Maulana Sheikh NazimWAKE-UP, MUSLIMS!
Islam is having a long night and a heavy sleep. I think that Muslims have now slept enough and we are asking Allah Almighty to awaken them. The whole Islamic world is on a wrong direction. Sometimes people come on a wrong motor way. If they understand, they will soon find an exit to get out. If they don't understand and stay on the same wrong direction, they will continue until the end and then say, "Oh, where have we come to?"
Now all the Muslims and all the Muslim governments are on a wrong direction. The non-Muslim world has been on a wrong direction since the beginning and now the Muslim world is following them, thinking that they are right. That is our big mistake, we are trying to westernise. At the same time they are taking Muslims and slaughtering them. Yet we are not awakening!
The Muslim world thinks that to make instruments like TVs, radios or computers is so much, but in fact it is so simple, really nothing! All the sahabas of the Holy Prophet, may peace be upon them, knew the secret of such things.

We are only looking for the good tidings that our Holy Prophet, may peace be upon him, has given to us about Sahib-ul-Zaman, Hazrat Imam Mehdi Alehi Salaam, the Powerful One, whose power is enough for the whole world. All this technology will be in the dustbin. He will bring the power of real Islam. We do not put our hope in the Muslim states with their plans of building atomic centres. By the time we have reached the technology of the West, they have reached another horizon. This foolish and heedless Muslim world thinks that when they run after the western world they will reach them and even surpass them. That will never happen. They are not asking for the real power stations, the heavenly power stations.

That is why I am looking and asking Allah Almighty to let the holy people use a little bit of their power. If they would, the whole of technology would be finished overnight. There are so many holy-ones who have full power, but we are keeping adab, good behaviour, and we are waiting for Allah Almighty to give the order to Mehdi Alehi Salaam to be allowed to use the power. When he begins, all willpower may be used. Now it is prohibited. Before that big event, which will shake the whole world, there will be a selection of who will be with Mehdi Alehi Salaam, and who will not. We are reaching this selection very soon. That is why harmful people with ideas, intentions and actions, will be put down. There will be no more life for them. Perhaps it will be one or two more years. Before three years they must finish.

Try to be with good-ones. Don't keep bad and harmful ideas and don't keep bad intentions. Don't intend to harm people because all harmful people are dragons and dragons will be killed. One dragon will kill the other. Allah Almighty will put one dragon on the other, so that they will eat and destroy each other. The last one will be destroyed by the Sword of Islam.
LONDON - 01.02.1993
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