Maulana Sheikh NazimUwais al Karani (Saint buried nearby) is not sleeping
Uwais al Karani (Saint buried nearby) is not sleeping, he is living, under the earth. The beginning of Kufr is to believe that people sleep in their grave up to eternity. It means: You never get up. When you sleep- finished, you should sleep and never awakening. That is the ways of materialist people and atheist people. Now people follow the ways of western people, and they put such nonsense and foolish ideas to people, making them not to believe in anything coming from Heavens. They deny prophets, holy books and everything coming from Heavens. And it is a new fashion, a new thing, that Muslims also say: Sleep here up to eternal, you are not going to awake, you are not coming back again. Your chance (firsat hayati) is finished, and you are going in an endless way. You are going and just you separated from us and we never will be with you again.' And this is making people to be much more sad, unhappy, hopeless, and to fall in a darkness that it is finished, he is never coming with you once again together. Every badness is coming from western countries and every bad idea coming through ways of philosophers. They have hayal, imagination; they imagine and say something and no mind people quickly run to them and say: 'You are alright', and that idea that comes through philosophers is against all beliefs coming from Heavens. They use it in so many different ways, working on it until it makes an effect on their minds. Using newspapers, magazines, TV, broadcasting, movies, films, cinemas- everything. That idea they put as a poison and especially they control, trying to control, everything, so that they control education, and from beginning they begin to give to give from small ones up to the high school of universities, giving this idea to them, making it to work though their minds. And when graduating, coming as an atheist person, never believing in anything from spirituality. They are like rocks becoming, or like wood, or going to be like robots, only eating, drinking and working.
Beyond these ideas (?) they are never able to think on it. Just their mind is becoming out of order from everything that coming from Heavens. They are becoming robots without feeling, thinking or understanding, because they are imprisoned through their material being and they are in darkness. The sun never gives to them its light daytime. And nighttime is going to be worse for them. Through darkness they are getting much more fearful and hopeless and in depthless sadness, covering them.
That is the beginning of the punishment for those people who deny spirituality through mankind and a spiritual being through mankind. That is the spring of every crisis, trouble, difficulty, and misery that people fall in. That is the main reason. No more way for them to save themselves with material aspects. They can't do anything. Running, as a person falling in a deep well- he can't do anything except to catch what has been sent to him, a rope, he may catch it and may be taken out. If not catching what has been sent to him from up, he is never going to save himself and should be forever there, remaining there and finishing, dying there.
That was the reason that Allah Almighty sending His heavenly rope to mankind to catch it and to keep it, so that they may be taken out from every crisis, difficulty, suffering and trouble. The real troublemakers are atheist people. Firth they opened this door for nations and public so that people run into it. When people coming into it, it is closed, like Egyptian people in old times: bringing mummy of the pharaoh, entering and putting in it a prepared room. There was entrance, built in such a way that they move. When they left the body there, moving from anywhere that they prepared, touching, and stones coming down and closing that room where the dead body of the pharaoh is. So no one knows how they may get in, because four wall becoming all same, never known which wall was the door from where they put that body. Sometimes they also put the queen to be with him, closing on her also and she is dying there also. These Shaitan people, atheist people, put people in such a way, closing from everywhere and people who come with them never find a way to get out and should die there. Therefore we say that first troublemakers were atheist people. All of them deny heavenly things. They are like rocks, never understanding from heavenly positions, and people come in it, putting people in it, in that idea, and then it is too late for people for understanding that they have been cheated. Coming in it and closing on them.
Now all world people are imprisoned; like pharaoh put in his room people are imprisoned through atheist peoples' imprisoning. As long as they are atheists, there is no way for them to be saved. They should die there and never coming to be happy and to be saved; the only way: if they can reach the rope that is been sent from Heavens they should be saved. All should die; from six people five going to die, because all are imprisoned in that materialist prisons. They believe in it and should die there. No way except to reach the rope that has been sent from Heavens. As long as they are denying, they should die. That is the divine Judgment just passed. From the beginning of Muharram 1423 all should be cleaned one after one. First should be died their chiefs, headquarters, going to be taken away one after one. We are in the beginning now. And you may see what is happening everywhere. It is going to be more and more until all of them die- then no more crises. Now they are in darkness, in prison with the mummy of pharaoh. They are happy to come in. May come. They think that they should solve everything with material aspects only. They shall see what happening to them. They are finishing.
It is a summary for all mankind, and at the same time it is a warning. If awakening before entering that prison they should be saved. But when they enter and are put with pharaoh there…pharaoh was cheating people, saying: 'I am your lord, I am saving you.' And he never saved himself. And these foolish people who followed him are now waiting when pharaoh is getting up and saving them. And suddenly the walls came down and going to be all people who expected something from him should be buried there also.
May Allah protect us not to be with pharaoh, tyrants, shaitans, but to be with heavenly, honoured people, prophets and saints, to keep their ways. Who asking to save himself must follow holy people, Awliya and Anbiya, and the Seal of Prophets, most honoured S.Muhammad sws.
Damaskus - 09.05.2002
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