Maulana Sheikh NazimVIPs are the Holy Ones!

O people, we have been created as a man, created from the Children of Adam. We
have been honoured. Allah giving us honour.

Meded ya Sultanu l-Awliya!

Try to keep that honour! With which thing Allah honoured you, try to keep it!

If I am giving to you one diamond, I need to say to you: "Keep it?" No, it is
diamond, quickly making in a save place. What about Allah Almighty’s honour that
granted to you?

Perhaps some person may ask honour through his jewels, through their crowns,
through their jewels… Women, they are thinking that they are going to be
something, saying: "We are so honourable people…Look my crown, so many jewels,
as the shop of jewelry my head…!" Understanding, hah? Don’t stay here like
statue!... Make your head like this, at least… I am thinking about, if people
understanding… no one understanding… You must show that: "I am understanding
also", even you are not understanding anything…

If a person granted, he has some jewels, going to be so proud, thinking that he
is VIP: "I am going to be VIP…" VIP person - how going to WC? Aib! You must
blame! "You are VIP person?" "Yes Sir." But first coming from plane, you are
asking… people taking you to VIP hall, but you are saying: "Please, where is
WC?" Oh, you are so important person - VIP, how VIP going to WC? VIP must be
that not going! True? Say yes!...Sleeping?... Don’t sleep… so idiot ones! They
are saying that: "Sheikh making… joking, speaking… perhaps, Allah knows, when he
is going to finish… and our wives waiting outside, when we are coming, we are
going so long conversation, neverending speech Sheikh speaking…" "Let him say,
all of you, O brothers, ‘yes’- quickly finishing, we are going! Today third day
of Eid Mubarak, we must go ‘Eid Mubarak’…. children saying: ‘We must go around;
where is our father, our grandfather?’…" Tauba, Astaghfirullah…

Bahlul Dana, a famous wali, holy one… Harun Rashid Amiru l-Mu’minin… "Ya
Bahlul", Bahlul was what we are saying ‘devane’, saying Bahlul: " Amiru
l-Mu’minin, what is your order?" "Go to mosque and look Maghrib, who is praying
Maghrib, who is ready in Jamaat - bring them to Iftar, Saraya, Palace!" "Yes,
Sir, I am trying to do that." He went, Cami was full, Bahlul coming back and
only ten people with him bringing. Amiru l-Mu’minin asking: "Where is your
people that you are bringing for Iftar?" "O Amiru l-Mu’minin, O Sultan! You said
to me, who praying and bring to me. And I am bringing." "Only ten people?" "Yes,
Sir, because I was standing at the door of mosque, I am asking: ‘What was Imam
reciting?’ saying: ‘I don’t know.’ Only ten people I found that they are saying
to me: ‘First Rakaat after Fatiha Inna ataynaka…, second Rakaat after Fatiha Qul
huwa-llah…" Only ten people. If you are saying me: ‘Praying, not praying, if you
are finding anyone there, bring’, I shall bring here, but you said to me: ‘Who
is praying.’ I looked, only ten people ready for namaz, or praying. I am saying:
‘Go away’…"
Our people, Subhanallahi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Azim… Ya Hu - you must try also to keep
something what we are speaking! But, if you are not ready here, your hearts…

Now, what we shall say… "Sheikh neverending speaking, so many things… Our wives
shouting, children shouting, and they are saying: ‘Lunchtime going away, we must
go, we must look after so many places!’ Sheikh also making more and more men,
and more people asking, if they are hungry or angry… Sheikh beginning, speaking,
speaking, speaking… what we shall say?" Someone saying: "I must go out", because
also ‘Hacethane’… VIP… "We must go to WC… "

Yes, Sir. Therefore - how VIP people? But everyone asking to be VIP ones. For
what? With the jewels! "We are something", and you are nothing, you are nothing!
Asking to be VIP with some material! VIP whom they have a ‘jah inda-llah’, real
honour, whom they have in Divinely Presence, they are VIP, real, holy people.

I was in Switzerland, I am passing through Switzerland towards Germany, coming,
and there is a Saint Nikolaus (von der Flüe); always I am passing, his
spirituality asking me to stay and stop there and: "Recite on me", saying to me.

