Maulana Sheikh NazimThis is an association and we are asking to follow prophets and their inheritors.
This is an association and we are asking to follow prophets and their inheritors. Man created into two kinds: Some of them have a speciality to be followed, and the speciality of another group of mankind is to follow. Some of them must be followed, another group must follow. And followed people also come to be of two kinds: One kind belongs to heavenly beings and their representatives on earth. The second group also are followed, but they are on the wrong way representatives. One group belongs to Heavens and blessed ones, and the second group belongs to the darkness of materials. One group belongs to the spiritual world, the second group belongs to the material world. Both of them their speciality is to be followed. Lucky ones, fortunate people are those who follow followed ones from Heavens or who belong to heavenly people. They are going to be blessed ones and reach lights and every goodness, every pleasure, wisdom, mercy, beauty, power and favour oceans. Because they follow heavenly followed ones. Who are they? Prophets. Their creation, if you look out looking, you think it is similar (to yours). Yes, Allah Almighty dressed them a man’s creation. Their outlooking is similar to everyone, but inside, no.
Those people who belong to the material world and its darkness were objecting and said to the Prophet: ’If you claim that you are sent from Heavens, how it can be? Because our mentality is saying that if a person belongs to and his connection is with heavenly beings, we think that one who has been sent from Heavens must be a heavenly being, an angel. We don’t think or we can’t imagine that you even to be a warner, because we don’t imagine a warner from mankind. We were thinking that a warner from Heavens must be an angel. We are not understanding that people may be warners from Heavens.’ They were asking a way to leave and run away, because they belong to darkness.
Therefore prophets belong to Heavens, but outlooking…If their real personality was going to appear, this world can’t carry them. Therefore Allah Almighty said: ’If I am sending to people angels from Heaven, I am going to dress them a man’s beings’ dress. They should appear as a man.’ Once the Prophet was sitting with the Sahabas. And a strange person was coming in. The Sahabas looked to him, no one knew or recognized him. From his appearance he was a foreign person, a stranger, but his clothes were so white, and his hair and beard so black. If that person was coming from must be seen on him a sign of way, that he is coming through desserts and dusty places. But nothing was on his hair. His appearance was just coming from up and appeared. He was coming and sitting in front of the Prophet, putting his knees to his knees and asking him: ’O Muhammad sws, what is Islam?’ Prophet saying this and that. ‘What is Iman?’ This and that. ‘What is Ihsan?’ The Prophet was answering and that person was saying: ’Alright, okay.’ The Sahabas were surprising. Such a foreign person is coming to the Prophet, no one knowing him, and he is asking the Prophet and when he is answering he says: Alright? So many questions he asked and the Prophet was answering and he approved: ’As you said’, like a person examining someone. When finishing, getting up and going back, not turning his back to the Prophet. No one can turn his back to the Prophet. Coming to the door, bowing, standing and leaving. The Prophet was sitting for a while, and then he said, calling Omar: ’Ya Omar, reach to that one, look after him.’ And S.Omar was running to look after that one; instantly running and it was only one way, no one on it, that person must go there. Maybe five minutes, and he disappeared. S.Omar was looking and quickly coming back and saying: ’O Rasulullah, I can’t find him. That person disappeared at the door. Who is that one?’ ‘That one was Archangel Gibrail, coming to teach you your bases of Islam, Iman and Ihsan, and what is necessary to be known about it and about the last Day and its signs. He is coming to teach you, not teaching me. I may teach him. I am his teacher, not he is my teacher. My teacher is only Allah. He was Archangel Gibrail and the questions and answers were for you.’ If Archangel Gibrail was coming in his original appearance, this world couldn’t carry him. And Allah Almighty dressed him as a man, coming and sitting in front of Rasulullah.
This is a great evidence that everyone who belongs to Heavens, if he has been ordered to come and to appear through people, he must dress as a man. His out looking is as a man, but his inside is so different. Now no mind people, Wahabis, say: ’Muhammad was like us.’ They are Munafiq to say this. S.Muhammad can’t be like us, no, his appearance, because the real reality of S.Muhammad sws never moves from the divine Presence. It has been sent only one sun there, on the sky, but they are saying: ’This sunlight is the sun.’ This is (up there) or that (the sunlight that you see on the floor)? This sun can be here? Impossible. If the sun is going to appear on earth, the earth was no more. But it is here and it is doing what it has been ordered to do. That gives life on earth and light. If not, this earth would be a dark place, running through endless space; no on knows a beginning and an end for it. When Allah Almighty sends light on it from the endless light oceans, only one ray, coming from Allah’s light oceans to the sun, it makes it to shine. Neverending shining, not burning and coming light (like a candle), no. Your light (on earth is like that): it comes and burns so many things and brings light to you. But that light, only one ray from the endless light oceans reaches the globe of the sun and it begins to give lights, reaching to every planet and especially to the one chosen to be the land of mankind, the homeland of mankind. Coming on it, giving lights- sunshine.
Don’t think the reality of the real being of S.Muhammad he was with his personality body on earth Can’t be. More than this was whole world to be ashes. But no mind and square head people say: ’Muhammad was like us.’ Cursed are those people, who say this. There must be guides from Heavens, who belong to Heavens, and people who follow them reach to Heavens, endless light oceans. The second group of people belongs to the material world, to darkness. Who follows them, reaches darkness.
We began with the association and we said that we are followers. I am following such guides from heavenly beings, therefore I speak and make associations as they were doing, and when I follow heavenly guides, their guidance gives to me light, life, enjoyment, refreshment, youth power, strength, pleasure, wisdom, knowledge, endless hope and endless life. Therefore it is important for the people of the whole world, if they ask to reach humanity- those enlightened through heavenly guides. And others- mankind is a common name. But some people are enlightened, and others are in darkness. Try to find enlightened guides; if you follow them, you reach to enlightened worlds, light oceans, and you should be forever through lights and their oceans. If you say: ’No, I must look after my physical pleasures’- you are free; you may follow, if you prefer the level of animals whose enjoyment is with eating and drinking and sexual pleasures, your level is going to be same. But if you ask the level of Heavens and heavenly beings, follow heavenly guides.
Therefore you may sit with Ulema, scholars in religion; if they call you to Heavens through their ways follow them. If they call you to Dunya, don’t follow. There are Ulema for Dunya and Ulama for Akhirat; of the scholars in Islam some belong to Heavens, some to darkness. Who brings Dunya in front of you first and says: ’Lookafter your Dunya first’, they are bad ones, and you can’t reach your heavenly position (through them). When you are present with someone that calls you to heavenly asking you to follow heavenly guides prophets and follow them.
This is an important sign to be known by everyone. If anyone asks you and calls you to heavenly beings, it means he asks and calls you to Allah, and as a summary we may say: Anyone calling you to Allah, follow him. If not, he is a dangerous person and you may reach to Shaitan (through him), and it is not a good end for you.
Lefke - 24.02.2002
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