The Wailing Wall

Dastur, ya Rijalallah, Madad. Huuuuu...! Who doesn't recognize the one greater than him
cannot reach anywhere. When we say greatness it is not the size that you measure with an ell (old
Turkish measurement). A giraffe also has that kind of bigness - it is 3 meters or 4... To be tall
doesn't make you great. And to be of a heavy weight also doesn't give greatness. Oxen, bulls, and
bullocks are huge. Each one of them weighs like ten people. This is not greatness either. This
means: to be tall is not greatness. To be like a fat ox also is not greatness. Subhanallah!

If you look around in the world, how many government people are there who have a big belly?
None of them is thin; all of them are fat. I am wondering: Do these government people think that
it is an honour for them to have a big belly? All of them have a big belly! No, a belly doesn't give
a man greatness. A human being is zarif, elegant. To have a big belly... "Man tashabaha bi
qawmin fa huwa minum." What does someone with a big belly look like? Like an ox, or like a
bull because he has a big belly. All of these notable (advanced) people today, 99% of them hang
below, because it doesn't fit above. What is this!? What is this!? All of them, or maybe half of
them, have a big belly, but what do they do? What do they eat? Sheikh Effendi, they are well
served wherever they go. When they are invited, in order not to offend the host, they say, "we
eat, because they offer us." Everywhere they go they're offered food, then they get fat.

And: Man tashabaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum. Who looks likes a people, is of them. Oxen
and cows have big bellies. They are like them. How do people call these ones when they finally
get angry with them? "That one is like an ox; he eats and eats and doesn't get full. Whatever on
the table he finishes saying 'Sunnah'. Haha. They know this Sunnah. They say: It is Sunnah.
Let's make Sunnah. What a nice big Muhallabi (pudding). What a nice Kadayif, what a nice
Kebab or Kofte. What a nice Borek, chorek this is... this and that, also. It isn't right for us to
leave half of it. The host will be unhappy and that's why we eat all of it. Eat, eat... We have the
order to eat coming from above. Don't lose your heybet (magnificence). Don't let them say,
"Leave him, he is slim and weak." Let's become magnificent. The belt hides below the belly for a
real belly is like this.

Who are these government people? Whom do they represent? They don't represent the people,
because the people are poor and thin. There is something to eat everywhere but they cannot
afford it. That's why the poor are like this - like sticks, for example. What do they say about those
with big bellies? They say: They are like oxen; whatever is on the table they eat, saying: It is the
Sunnah. But is also the Sunnah to give to the poor! What is this? No, impossible! Government
people have to be magnificent. They have to have a belly to appear respectable to the people.
Ok, so that means that oxen and bulls also eat to be seen as magnificent by people? That is good!

"Man tashabaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum." This is it. Whoever makes himself look like
something becomes like that. What is he working for? They say, he eats and then turns into an
ox. Haaah! This is the rank he has taken from people. From too much eating that man has
turned into an ox. Look at his belly! If you put him on a scale it can't even weigh him. With what
pleasure, with which pleasure he ate! And nothing is left that can be given to the poor.
It is now the same in all the nations but the people in the East are even more interested in food.
They say, Let's eat and become magnificent. No. Magnificence doesn't come with a belly.
Magnificence is coming to man from Heavens. It is dressed on them. Ya. Have you even seen a
Pasha with a big belly? Only a few. But all of the common people have. There are only a few fat
Pashas. They are trained but civilian people have no training. They eat whatever they find. Eat,
eat! Afterwards it comes out of your nose! This was the introduction.

