Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are asking to be from His good servants. Everyone is Allah Almighty's servant, even Shaitan, also His servant, but he is a bad servant, and who follows him, is also bad servant
As-salamu alaikum…Shukr Allaha, Shukr for Allah Almighty. We are asking to be from His good servants. Everyone is Allah Almighty's servant, even Shaitan, also His servant, but he is a bad servant, and who follows him, is also bad servant. Bad servants names are written on a list and because they are bad servants they should be punished. Bad servants are disobedient ones, they are obedient to Shaitan and disobedient to Allah; they are bad servants. Good servants are who respecting and following Allah Almighty's orders. They are obedient servants, they are good servants, belonging to Allah. Bad servants belong to Shaitan. That is important point that everyone must keep and try to be good servants, not to be bad servants. Everyone must try to follow prophets, particularly the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws. We are not saying that we are innocent ones, no. Innocent only are prophets, and also Awliya reach to a station that they should be protected from attacks of Shaitan and they are also innocent ones. But common people we are sinners, no one can say that I am always without sins, I am doing everything as Allah Almighty ordering to me. No one can claim that I am not following Shaitan 100 %. You may not follow him 99%, but 1 %, and you may fall and you may do a sin. The father of mankind, S.Adam, he fell in sin, one sin, once. He was innocent, but that his whole generations he was carrying on his back, good ones and bad ones, and Awliya saying from most honoured prophet's teachings, that Adam was never going to do something against Allah Almighty's command or order or advice, but from his generation there were Kafir, disobedient ones, sinners, bad ones, and they were moving towards that sin. Even Adam a.s. can't be able to stop himself, because billions of his generation that they should come to this life and going to be unbelievers, followers of Shaitan, agents of devils, sin makers, sinners, hypocrites, munafiq, they were pushing him and he can't stop himself, as a strong wind pushing you like this…They ate, not Adam alayhi salat wa salam was eating.
Therefore we are sinners, but Allah Almighty is making Tauba and Istighfar for cleaning His servants. Because anyone who is doing a sin gets dirty, he is not clean, quickly coming and becoming a dirty one. Allah Almighty saying: 'Who is not accepting the existence of Allah Almighty and His Oneness, His Unity, is a dirty one'. And ordering to His Prophet: 'Don't leave them to approach My Holy House in Mecca Mukarama. Don't leave them to come once again here. They are dirty ones. Send them away'. And also every sin makes people dirty, dirtying them. They must be clean. So quickly…Anyone feeling or knowing that he did some wrong thing against Allah Almighty's order must say: 'Tauba ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah, just I followed Shaitan and now I am dirty, I am asking forgiveness'. Till forgiveness comes to you, you are dirty, and forgiveness comes when the servant says: 'Astaghfirullah, Tauba ya Rabbi, Tauba ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah'. That means: 'O my Lord, just I was running or following Shaitan and I did a wrong thing; I am a sinner. Now I am asking forgiveness, I am leaving him, no more I am following him, I am turning to You, o my Lord, forgive me.' And He forgives.
The Prophet sws was saying: 'Shaitan was sometimes very sorry, and when he was sorry he was saying this: 'I am trying to make Adam's children to fall in sins, and I am doing that so that they should be finished'. If a person falls in a sin that means just he destroyed himself by himself, as people now put something on their bodies and this explodes and he is also going to die, destroying himself. And sins make the children of Adam to destroy their faith and their obedience and prayers, not like that person who destroys himself physically, but really, if a person does a sin, destroying his obedience and his spiritual being, finished.
Shaitan was saying: 'Just I am making them to destroy their faith, their servanthood, their obedience, but they also destroy me when they say: 'Astaghfirullah, Tubtu wa rajatu ila-llah. O my Lord, I am asking forgiveness, I did wrong and I am sorry, I am asking pardon, give Your forgiveness to me and keep me through Your protection, put me through Your protected area.' (When they say this,) Shaitan is going to be very sorry. He was complaining from the children of Adam, he was so tiring to make them to be with him in Hells, to make them dirty, and dirty people never coming on them mercy, but he was complaining: 'I am so tiring and when they say: 'O Allah, Astaghfirullah, I did wrong, forgive me', then all my work is going, I lost everything.' Therefore, o our followers, we are asking to follow Awliya, the inheritors of Rasulullah, sws. Awliya going to be Awliya, because they follow the prophets' steps. Who stepping prophets' steps, is Wali, Awliya. If not, they are not Awliya. We try to follow he steps of Awliya, because their steps are the steps of prophets. If you like to safe yourself physically and spiritually and forever, follow the steps of Awliya. We are so weak to follow prophets' steps, because that needs strong Iman, faith, so that you can put your feet on right path strongly. If you haven't 'qadama sidqin', you haven't true steps, you can't walk on true way, no. True way asking true steps. True steps through true feet. True feet belong to true heart, if your heart is not true, it can't command your feet to be true.
Therefore look- anyone that has true steps, follow them, anyone. Anyone you may follow him. If not, you are going to follow steps of Shaitan and who is following shaitan, he must finally reach to Hells. And through hells he should be so sorry and regret, but it is going to be too late, finished.
Now you are welcome through this holy city, perhaps you visit first time, and its honour, if you speak for the honour of this holy land we can't finish up to end of world. But it is a holiest area for Muslims, Sham-u-sharif. Awwalu sham, akharu sham- should be here Day of Resurrection and Judgment Day should be here, all Awlyia and Anbiya coming here, whole muqmins coming here, whole mankind, when getting up from graveyard, must come here. Some of them coming just riding on buraks, some of them should be carried by whips and sticks, some should be carried on their faces, angels carrying them and bringing them here.
Be thankful that you reached to this holy place that the mercy coming on it, rahma-tu-llah- if coming on a Kafir, finally he must die and he is Muslim. May Allah forgive me and bless you and make our gathering a holy gathering and grant to all of us to meet Mehdi a.s. here and to take beyat from him under the holy flag of the Seal of Prophets sws.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah…….Kerim Allah…….Subhan Allah….Sultan Allah …
Try to be Sultan's servant… Sultan up to eternal. From pre eternal up to eternal He is the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty. Try to be honoured through His divinely service. Give much more time for His servanthood, make less your slavery for Dunya, make it down, and make the servanthood of Allah Almighty up, to be through His eternal sovereignty and kingdom…For the honour of the most honoured servant of Allah Almighty S. Muhammad sws, for the honour of all Anbiya and Awliya, particularly that we are in the huzur, the holy presence, of Uwais al Karani and all Anbiya and Awliya, for their honour may Allah grant us… Fatiha.
It is the biggest miracle when the servant of Allah remains ‚mustaqim'...
There are 7 kings of Jinn around Uwais al Karani, protecting Sham...
Damaskus - 24.04.2002
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