Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are asking for spiritual support
Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded, ya Rijalullah! We are asking for spiritual support.
I am not only asking support for myself, the whole world, all living beings
are in need of a spiritual support now. That is the only thing we missed or
lost. The people of the 21st century lost the spiritual support, and, what
is worse, they are not asking for it. That is the top point of heedlessness.
They lost it and they say: 'I don't care. It is same for me to be or not to
be.' This is the mentality of 21st century's people. And it is the worst
situation, they are sinking in an ocean, and it is not a clean ocean, but
Sewage Ocean, and people jump inside it like rats.
You should find everyone tonight preparing himself to jump into the dirtiest
ocean of sewage. And I am surprising- you make your dresses good and jump
into the sewage? Every night they are in that ocean, but tonight is the top
point, all nations, the whole world, prepares to jump in it.
They are Christians, they have baptizing; if no baptizing, they are not
becoming Christians, because they know, that every baby is born as a Muslim.
Therefore they must bring baptism- getting in Muslim, coming out Christian-
that is their belief. I am not involving, they know. But I must say that
tonight it is the same position for the people of the whole world. Shaitan
is the one who is making this scenario for all mankind living on earth, and
he is saying to the people: 'O my followers, tonight I am making for all of
you a baptizing. Prepare yourself for tonight's New Year Baptizing, not for
the New Year, it is not a real thing.'
He is saying: 'Prepare yourself for tonight, I am making baptizing for all
mankind, my followers, who should jump into that ocean, sewage, to take much
more from it for your pleasure, free pleasure. Everything is okay for you.
Don't believe in religion, don't obey the government- you may do everything
you like. When it is going to be midnight, 12 o'clock, I am going to put off
all lights and electricity, and that time you must fall into my ocean
quickly, for one minute- I am not going to give to you too much, because you
can't be able to get out, if the midnight ceremony is more than one minute.'
So every year he is giving one minute, not the whole.
And from tomorrow on they prepare themselves for the next ceremony. That is
the biggest ceremony. Shaitan is saying: 'If you loose it, I am taking your
name out from my book.' And who lost it tonight tomorrow- lost or not- is
beginning to prepare himself, by the command of Shaitan, for 2003.Shaitan is
saying: 'O my followers, my friends, don't worry, don't be sad if you missed
tonight, or you are not satisfied from tonight, 2002. Prepare yourself,
everyone must prepare himself more than this year for 2003.'
You must understand. Therefore people are looking this year also a new
accusing for those, who are not accepting the ceremony of the devil,
Shaitan,. Who is against them and gets away, they accuse them in a new way
and say: 'You are Taliban heads, you are not from our people.' Who is not
preparing a table for tonight, not putting lights, a pine tree, not making
cake or turkey, they are accusing as Taliban, and say: 'Don't give way to
them.' That is the shaitanic command for his followers, the devils, and he
says to them: 'Write their names, put their names on the computer and follow
them seriously, don't leave them to do anything. Cut their wings, cut their
hands and feet, even cut their heads. As long as these people live with us,
it is most dangerous factor, most dangerous group for me and my people.
Don't leave these people to do anything, they must be taken away. You must
do everything that they should disappear from communities or always you
should be disturbed by them. They say that you must believe in religion,
keep Islam, keep Halal, and be obedient servants, do this or don't do that.
You are not going to be free to lead your modern life. There must be only
the new life system, those people must be taken away. Governments must be
against them, armies must be against them. No tolerance for them, because
they are Taliban. Give chance to Christians, Jews, Buddhists, but don't give
chance to Muslims, they are the biggest danger for you and your Sultanate,
and your Sultanate is not yours- it is mine', Shaitan is saying.
'It is impossible for my Sultanate to continue with those people. They are
dangerous, even if they are only one or two or three, but yet they are like
a fly falling in a plate, taking your pleasure, if you find it, you spit it
I am saying: 'O my Lord, who is not recognizing You, take all power from
them. Enough what You gave to them, please take this power from them and
leave them powerless, to fall down, not to see another New Year ceremony
which belongs to Shaitan, not to Heavens.'
Muslims are sleeping. What are people doing in the markets today? And they
cry: No money! Look now how they are running to buy so many things, and look
up to morning how they put billions into the toilet. Not billions of Turkish
Lira, but billions of Pounds, trillions of Dollars, quatrillions of Marks,
pouring into toilet for one night. How Allah Almighty is going to send His
mercy on them?
The followers of Shaitan and devils try to make top pleasure for themselves-
they should cry the whole next year, or half of the year, because perhaps ½
of the inhabitants of the world cannot reach to 2oo3.
Some people were writing what they are expecting for the future,
fortune-tellers, they fear. If I am saying something, people don't fear. But
I am not a fortune-teller. We know something- that up to next year perhaps
half of the people living now will not reach the New Year ceremony.
May Allah give His mercy and guidance to mankind and grant from His guides
to save His servants from the hands of devils and Shaitan. May Allah bless
you and forgive me.
Lefke - 31.12.2001
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