As-Salamu alaikum, O lovers of Shahu Mardan, Habibur Rahman. Welcome. Those who come
to our gathering are lovers of Shahu Mardan. This is a new day. Such an introduction was given.
It is the entrance to the Sohbet of our blessed Shahu Mardan. It is not mine. He is speaking to us.
Who understands, understands. Animals don't understand. Who doesn't understand is an animal.
Who understands is a human being. This is the measure. If you understood you are a human
being. If not, you are an animal. And this doesn't change. It is the measure of Shahu Mardan.
Marhaba, O lovers of Shahu Mardan. Marhaba to his friends, who love him and who keep his
way. Those who keep the way of animals, zirt zirt - whip them, whip them! What they do is only
eat and drink. While the others open Allah's way for people, inform them of the Prophet's
greatness, and make people reach the Haqiqa (reality) of the human being. Shahu Mardan, let's

O friends of Shahu Mardan, as-Salamu alaikum. As-Salam qabla l-kalam. Give Salam before
speaking; don't move without Salam - As-Salamu alaikum. What a beautiful beginning, what a
nice Adab/manner it is to give Salam. O friends of Shahu Mardan, may you be safe in Dunya, as
well as in Akhirat, the Hereafter. May you enter through the Babu s-Salam (The Door of safety),
that is the entrance to Paradise. Who is going to enter from there? Those who give Salam. For
those who forget Salam there is no door. For those who forget to give Salams there is no door to
enter Paradise. But for those who give Salam, yes, there is the Babu s-Salam through which they
will enter. Ey O Shahu Mardan, go on; let us listen. Let us learn as much as we can learn. And
even if we don't learn anything, may the blessings of this gathering be upon us. We started with
Salam, and we will enter Jannatul 'Aliya through the Babu s-Salam.

For those who give Salams there is the Babu s-Salaam, the door to the eight Paradises and they
will enter through that door. Who are they? Those who give Salams. They are safe. Whoever
gives Salams at least 7x a day will meet with no accident nor Bala/trouble that day. No problems
nor worries will be left. Learn this! O Muslim Jam'at, O those who call themselves Alawi or Shia,
learn and give Salams. After you give Salam you won't kill any more. Why do you kill? Give
Salams before you kill. Can he who kills Muslims be a Muslim? They call themselves Alawi,
Shia... When you go up, do you Salams to the planes, To the servants, the Nation of
Muhammad? O you vile ones Shahu Mardan says. O you low ones, do you think He doesn't see
you? Janabi Haqq, who Orders the Heavens, He has given mastery over this creation to His
beloved one. His Beloved one educates.

Go ahead, O Shahu Mardan, your lovers and friends are listening to you. Each time they listen a
robe of heybet is dressed on them. Look Shahu Mardan. Make a flag and say, "This is the flag of
Shahu Mardan." Now black flags will be made. Black flags, black banners which will be raised
everywhere after Rajab as-Sharif. Ahh, this is new news, a new Order: Black flags! On them will
be written: "Inna fatahna laka fathan mubina" (48:1) (Verily We have given you a clear victory.)
Those who carry these black flags will not come to kill people. They will come to show the
honour of Islam.

Human beings are honoured with Islam. You want to kill? Go to the slaughterhouse, go to the
slaughterhouse. How many butchers are there who slaughter hundreds of animals each day?
Does this honour them? "Man tashabaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum." Are those butchers in
slaughterhouses honourable? They slaughter oxen, calves, sheep, goats, camels - they cut. Do
they take honour from that? Do you treat human beings like sheep or oxen? Who gave you
permission for this slaughtering of people, O Bashar? Each day he goes astray. O those makruh
guruh (hord) that help him, who cut the throats of half a million people in the land of Sham, after
this how will they come to Allah's Presence? "La ta'khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm."(2:255) He
neither slumbers nor sleeps. Lahu yurdau yufran Allah. Read the Quran!

Is it not written "Inna-Llaha Basirun bi l-'ibad" (40:44) in the Quran of the Iranians? Or do the
Alawis not read: "La ta'khudhuhu sinatun wa la naum" (2:255)? Allah Dhul Jalal knows no
slumber nor sleep He is "Al Hayyu l-Qayyum, la ta'khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm." He doesn't
sleep, nor does He get sleepy. Haaa! "Inna-Llaha Basirun bi l-'ibad", He sees what you do! It is
not hidden from Him. All of you are in sight. It will be asked in dunya as well as in Akhira, "Wa
idha l-maw'udatu su'ilat, bi ayyi thanbin qutilat." (81:8-9) (about those buried alive, you will be
asked) O Arhund, do you not read this Ayat? O scholars of the Iranians, O Alawi 'Alims, Janabi
Haqq will ask: "Wa idha l-maw'uda..."? Burying in the earth - those who kill people like this will
be asked by the dead: "Bi ayyi thanbin qutilat." (81:9) The human butchers will be questioned
and asked: "What sin did this man do that you killed him?

