Maulana Sheikh NazimWake Up! The World is Burning!
Every religion comes to establish peace on earth. I am trying to give people peace. Satan wants the opposite: to establish war. When people follow satan their struggles are never-ending. When they follow prophets and the Holy Commands of Allah, they will reach peace. In this century we need peace more than anything else. Everywhere there is the fire of fighting. The world is burning. There is fighting in the street, in the school, in the office, in business, in homes, amongst young ones, amongst rich ones, amongst citizens, amongst village people... Nations are struggling within themselves and against others. There is no peace now. I do not think that your Creator, the Lord of Heavens, wants you to fight. Stop fighting and start to listen to the Commands of Heavens! It is because you are not hearing, listening and obeying the Holy Commands of Heavens that suffering, miseries and troubles are increasing. There are endless troubles without a solution. If you try to bring a solution to a problem, you will find 10 new problems. If you solve them you will find 100. Why? Does Christianity tell you to fight? Did Jesus Christ* advise Christians to fight? Did Moses* tell his people to fight against each other? Did Muhammad*? Is there any religion which is telling us to fight?
Satan causes us to oppose each other. He gives us all these reasons. He says it is an economical problem. That is the biggest lie! He is the biggest cheater. It is not an economical problem. The disaster is that people are not finding out about the Holy Commands of Heavens, so without even knowing it, they are disobedient. That causes the biggest problem.

People have never been as rich as they are in our times. Muhammad* told us that there will come a time when money will come in abundance. 60 or 70 years ago people were working for so little money. A worker would work from sunrise to sunset for 3 piaster and it was enough to feed a family. Now the money in Turkey is worth so little that even young boys are millionaires. People in these days have so much money, but they are not satisfied. People are millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires They are so rich! Markets are full of everything. Still we are being told that it is an economical crisis. There are some huge companies who take all the gold and put it underground. Then they give us paper money. On it they write £1.-, $10.-, DM 100.-, but it is only paper. The real value, gold, is kept underground. Then they create the stock market so that they can play with the money. "Keep it! Sell it! Buy it!..." They are behaving like people from the mental house. Every country has a central bank, even Saudi Arabia. When they had their first king, they were not using this kind of money. King Abdul Aziz was only using silver coins. After him everything was changed, and his learned people did not object.

Our Shariah tells us that we cannot buy anything with paper, because you can cut it and throw it away. It is worthless: you can put it in water and it will melt. You may put it in fire and it will burn. The Shariah does not allow us to buy or sell with something which has no value. People should use something valuable for trade. But people are keen to do everything which is against the Divine Rules. This is why we have all these troubles. In the last years money has even been changed into plastic cards. Representatives of satan want to control everything. Christians are sleeping, Muslims are sleeping, but some people are waking up. Christians have been given one tablet of valium, Muslims ten! Muslims are like cows, full of milk!

Don't blame other people. Open up your own eyes. What did Allah the Almighty say to you, to Muslims to Christians and to Jews? You must follow these rules! Since 60 years I am fighting against demons. They never like me. They are my first class enemies. I hate evil. Devils and evil are destroying everything on earth. Satan has established his kingdom and I want to wake up people to be against him. I would like to continue on this way until I leave this life. I would like to be in the Divine Presence of the Lord and still be against the sultanate of the devil.

One cigarette already supports his kingdom. Did you know that? It is a very simple example which will wake you up. People are burning trillions of dollars for that every day. All for the honour of satan, or did you think they are doing it for Allah? Then they cry about an economical crisis. If they would just stop smoking for one day, it would finish every economical crisis in the world. What can we say?

I am nearly eighty years old, but I have come here to establish a group of people against the sultanate of satan, Muslims, Christians, Jews... any kind of people. All prophets came to destroy the satanic kingdom on earth. But people never supported prophets, the majority supported satan.

This is why Allah sent His Heavenly Curse to destroy people. I am afraid now, because once more most people are supporting satan. A Divine Curse will come on them and destroy billions, like it is mentioned in all Holy Books as Armageddon, the biggest war which will be on earth before the last day. It will be a Heavenly Curse for the people of the 20th century because they supported satan during the whole of this century. They lived for satan and they died for satan. But we have been ordered to live for Allah and to die for Allah.

- 01.01.1997
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