Maulana Sheikh NazimUse your will-power and move to heavens!
How many prophets have been sent to mankind since the beginning of mankind. They were all on the same line. They were calling people to be servants of their Lord. But who is preventing mankind to be servants, who makes them escape from servanthood? That is the question. Everyone knows that all of us are servants, but why we are not doing it? Why are we not giving our highest respect to the One who created us? He created man. He created animals. He created trees. He created rocks. He created earth and heavens. No-one can claim that he created something or himself. No-one can say that. We have been created. First you were created in the womb of your mother. Then you became male or female and grew. We know that we are servants. What is preventing us?
That is an important question. Since the beginning of mankind until today people are fighting and are getting against servanthood. They become disobedient and run away from worshipping and usually people even run away from goodness and prefer badness. Everyone in themself know someone who is within ourselves. We can also call it feelings, or desires within ourselves. It is that which is opposite to servanthood. That is another personality within ourself. So we find that there are two personalities representing ourself. We are one, but there are two kinds of personalities which will appear in one person. We have good desires and bad desires. We have good dealings and we have bad dealings. We have good feelings and we have bad feelings.

According to traditional knowledge, the Lord created man to be his representative. We are not angels and not on the same class as animals. We are between these two levels, another kind of creation. We have been granted something from heavens and also something from earth. We keep heavenly and material positions together. We have also been given a Divine Attribute from the Divine Presence. It is intelligence, sense, wisdom and also will-power. That is the honour that has been given to mankind. Angels have not been given will-power, nor have animals. Man has been honoured to be given will-power from the Lord Almighty. He knows that we have an ego which belongs to earth and has desires and feelings. But its desires and feelings are not good. They belong to the desires and feelings of animals. They are the same. Our souls are from Heavens. They do not belong to earth, they belong to Heavens. The feelings of our souls are like angels. The desire of the soul is towards Light, towards the Divine Presence, towards Divine Wisdoms, towards Divine Love, towards Divine Beauties, towards Divine Perfection. But our egos desires are like animals, they belong to earth. Our ego is like a donkey. It only wants to eat and drink and run. But our souls want to rise from earth and to leave this heavy body and rise up. It is shown as a perfect example to mankind through Jesus Christ. Because through him the Lord Almighty is showing that you can rise up from here to Heavens. There is a way. Whoever stays on that way, can rise up.

The Seal of Prophets, may peace be upon him, also showed in his Nightjourney that he also rose up. Sayidina Ibrahim, may peace be upon him, Abraham, was shown Heavens by the Lord. These are famous Prophets. All Prophets rose up and the Lord showed them His Heavens. Whatever their souls asked to look and to find and to reach and to be and to see and to taste and to know, they reached. But they cannot taste that with their physical body. If we do not take care of our spiritual body, we can only taste that which the animals in the zoo also taste and feel. That is the level. It is the station of desire. When we follow our souls, by using the will-power which we have been granted and we use it for servanthood, then we will be granted Divine Powers with which we will reach Heavens. Unless we reach Heavens, we cannot be saved from troubles, sufferings, miseries, fightings, bad feelings and from being servants of satan. When we get out from the gravity of our egos, we will be free to reach Heavens. The gravity of bad desires make people bad-ones and to follow bad directions and not to be obedient and not to be servants of their Lord. That is why every prophet has been sent through the Heavens to make people to be able to control their egos through their will-power. If someone uses their will-power it will be much more powerful than any rocket. A rocket will be like a toy in comparison with our will-power which is the most mighty rocket. We can reach the Seven Heavens so quickly with it. It is all according to your will-power. There are some cars which use very thin petrol to move. Other big trucks need huge pipes to move. The giantic rockets need even more. It is all according to the will-power which you will use and the Lord will give you much more power to reach the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seven, to reach the Seven Heavens. But if your feet are caught in a trap you cannot move. If you free yourself from the hands of your ego, you can go.

Titles are not important. It is not important if you are Christians, Catholics, Baptists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or any kind of title. I am just asking you, "Have you set yourself free from your ego, or not?" Your title does not give you any benefit. If you take your freedom from your bad ego, that is important. Not to look who is reaching where. Don't look at the titles of others, look at where you are. I am asking you to come to me, but you are running on earth like planes on the runway without going up. What is the benefit? You might think that you have a jet plane, but you are going on the runway up and down. When are you going to go up? I see all these people going up and down on the runway, but no-one is going up!

We are all brothers and sisters from the same root. There is a tree, one root, but so many branches. That doesn't matter. All of us are from the same big family of mankind, but we have been invited to Divine Presence through so many prophets. Find your way and reach Heavenly Presence. Don't fight with each other about beliefs. Believe in Him, the Almighty and move towards Him! Whoever reaches there is a hero, the ones who just go up and down are like brothers of the zoo on four legs. What is the difference between them and us if we stay here on earth? The Lord asks us to go to Him, not to be here. It is written in all the Holy Books, in the Thora, the Bible and in the Psalms. All the prophets are bringing their messages from the Lord of Heavens and they are saying, "The Lord is expecting you!" That is the biggest honour. Imagine if Her Majesty the Queen would send for you and invite you to a Galanight and she would ask you to wear an evening-gown! You would try to prepare yourself for that, wouldn't you?

Oh, silly-ones! Allah Almighty is inviting us. Are we saying no to that? What kind of foolishness is that? Move! Use your will-power and move towards Heavens! May Allah forgive us.
LONDON - 01.03.1993
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