Maulana Sheikh NazimUseful and Useless Education
The devil tells you to study instead of working. He urges people to study. He never encourages them to learn a craft. Those who know a craft can live, others can't. The path of studying is closed. People who study want a job from the government, but the government cannot offer a job to every graduated student. The jobs are filled. They are now inventing so many useless offices and bureaucracy to be able to employ people. But it is impossible. Offices are like schools. Hundreds and thousands of people are coming out. You think it is another kind of university. They all come out with their Samsonite cases as a sign of their illness.
The devil tells you to go to university to make degrees. He urges young people to study. For what? You cannot employ them. They are like armies of graduated unemployed.

There are two kinds of learning; one is useful, the other is useless. All universities are giving useless knowledge. They distribute diplomas which cannot be used. If they were useful, the young people would be able to be employed.

In Turkey there is an office in which they needed 50 or 60 employees. 4000 people came to apply! They came there full of hope and went back hopeless. So many young people are committing suicide nowadays. Satan is very pleased. These young people are wasting their youth and reach nothing.

Everyone must learn a craft. I do not like people to go to university. They are being cheated by the devil. For young people it is like a picnic, a place for amusement. There are so many boys and girls there... It is like a discotheque where young people are learning everything except knowledge. There are so many things which the community would need. But pride does not let people learn such simple works. Another kind of habit for the family of girls is to ask a boy when he proposes to their daughter, "What is your profession? "

"I am a carpenter!"

"We want our daughter to marry a doctor or an engineer! Not a carpenter, a shoemaker, a greengrocer, a farmer, a shepherd or a factory worker!" The family of the boy will ask the same questions. They don't want old fashioned wives.

Everywhere people are following the will of satan, which is why everything is going wrong. We must change, otherwise the direction which every country is taking, will be the end of humanity. Teach your children crafts which will benefit the community, not burden.

- 01.01.1997
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