Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Wake-up!

As-salamu alaikum! Ja’anan Allahu wa iyakum min as‘habu jamin wa ... ? baraka
alaikum. A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim,
la haula wa la quwwata illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim
O people, mostly our people (are) understanding English, therefore I am asking
permission from our Umara, Highness(es). Three Highness(es) min Umara, from
(the) Jordan(ian) Kingdom, whom they are (from) the line of the Seal of Prophets
S.Muhammad sws. Sharafa wa karam, wajana wa uazzam (?) wa jallala wa
jamman...Huuu! From Subuhu-l Amir, his Highness, I am asking permission to
address to people a little bit, what is coming to my heart, tadbiu lahum, to
wake people up. Wake up, ayyuha-l ghafilun! Everyone (is) heedless... You are
not heedless, only I am heedless... Wake up! May Allah forgive us and send His
Blessings on His weak servants.
We are Muslims, but we are now weakest, (the) weakest ones on earth. For what?
Really we must be (the) most powerful ones on earth now, because our supporter
is Rasulullah sws and his inheritors, Awliya-ullah. They are looking to
ourselves, if we are asking: “O our Lord’s beloved ones, o our Lord’s servants,
please support us!” But I am sorry that no one from Muslims they are asking a
support from the friends of Allah. Awliya-ullah, they are (the) friends of
Allah. First they are going to be (the) friends of the Seal of Prophets
S.Muhammad sws, then they may be (the) friends of (the) divinely Presence, for
Allah Almighty.
O people. “Al jaza-u min jinsi ‘amal”. That is an Islamic wisdom, coming from
(the) Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, the “bahru-l ‘ulum”, because the Seal of
Prophets S.Muhammad sws, (has been) granted, granted from Allah Almighty”
bahru-l ‘ulum”. “Bahr” for the Seal of Prophets. They are not saying “muhit”;
muhit, muhitat, (are) for Allah Almighty, and (there are) endless “muhitat”.
“Muhit” means Oceans, Oceans, but “bahr” (means) sea. (The) sea is not like
(the) ocean. Oceans they are also (the) Indian Ocean, (the) Atlantic Ocean, and
(the) Pacific Ocean. Do you think that Allah Almighty only He has three Oceans?
(No), endless Oceans! (There are) countless Oceans for Allah Almighty, “muhit”.
You must try to know something for the identity or personality for the Seal of
Prophets. If you are not knowing something (about him), you can’t know anything
for Allah Almighty.
But I am sorry to say that now we are living closer to the Last Day, Yaumu-l
Qiyama and it is (from the) signs of (the) Day of Resurrection, Yaumu-l Qiyama,
that the Seal of Prophets was informing that: “When (the) Last Day (is)
approaching, people (will be) running away (from) to know or to learn about
their Lord (and they will be) going towards ignorance oceans.” (For) ignorance
(there are) also oceans and people, they are running to ignorance oceans and
they are going to be heedless ones. No one (is) asking: “Who created us?” No
one (is) asking: “Who (is) bringing us and landing us on a planet through space?
How we landed on it?”
They are saying on that Shaitan’s box that (people are) looking (to it) and
(they are) showing people so many things... it is written that (the) Americans
(are) sending a new missile to space. (They are) saying that; so foolishly ideas
in America! America that is the fountain for ignorance; anything wrong thing you
can find in America. They are saying... that (one here) is American, no mind
“zaten”... (They are) saying a news; they are saying that: “We are sending a
missile through space.” They are sending a missile to see. What they are
looking? The idea (is) that (the) beginning of this universe (was like this):
one atom (was) exploding and (there was) getting out one light; from that light
everything (was) just coming. “And this lightening”, they are saying, “We have
(been) informed that we must run through space to look, to see that first
lightening.” And they are saying that on that lightening there was a star and
(the) light (was) reaching from that star to us (in) 250 million light years.
They are running to find when (creation was) beginning, when (it was) coming. So
foolishly! Every foolish thing you can find in America.... because they are
eating too much... and then (they are) sleeping and dreaming such a curious or
foolish dreams and (they are) awakening, (saying): “Oh, we found a way to reach
to that star, to look what (is) happening there...”
In such a way foolish ideas just they are filling every country; even Muslims
countries, even Arabs countries also, that they are reciting (the) Holy Quran!
They are forgetting (the Holy Quran) and (they are) running after that: “Where
is that star?” I may swear, if not his Highness here, for those people, but for
the honour of (his) Highness I am keeping Adab... because I am (a) very adabful
person... Sleeping?...
Ya Hu, look first (to) your world, this, how we landed on it! They are not
looking (to) that. If they are looking, they must look (to the) Holy Books. And
(the) Old Testament, (the) New Testament, according to their understanding,
(were) just reaching to (the) Children of Israel and other nations, but the Seal
of Prophets just he had been granted (the) Holy Quran. You can find everything
in it, from pre-eternal up to eternal. They are not looking (at) that, (they
are) saying: “There is (a) star, we must go.” Give that money to (the) people in
Africa that they are never finding to eat something or to drink something. But