Are you the one who gave life to this man? Why did you kill him? How did you kill what Allah
has created, when Allah made this Haram? Especially the innocent ones, the weak ones? Who
gave you permission to kill? Go to India or China (ie somewhere far way). To go and slaughter;
ey Shia, who has given you permission for that? Who gave that Fatwa? You think it is easy with
the guns in your hand, with planes up above, destroying all like a hurricane and fire, to go to
slaughter people. People are saying: "The human slaughterers are becoming merciless! When
one is merciless one is without religion and without Iman (faith). You cannot touch Allah's
creatures! Are you giving life that you can take life? Ey Bashar, listen! If you don't you go astray.
You will not find a place to go to. Give up what you are doing! Know Allah! Know Allah whose
Orders are above yours.

Go ahead, O Shahu Mardan; your words are true. It is the speech of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the
Shahu Mardan. Beware to say: "We will oppose him" O Iranians; O Alawi sect, O Shia sect. The
sword of Hz Ali is over your heads. It is over your heads. These are not my words, these are the
words of Shahu Mardan.

"Greetings" to the listeners, O lovers of Shahu Mardan. How beautiful. To be present in his
gathering, to keep his advice, and to serve humanity in a good way with honour, how beautiful!
"Al mu'min akhlu l-mu'min." "The Mu'min(believer) is the brother of the Mu'min." Has the
Prophet(sas) of the End of Times not said this? No, Shahu Mardan? Has not Allah said: "Innama
l-mu'minuna 'ikhwa"? (49:10) Believers are brothers. What answer will you give? "Fa 'aslihu
baynahum"(49:9) Make peace between them. If there is anything wrong, correct it. Is there any
order in the Quranul Karim that says: Kill, burn, destroy? Ey Alawi, Iranians, Shia, say! And let
those Arhunds who claim to be scholars also say. According to them in their hand is the Quran
of Fatimatu z-Zahra. Does Fatimatu z-Zahra show it to them in the Quran, that they should
come on people and slaughter them?

Wa idha l-mawudatu su'ilat bi ayyi thanbin qutilat.(81:8-9) This is Al Quranul Karim. In the
time of ignorance they used to bury (female) children (alive). That's why they will be questioned
on the Day of Judgment. O Shahu Mardan, go on. "Maw'uda" were those buried alive. There
were very malicious Kafir who used to burn and destroy the places of the Muslims and then bury
people alive. And then bury people alive, like Hulagu and others. Now, in their graves, they are
being buried dead, then are brought back to life, and are buried again. It's not easy! Allah Dhul
Jalal doesn't leave anyone without the punishment he deserves. Haaa! They think it is easy...

Go on our Shahu Mardan, your order is our order. We are under your flag. We are not going
under shaytan's flag. We will not allow ourselves to be called Dhalim (Cruel). We are Allah's
army, coming to destroy Kufr/unbelief. Go to Europe to make them Muslims - why do you go to
Sham to kill people? If Bashar is so powerful, let him go and slaughter and cut the throats of
unbelievers. You are so pretentious, you're tall like a giraffe. Why do you go and cut Muslims?
Those who don't fear Allah and are not ashamed in front of the Prophet, Shias who go there to
kill people, Allah will question them! "Wa idha l-maw'udatu su'ilat, bi ayyi thanbin qutilat."
(81:8-9) He will ask for what reason they have been killed. The killed ones will be asked: "Which
sin did you do that these people killed you, burnt you, destroyed everything (that is yours) and
came on you? It will be asked. Everybody will be questioned. Be ready.