- And I am passing always with Abdul S., Professor… he is following every way,
trying every way, not one way… going, coming, not looking one way, he is saying:
"I must try every way" and trying, going to be Maghrib, from morning up to
Maghrib and Maghrib finding: "We must go this way"… Abdul S. , good person…

- And I am coming down and sitting, his spirituality coming so friendly with my
spirituality. Then, we are getting out and to take our cars, one person coming
on stairs, looking to me and giving salut, saying: "Willkommen." "Thank you."
They said to me that is the priest of that monastery. I said to him: "Your
holiness", he was saying to me: "O Sheikh, don’t say to me ‘holiness’, because I
am not holiness. I can’t cheat, I don’t like to cheat people, only this sign
(dress) signing… I am only servant for this monastery, nothing else, I am not
holy one." "Even" - suddenly I am asking - "even Pope not holy one?" He was
saying: "Even Pope, he is not holy one. O Sheikh, holy one lying there!"

Who giving to you, people, from some honours, some titles, people thinking that
that title giving to them honour, no! Honour coming from Heavens, not people
giving to you honour. But people cheated by Shaytan, they are thinking that when
you are dressing grand uniform, you are going to be something else. I am saying:
"Take this, that grand uniform and stay only shirt and short and shirt. Get out
- who is going to say to you ‘Welcome, Sir’, if you are saying: "I am general"?
"Really general?" Dressing, coming, saying: "Yes, Sir! Say, you are general!"
You are not general, your dressing is general! People thinking that titles,
imitated things, giving honour to people. No, no! Look honour to come to you
from Heavens. That is honour!

But people all cheated now. Therefore they are running to learn, to study,
study, universities, here there, to reach, to be graduated, to be doctors, to be
masters, to be PhD… thinking that… everyone running to be something, some
important one.
Never asking, which thing making the Lord of Heavens happy with you. Therefore
this cursing coming on nations now! All nations under Heavenly cursing and
Blessings taken up.

As Gibrial was saying when he was visiting, last visiting for Rasulullah -
sallaLlahu ‘alayhi wa sallam -, he was saying: "O most beloved, most glorified,
most praised servant of my Lord! That is the last time that I am coming to you.
I am not coming more." And he was saying: "After you I am coming for some
reasons." "For what?" "I am coming once to take from people ‘ilm, real
knowledge, taking them away. Second I am coming to take mercy for the hearts of
people. That is second, and third I am coming to take away ‘haya’, shame, from
people, so that men and women you can’t find with them ‘haya’, shame. Shameless
should be whole world!" Look now! Men and women shameless, ugly faces, dark -
not dark what I am saying black, no, darkness! May be skin black but shining,
those people even their faces white, but darkness and ugliness with them should

O people, try to reach in Divinely Presence an honour; real honour to be
And Allah Almighty daily five times dressing his servants, whom they are coming
and praying, dressing them every time one another honour, dressing them. How
people running to have some medals? And they are putting here... Ohhh!... Here,
here…from here up to down…

Alhamdulillah they are making me to speak truth, no one can say: "No!"…

5 times calling you "O people, hayya ‘ala l-salah! Come to prayer, because Allah
Almighty looking to you: "If My servants keeping their oath and coming and being
for Me?" Looking, anyone coming, dressing honour! Morning, Zuhr, ‘Asr, Maghrib,
‘Isha… "We cannot pray…" "You should be servants of WC", I am saying to them,
"You should be like rats, big rats, through sewages… You should be last day like
this… You like to be there always, not to come to say: "O our Lord, forgive us
and dress us from Your Heavenly honours!"

That is another period of ignorance. Prophet - sallaLlahu ‘alayhi wa sallam -
just taking away first period of ignorance, now people coming most darkness
through ignorance. And they lost their ways, they are running after Shaytan and
shaytanic, Shaytan’s representative! Whole countries that they have democracy,
representing Shaytan! Everyone elections… we are election…90 years old lady,
coming: "Where I am putting?" "Why you are coming?" "They called me..." "Sign
here that you are coming from apes…" "Ha? Ape?" Yes, becoming, looks like ape…
"Write here ‘ape’, put here; this box for apes and their descendent. This for
bear’s descendants, this for gorilla descendants…" Understand?

People leaving Heavenly Orders, including Islamic World! Everywhere they are
making election, election… Election - just 100 % way of Shaytan, shaytanic style
for life, to make people in most dangerous way, to kill each other…

May Allah forgive us. O people, it is enough… enough, what we are saying…
May Allah forgive us…

Allah, if He likes His servant, making them to work for Him. But Allah Almighty
never likes people, whom they are running after Shaytan. And cursing coming on
them, blessings coming on Muslims or believers.

May Allah forgive us. For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine
Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLlahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,


Lefke, 14.10.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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