Maulana Sheikh Nazim The Value of Good Hospitality

Guests come with their rizq, provision. He is eating a little bit and then remaining. Are you coming from the middle of Africa? Alhamdulillah, Allah is sending you here and your provision comes before you arrive! Welcome to you! May Allah forgive us and grant us the power that you are taking from provisions to be a helper of our servanthood. We are not eating for the pleasure of our physical beings, no, but it is a heavenly grant that guests come.

Shukran lillah, we are thanking Allah Almighty, and welcome you. I am now a weak one. Previously I may have run around and looked, but now shukran lillah, shukran lillah, I am not always sleeping in bed, no; I am going and coming. I am not going to be a burden on my children, alhamdulillah, shukran lillah.

Yes, you are coming and taking away heaviness from me also. Every time guests come the host becomes much more happy, and there is pleasure for him! Therefore, our ancestors were always using one room for guests to come and eat, sleep, and rest, and then they may depart. Now everywhere, everything is about material matters. People are not opening their doors for guests; rather, they send them to hotels! They are losing, they are losing!

Karam al-dayr, to look after your guests makes Allah Almighty happy with His servants. I am asking from Allah Almighty not to make me tired by my guests. As much as possible, alhamdulillah everything for your barakah comes!



Welcome to you!


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