I don't know if in Rajab or before Ramadan, but they will be finished... Not even the dust of
them will be found so that of the tyrants they will not be able even to say - this was this one and
that was that". Nothing will remain. The Order against Dhalims will come from above during
Rajab: "Hit the Dhalims!" So don't be Dhalim! Allah can make it rain stones from above; He
doesn't need bullets. When you are hit on your head you will fall down where you stand. You will
writhe and die like Nimrod. A mosquito will enter through your nose and eat your brain! Allah
punished Nimrod in this way. Nimrod was a bewildered governor who came against the Prophet
Ibrahim (as), a tyrant, an idolator. And Allah sent only one mosquito... Nimrod said to Prophet
Ibrahim: "Where are your armies?" He collected and came with his own armies and said: "I will
fight the God of Heavens." Everywhere was full of his army. He said: "I'm waiting for your Lord
to come and fight with me. At that Prophet Ibrahim said: "Come out with your armies. Come
out, if you want to fight with Allah." So they came out to the desert. All Nimrod's soldiers were in
iron armour. And they asked Ibrahim (as): "Where are the soldiers of your Lord?" He said: "Just
they are coming." And after a little while a dark silhouette was seen on the horizon.

A silhouette was seen, a cloud had appeared, coming closer. As it came closer a strange noise was
heard. A very strange noise, how shall I describe it? Mosquitoes...Even one of them can make a
man crazy. They started to come, humming, and their sound was intense! After this silhouette
came close, a humming and strange, fearful sound was heard. Go on, O Shahu Mardan, let us
listen; let us hear it from the Door of Divine Knowledge. Such a sound was coming from the
mosquitoes. If one of them hums, it disturbs a person. This black cloud was all mosquitoes. Then
it came closer, a strong sound like from airplane motors started humming. When this happened,
Nimrod's soldiers started to tremble. They wanted to flee but that cloud reached them. What
cloud was that? A cloud of mosquitoes, yaHu! And the mosquitoes came on Nimrod's soldiers,
got into their armour - they had iron armour.

O Children of Israil, did you not read your Books? Is this not written in the Torah Sharif? Or are
you not Jews? You won't make it up. Tell your nation, O Rabbis of Israel, tell them, which end
Allah Jalla Jalaluhu Jallat Azamatuhu, prepared for Nimrod who attacked the Prophet Ibrahim
(as). The mosquitoes were crowded together on the soldiers of Nimrod. Go on, O Shahu
Mardan, how nicely are you telling it. Let the Children of Israil, Banu Israil, listen. If you say this
is not in the Torah, then you are not of the Jewish faith, I will tell them. Tell the Chief Rabbi, tell
if it is from the religion of the Jews to go in front of that Wall and move back and forth. Has
Musa ordered this? Did he do that in front of that wall? What is this? To whom is your
Sajdah(prostration)? O Sons of Israil, to whom do you make Sajdah? It is coming powerfully, so
be careful!

Go on, O Shahu Mardan! Why do you cry at the Wailing Wall! What is that?! Make Sajdah and
cry in Sajdah! You cry for what you have done wrong. Cry then to Janabi Haqq so that He may
forgive you. Janabi Haqq has opened the whole world for you. So why do you go & move back &
forth in front of a wall? Let the Chief Rabbi tell me that it is wrong, that it is not mentioned in
the Torah. Or is it written in the Torah that they should stand in front of a wall & move back
and forth and cry? This is something made-up. But there is an Order to make Sajdah! The
Mount Tur was lifted over the heads of the Children of Israil because they didn't make Sajdah.
When they saw the Mountain rising - this is written in the Torah, let the Chief Rabbi look.
Allah's Work is not by means of airplanes and flying bombers and not Janabi Haqq Himself, but
by an appointed angel who said: "O Mount Tur, rise!" Janabi Haqq doesn't busy Himself with
these kinds of activities, hasha, nothing occupies Him.

But His Order was: "Raise Mount Tur over their heads. They are liars! They are of those who
don't make Sajda." By the Order that came to Prophet Musa: "O Tur, rise", Mount Tur rose up.
That time all the Children of Israil, out of fear, fell into Sajdah. In Sajdah they looked up to see
whether the Mount was coming on top of them or not. And still they do like this. Tell about the
origin of this, O Children of Israil! It is in the Torah, the Torah Sharif. If they had listened to it
(Torah), they would also have become Companions of the Prophet of the End of Times, but they
didn't. When they didn't listen, disgrace, wretchedness - "Wa duribat 'alayhimu l-dhillatu wa lmaskanatu..."
(2:61) - indolence, were tied to their necks like a hoop. May Allah forgive us. We
are also speaking from the Torah. But the Quranul Karim is our crown and we speak from it.
Leave the Christians; someone else will settle accounts with them, or we will do it. Shahu
Mardan can make that another day.

