Maulana Sheikh NazimWater is the best Sadaqa
Water is the best Sadaqa... Audhu...Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded...Run to Allah! From whom? From Shaitan. A
small child, when it is fearing something, runs to its mother or father.
Like that a muqmin, a believer, must run to Allah from the dog of Shaitan.
Dogs attack men- you can't trust a dog...
B.r.r.... Allah Almighty created and gave the design to the body of Adam
a.s. from clay. Before the soul entered in it, it was just a shape of clay.
Shaitan was coming and looking and he said: 'This is going to be a new
creature, and I don't like it.' He was entering from the mouth and went
around everywhere, then coming out and he said: 'That is an empty body, not
solid, so many ways to enter, everywhere I may go around, it is easy.' If
that shape had been solid, Shaitan could not have entered, and Adam and his
children would never have been affected by him. But he was looking ands
finding all ways open and he said: 'It is easy. I may be able to control
that body as I like. I can find ways to direct that new creature as I like.
So many ways- I may walk in it everywhere.' And he was coming to the eyes,
the ears, the mouth, the mind, the hands, the heart, the feet, getting out
and spitting on it.
Allah Almighty ordered Gibrail a.s.: 'Quickly take that piece of the body
that he spat on.' Gibrail cut it and threw it away, and that is the place of
the navel. It became the dog. Therefore dogs have two specialities: from one
side they are from man, from another side they are from Shaitan. Therefore
they like to be with man, not like other animals. But because they are also
from Shaitan, you can't trust them, they may bite you.
Don't trust dogs! So many times it is written in the newspaper that a dog
bit its owner. No trust on dogs, as no trust on Shaitan. But Shaitan is
making people of the 20th and 21st century to keep dogs, and they claim,
think and imagine that they reached the top point of civilization and
keeping dogs is the sign for that. Therefore Europe, America and their
followers keep dogs and are very proud of that. Shaitan is making these
civilized people to be servants of dogs. And it is such a dirty service.
There are signs that say: Dog-keepers must carry with them bag and shovel,
so that when their dog is dirtying the street, they must clean it and carry
it away.
Allah Almighty created them to be His servants, and 21st century's people
claim to be civilized and come down from the highest level of servanthood
for Allah to be servants of dogs- dirty servants. That is their
civilization. Shaitanic teachings. What are they spending for dogs daily?
Ten $? Some spend 5o or 1oo $, because their dogs are so big, that a man can
ride on them, and they may carry him. Then there are very tiny dogs, that
old ladies are carrying around...And people even sleep with dogs in the same
bed, using them like a pillow...
The breath of dogs is poisoned, and it may bring so many dirty illnesses
which doctors can't be able to treat. Therefore Allah Almighty is saying:
'Don't keep dogs in your house.' Angels are not coming to a house where
there are dogs, but Shaitan is coming. Where Shaitan is coming, angels can't
be. When angels are coming, mercy is coming, with Shaitan cursing is coming.
Don't keep dogs in your house- Shaitan is with them.
Maybe there are 1o million dogs in the whole world? If people spend daily
ten $ for each of them, that means, they are wasting $ per day.
And ten $ is never enough for a big dog...There are hairdressers for dogs
for washing them...Maybe daily 1 billion $ is wasted by the dogkeepers. They
are not giving the money to poor people, they say: 'Dog's rights, animals
rights.' If they would give that money to needy people, they should be so
happy and their life would be like in Paradise. But they are not giving and
making themselves servants of dogs, dirty animals. As much as you may wash
them- they are never going to be clean. So the Shariat is saying that if a
dog is touching a plate with its tongue, you must wash that plate seven
times with water and once with earth, ashes,because their saliva contains
bacteries, which will never leave that plate if you don't clean it in this
People are wondering how illnesses are increasing which were never known
before. That is the reason. Therefore run to Allah from Shaitan, like a
child runs from a dog to its mother or father. And that is the first sign of
obediency or servanthood for Allah. As long as you are living with Shaitan,
you are not going to step on the level of servanthood for the Lord of
Heavens. You must leave Shaitan and then you may reach tot he station of
servanthood of Allah Almighty.
Dogs can't enter mosques. Who carries Shaitan with him, can't enter a
mosque- impossible. Therefore people run away from mosques, because they are
with Shaitan. If Shaitan is with someone, that one can't be the servant of
Allah. People in the 21st century run away from the service of Allah,
because they are servants of dogs and of Shaitan. If you don't know these
things, you can't save yourself from Shaitan and his tricks, and he will
catch you.
I must say this, because the whole world is running after Shaitan, is happy
with Shaitan, friend with Shaitan. The symbol(sign) for that friendship with
Shaitan is that he is making people servants of dogs. Why are they not
keeping goats or sheep? They say: 'We are not shepherds.' 'But you have a
dog.' 'That is my friend. I may sleep with it in my bed, how can I sleep with
a goat under the blanket?' 'But a goat gives you milk, better to respect it.
Why you make yourself a servant of dogs?' 'That is my best friend.' You
should come with your dog together on the Day of Judgment...
People are not supporting animals that give benefit, but they sleep with
harmful animals. Shaitan is preventing them to keep beneficial animals like
goats. The council can't carry to be in your home even one cock. They say:
'We are getting disturbed by their shouting.' They prevent to keep in the
cities goats, hens or cocks, who may give benefit- it is forbidden. Shaitan
makes Europeans and western countries to make a special law for dog-keepers,
they give permission to keep dogs in your home, but not to keep hens or
Therefore this world must be destroyed, these people must be taken away and
a new generation must come- finished! Dirty people are living on earth now,
and that dirtyness is never going to leave until those people, who keep
dirtiness, are leaving. They should be buried and a clean generation should
Don't think this fire is going to extinguish- it is going up and up, getting
bigger and wider, running all over the world including Cyprus and the
Islamic world, all oceans and continents- must be cleaned. From seven six
should be taken away.
May Allah forgive me I am saying: 'O my Lord, I am not with these people, I
don't like what they are doing. Don't make me with them.' And you must say:
'O Lord, we are asking to do what You are asking from us. Don't make us with
these people to be finished and vanished and to be taken away.'
It is a terrible beginning now, and step by step it is approaching every
country. Run to Allah, is you are asking to be saved. As long as a person is
with Shaitan, there is no shelter for him.
O our Lordtake the honour of servanthood from us.The biggest honour, the
most honoured position for mankind is Your servanthood. Keep us for Your
divine service and give endless honour to Sayidina Muhammad sws.
Lefke - 29.12.2001
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