Shaitan (is) carrying them on (the) wrong way.
(There are) two ways, o people: one way (is the) true way, (the) second (is the)
wrong way. Wholly now, including Arabs and Muslims and Turks, Kurdish, Ajam,
Iranian ... And (the) first class Muslims (are the) Pakistan(i people), (the)
second class Muslims (are the people of) Afghanistan, (the) third class Muslim(s
are the) Wahabiyun... they are not thinking on (the) Holy Quran. And that is the
reason (that there is) coming cursing on people.
Look through their universities, if they are putting any lesson from (the) Holy
Quran to think on it! Why? Why? And Allah (is) taking all of them away, bringing
someone that is... Arabs, Turks , Iranian, Pakistan, Afghanistan taken away,
bringing a people (that) everyone (of them is) His servant. If you are not
giving respect for (the) Holy Quran and the way of the Seal of Prophets, He is
going to take you away, bringing another (nation). Haaa!
Ehhh. “Palestine, Palestine...!” (Is) Palestine only for Muslims or (is) Allah
Almighty granting us (the) whole world? “Gaza, Gaza...!” This is the aim of our
nation, (of the) Muslims? They never said: “Live in Quds.” This is for “umma
sabiza”. “Baitu-l Maqdis”. For us “Shatra Mecca Mukarrama”. Rasulullah sws just
he fought to reach Ka’aba Muazzama - that is our honour! 100.000 (mosques) like
(the) Mascid Aqsa (are) never going to be equal (to) the high respect of (the)
Ka’aba on earth! “La hayata liman tunadi”.
Wrong way! Look (for the) true way in (the) Holy Quran. You must look in it! If
you are not looking, your eyes (will be) taken away from you, (you are) going to
be blind. And who is blind in this world, will be blind in the next.
I am (the) weakest one, I am (a) zero on (the) left hand. But if I am giving my
zero in front of (the) one, I may take this world like (a) football up...
Volleyball I can do this world! But I am zero. But (a) zero, if (it is) coming
on one, (that means) power. One zero (is) enough; the Lord of Heavens (is) not
using a second zero there, no, one (zero is) enough. Like this universe billion
(of) universes – (He) may take it away with one zero.
O people, you must change (the) wrong way to (the) right way. .. We must say:
Now whole governments (are) running after to be democratic. No, Haram! That is
Batil! We must follow (the) theocratic way. Democratic (is) the ways of no mind
people. Theocratic (is) Allah Almighty’s Orders. You must change or (you are)
going to be taken away. Therefore from 5 (people there are) going to be
remaining one. 4 billions (are going to be) taken away. (Then) Allah brings who
(is) believing and respecting and keeping (the) Holy Orders of Heavens.
O people, I am nothing, but something! And we are approaching step by step to
(the) Last Day, the Day of Resurrection, Yaumu-l Qiyama. And before (it is)
coming (the) Yaumu-l Qiyama, (there) must come Madhi a.s. to arrange the lives
of people according (to the) Holy Commands of Allah Almighty...
(A) man must be (a) man, women must be women. Allah Almighty (is) making (the)
ways of men, how they should move, and for women, how they should be dealt
(with). Homes (are) for ladies, for women, outside (is) for men - that is (the)
Holy Command. Who is making against that, they should be taken away. (And there
are) so many ways today!
Eh. “O Sheikh, what we shall do? There is a virus of pigs!” That (virus is)
never going to a mu’min, but (to) who is going their lives (to be) like (the)
lives of pigs...That should be coming, as (we are) informed through (the) Holy
Hadith for Rasulullah sws: “When Jesus (is) coming, (he is) killing (the) pigs
and breaking (the) crosses.” Subhanallah! S.Isa a.s. also he is... perhaps
(there are) no more pigs, till he is reaching, but people they are not... Pigs
(are) eating whole dirt... Haram is dirty; people, they are not making a
difference between Halal and Haram. (They are) eating Haram and their character
(is) like (that of) pigs... they are going to be killed.
O people, you must know (the) true way and (the) wrong way. Who is going to
(the) wrong way - no mercy from Heavens. But what we shall say? Muslim countries
also, they are following “gharbiyun”, Western people. We are not Western people;
Western, that (the) sun (is) setting down (in the West), (are) the countries of
darkness. We are Oriental ones, (where) always (the) sun (is) shining. Ae,
Western countries must follow the lights that (are) coming from (the) oriental
countries, from Mecca Mukarrama, that (they are) just coming out (there).
O people, keep what we are saying! I am not looking in books and coming to
address to you. What they are giving to my heart, I am speaking and I am not
fearing from anyone! If anyone thinks something wrong for me, I may reach (to
him) before he is reaching to me, to make him under (the) earth.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah .
Give Halwa to people... to be sweet ones... If anyone (there is) coming
something through their heart, something wrong, (there will be) 40 days only for
him to be on earth. (Day) 41 you may find that one under (the) earth... They
are saying: “There is (a) virus”, but they are not seeing. And (a) virus, if (it
is) more powerful from mankind? How it can be?
Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu
wa tughda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam... Fatiha...

Lefke, Sohbet after Cuma, 22.5.2009

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