly Advice to reach peace. If you want to save yourself and your surrounding, you must destroy the kingdom of satan, even in detail. You will know what is the best for you and for others, as well as knowing what is the worst. Use your mind and your will-power. That will prevent you from falling into chaos. When you are using your mind and your will-power, you will find out that mankind, no matter what nationality or religion, was created for Divine Service.

- 01.01.1996
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