Maulana Sheikh NazimThe way to Perfection
We are living for Allah. We hope to die for Him. A good life is to live for Allah, to be for Allah and to die for Allah. When you are living to be for Allah. When you are leaving, to leave for Allah. This is how Muslims should be.
Everything Muslims do should be for the pleasure of Allah. They shouldn't ask if people will be pleased or not. Only ask if Allah will be pleased. Don't expect when you give people charity or hospitality to get anything in return. Even if they deal with you in a bad way, don't be offended. You did it for Allah, not for man. You are looking after the servants of Allah. It is only Allah you want to please.

If you give people charities and they come against you, don't be sad. We have a saying: give charity and throw it to the sea. Like taking a dry piece of bread and throwing it into the sea. Fish will come and eat it without even knowing about you. They don't know who gave them this charity, but the Creator knows. Do everything for Allah. Never expect thanks from others. Like the fish. You will not be sorry. That is a high quality, not everyone can do it. Those who are being trained in a tariqat are like wild trees, or wild creatures living in the jungle. The perfection of man is not easily attained. After the first 40 days of pregnancy the embryo will take the form of a human, even if it is still very small. Allah the Almighty gives us the best of forms within 40 days, but the real perfection will come through the meaning you represent. That is not easy, it might take 40 years or more. It is not something you can learn in the university. No academy or university in our days can teach you that perfection. It can give you skills to control everything around yourselves, but it does not give you anything to control yourselves. If you cannot control yourself you are not a perfect one.

This is why we need another kind of training: associations with prophets, they are the first ones to train people on the way of perfection, to enable them to control themselves. If not, people will continue the way they have been born: wild. They will live in a wild way and die in the same way.

Wild people are not able to control their egos. Their egos bring every kind of violence to this world: fighting, troubles, problems, crisis... All of this is a result of the violence of people. It continues, it increases and perfect people are becoming more and more rare. There are thousands of people in the universities, but most of them are wild.

- 01.01.1997
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