Masha Allah, la quwwata illa bi-llah. Islam is high; it doesn't fear your cannons or guns. With
mosquitoes it makes you swoon and none of your soldiers will remain. Only their weapons will be
left on the ground. What happened? An illness came and all soldiers fell ill and died and their
weapons remained behind. No one is left who can even use a weapon. None will remain. "Al
Islam ya'lu wa la yu'la 'alayh." Is is not so? Al Haqqu ya'lu, Islam is Haqq. Islam doesn't have any
fear nor anxiety. And the doors have been opened for Islam now. Shahu Mardan(as) is saying
that with the beginning of Rajab Sharif the power and spiritual force of Islam has been opened to
the whole world. Shahu Mardan Alaihi s-Salam. Let us listen. Let us become well-behaved. If
you don't, they will make you well behaved.

One mosquito was eating the head of Nimrod. Finally Nimrod killed himself, hitting his head on
the wall. Dress in the characteristics of the Prophets. O those who say: I am Shia, I am Alawi!
Listen to the advice of Shahu Mardan, the son of our Prophet's uncle. If you don't, there are lots
of armies of Allah to hang and strike people. Don't think you are governing the world, no! He
will send a microbe to you which you will neither see with a microscope nor with a telescope. It
will enter and destroy. Once an illness came to Basra because of their being lecherous. On the
first day 70.000 people died. On the second day another 70.000 people also died. And on the
third day no one was left to get out of his house or enter it.

Fear Allah! O Shia, you stir things up everywhere. Who gave you the Fatwa to come from Iran
to burn and destroy Sham and kill people with your airplanes? Haa, the day will come that you
will be questioned! O Shahu Mardan, go on. Shahu Mardan says: It's with me the trying of them.
Sahibu z-Zaman Mahdi (a.s.) will take them to account. And we are the soldiers of Mahdi. We
are not going to be the soldiers of anyone else. We are the Asakari Mansurayi Muhammadiyya,
not the soldiers of this one or that one. Our military service is to be the soldiers of Mahdi (a.s.)
who is carrying the flag of our Master Shahu Mardan, Hz Ali. And we fear nothing but Allah.
Shahu Mardan says this.

Greetings to those who listen. O lovers of Shahu Mardan. Shahu Mardan, the owner of Dhul
Fiqar, is coming closer. He will show shaytan its place and also those who are running behind it.
May Allah make us far away from them. Accept Truth! "Al Haqqu ya'lu wa la yu'la 'alayh."
There is nothing above Haqq/Truth. Therefore what do we say: Janabi Haqq! Masha Allah,
masha Allah, O blessed Shahu Mardan, the friends who listen to you, the friends of Shahu
Mardan, if they are true Shia and true Alawis, they also say: "We are your soldiers. We are not
Iranian or Turkish soldiers. We are the soldiers of Sahibu z-Zaman, Mahdi (a.s.) This is our
desire: To be under his flag. Beware! Rajab is coming! Let's see what will happen, what it will
bring. The Dhalims will not find a place to flee to. "Wa-Llahu 'ala ma naqulu Wakil." (28:28)
Allah be a witness to what we say.

Go on, O Shahu Mardan, your words are jewels! They shouldn't think it is me speaking - I am
nothing. Who is speaking in our gathering is the Owner of this gathering, Shahu Mardan. And
the descendant of Shahu Mardan Mahdi (a.s.) Long live those who are asking for Mahdi (as),
who run under his flag, who honour Islam. May those who are making Islam down be made
down also and be damned. This also Shahu Mardan is saying. Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq.
O my Lord, forgive us. Let us not remain with our bad ego. Let us not follow shaytans. But let us
keep Your Orders. Allah's Orders are above everything; who keeps Your Orders is Your servant.
O my Lord, accept me as Your servant.


Lefke, 27.04.2013

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