Maulana Sheikh NazimWAKE-UP, MUSLIMS! 2
May Allah forgive us and keep our hearts in His Hands and not leave our hearts, or ourselves, because we cannot look after it. Only He may. Therefore say, "Oh, my Lord,we are your weak servants, we are giving everything that you granted to us, we cannot protect what you have granted to us. We are weak ones, and we think, which is wrong, that our enemies are much more powerful than we are.". He will say, "No! Shaitan is weak, we only think that he is powerful." It is a wrong idea, to think that Shaitan is more powerful than we are. We are powerful. Anytime that Shaitan attacks on anyone, we are supported. If we can be able, if we can use what we have been given, whenever Shaitan attacks, Divine Support will come quickly. But we are not using the Divine Support, we don't use what we have been given, therefore Shaitan can come and bring us down. And he will ride on us so quickly and make us fall down and be like animals. He rides on us and makes us to be his donkeys. We don't use what Allah Almighty has granted to us. We have authority to face not only one, but if as many shaitans as there are human beings would attack us, we could defeat all of them. That is how much power we have. Because we have been created to be deputies of Allah Almighty. Do you think that one eagle fears thousands of crows? Do you think that? Allah Almgihty has granted an authority to mankind to face not only one, but millions of shaitans. Mankind has been authorised to ask to be supported. Allah Almighty says, "Ask! And I shall give you. Don't be afraid of Shaitan, just say that you are against him. You must make your position clear. Are you with me, or with them? I must know. If I know that you are with me, then don't worry. Even if there are as many shaitans as there are atoms, don't worry! But you don't make it clear where you are standing. I am looking and seeing, that sometimes you are with me, but mostly you are with your enemy. Sometimes you are friendlywith me, but mostly you are friendly with your enemy. That puts you down and then I cannot support you. It goes against my honour to support my servant when he is with his enemy."
That is why the Muslim world has fallen down. They are friendly with Shaitan. The Muslim world is friendly with their enemy. The Muslim world is friendly with the devil. That is why they are getting no support. If the Muslim world were not friendly with the devils, an unbeliever would not be able to touch a believer and kill them. Thousands of Muslims are being killed innocently in Jugoslavia. Which country is getting up and saying, "Stop!"? Pakistan, or Turkey, or Saudi, or Libya, or Egypt, or Iraq, or Iran? Which one? All of them are claiming to be Muslims. They are liars! Hypocrites! What are the millions and millions of armies waiting for? Where is the honour of Muslims? Muslims are being shot like dogs on the street. Where are the Muslims? When it comes to talking they are all first-class Muslims. First-class hypocrites! How can Allah support us? We are not with Him.
If we were with Him then how could there be an Israel right in the heart of Islam like a sword? How could that be? Arabs are also not with Allah. The Arabs let their children fight against Israel with stones. Libya has armies, Egypt has armies, Sham has armies, Iraq has armies, Saudi has armies, Sudan has armies, Algeria has armies, Morocco has armies. What are they doing? Just parading. Come and fight!
It is easy to fight against Kuwait for Iraq. It is very easy to fight against dunya. Perhaps they don't learn geography in Iraq, or maybe their compass showed the wrong direction? There is no excuse. Instead of going into Israel, they were mistaken and went into Kuwait. In the same way Iran was mistaken before and now Iraq is, once more. They got mixed up with East and West and they thought that Israel was to the East. But it was to the West, so he ran into Iran and Iran too didn't react by saying, "We are also Muslims, why are you fighting against us?"
Same with the Turks in Aserbeyjan. Turkey is such a powerful country with such a powerful army. 60 million people and such powerful armies. 7 armies. They could prepare 6 million soldiers, and this is happening on their border, fighting and killings of Muslims. And they cannot say one word, "Stop!"
And what about the people in Bosnia-Hercogevina? They are originally Turks, Ottomans! And they are calling, "Come and save us!". Instead Turkey is making tricks in Turkish Republics in East Asia and fighting for Cyprus! In Cyprus there are 60.000 people! To control these 60.000 people they are keeping an army of 100.000 people.
The Ottomans were honoured-ones, not the Turks. They were threatening all the unbelievers. The Ottomans never wore the hats of the unbelievers in their armies. They were wearing the crown of the Prophet sws. not the hats of unbelievers. The whole Muslim world is using the hats of the unbelievers in their armies nowadays. The Sharia never accepts these hats. In Saudi the soldiers are even coming to the Kaaba with these hats! That is haram! To put the hats of the unbelievers on their heads! Allah is not sleeping. He is looking and reacting.
May Allah forgive us. Wake-up, oh Muslim world! The angels are shouting, "Oh, Muslim world, wake up! Look what is happening!" No-one is saying anything. The Imams aren't, or all the people who are claiming to be Muslims and always accuse other people of doing shirk, haram and bida. They know nothing else than that. They are only talking about bida. They say, "Don't say Salawat to the Prophet, that is bida! Don't ask the Prophet to intercede, that is shirk! Don't visit the holy-people, that is shirk! Don't visit the Prophet, that is shirk!". That is the only thing that they know. May Allah put them down.
Much more than we are hearing is actually happening in these countries. But the real news are not reaching us. What the communists did to the people of Afghanistan was much more than this. But the people of Afghanistan fought with the crowns of the Prophet sws. and Allah supported them. Two million people were killed as martyrs and 6 millions were refugees, but Allah supported them and they besieged a whole superpower!
London - 12.05.1992
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