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Destur, ya Sultanu- Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…aiduna bi madadikum…Mededu-l Haqq…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Are you ready? Everyone here? Or through East and West running around?… X. coming from (a) far place, asking to learn. Yes. To learn is (the) most important mission for mankind. For what coming to this life? To learn! About whom? First about (Him) who is (the) Owner of this world, (of) that sun and (the) moon and (the) stars, and skies- for whom (they are)?
We are asking to learn something that is necessary to be known. The Seal of Prophets, the teacher for (the) whole (of) creation, whom they are able to learn- S.Muhammad sws, (he is) coming to teach people, to make them to learn. (But) people are saying: “No, what we are knowing now, it is enough, more than enough.” “What you learnt?” “Something. We wasted our youth, our energy and our valuable life...” “And what you learnt?” They are saying: “Nothing.” That is the limit of heedlessness, the limit of ignorance. You
must try to learn something that you must know (it). If you are not knowing (that), you should be blamed and (you) should be accused. (Therefore) you must learn (that knowledge)!
(The) Sahaba, the Companions of (the) Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, his companions, (they) were surrounding him to learn something, because (the) Seal of Prophets was (the) main source for (divine) Knowledge that (was) coming from (the) unlimited Knowledge Oceans as a grant to him and to his nation. For that purpose we have been created. Not for eating and drinking and trying to enjoy ourselves through this life. It is not (the) time for enjoyment (here), because it is such a short life and mostly people they are making or they are bringing trouble to themselves that they haven’t (been) offered (to do this).
(The) Sahaba- the companions of S.Muhammad sws- they were surrounding him and (they were) listening to him keenly, to take some knowledge that it is (always) new and knowledge (that is in) just that moment coming. Because (the) Prophet was speaking from heavenly Knowledge; when he was opening his mouth to address people, (it was) new (knowledge) coming. He was not using something that just had been sent as knowledge to other nations.
Therefore S.Muhammad sws was getting angry, when he was seeing and hearing that S.Omar was looking (into) some books from (the) Old Testament and (the) New Testament, saying: “For what? I am bringing new ones, leave that. If the Prophets that have been granted from Heavens these books, when am coming here, they were leaving that Old Testament and New Testament. It should be old knowledge (and) new knowledge (is what) I am bringing to you. They are going to be like water just bottled in bottles and you are trying to drink from that, (but) just I am bringing to you from (the) source, new source. Yes, that is water and what I am bringing is water also, but this (is) instantly, just now. I am opening my mouth and new knowledge (is) coming to you that (is) making your real being to open, to enjoy and to know and (to) improve and to come closer from the Lord of Heavens and to be much more prepared for your Lord’s servanthood in His divine Presence.
I know their water, I am not saying it is not water, but (it is) bottled. That time they were using. Now leave that, ya Omar. What I am bringing, if their Prophets (were) here, (they were) not looking these bottles, (but they were) coming to me to drink from me.” What do you think? That sources of knowledge dried or yet (they are) running? Yes, running and what (is) running is enough- or more than enough- that people (are) reaching through 1ooo’s of years from knowledge. They may reach in a second new Knowledge that (is) granted from His Lord to him. It gives to you much more power than (that) what all Prophets (were) granted before you. No need to look there.
Even their Prophet Jesus Christ and Moses coming to follow me. They should leave (the) Old and (the) New Testament and coming, asking: “Make us to drink, oh the Seal of Prophets! Let us drink from your spring new knowledge!” But people (are) no-mind-people now. This source (is still) running, but people (are) running to other sources that are only (like) channels of sewage. Besides (the) spring of (the) Seal of Prophets whole other knowledges that people (are) running after now is only like sewage that you can’t drink (from it), you can’t wash yourself, you can’t live with that. (It is) taking from you, but nothing giving to you. Now people (are) running after that sewage channels water; they are giving, but not taking. (So people are) taking poisoned drinks that they can’t live with that- they are poisoning and now (the) whole world (is) just poisoned because (they are) drinking from (the) sewage of Shaitan. Every dirtiness (is) in it, every poisoned materials (are) in it, but its label (is) so cheating advertisement: “Come to real life and enjoyment. Come and join to our group, oh mankind!” And now 21st century’s people have been poisoned. And (the) most sorrowful event (is) the heedlessness of (the) Muslim world that (they are) leaving (the) real Knowledge Sources coming from Heavens. (They are) leaving it and (they are) following Shaitan’s sewage and (they are) saying: “Sooo important sources, (they are) so good for us to make our physical being to be in enjoyment!”
I heard- you know better than me- that Satan (is) making some kind of pills (that) people and mostly youngsters (are) using it and (they are) feeling much more power, thinking (that) they have more power with that pills. And governments can’t reach to stop it from people, because youngsters (are) using satanic ways for enjoyment and then quickly (they are) finishing (physically). When (they are) finishing, (they are) looking (for) something to bring their physical ability (to be) as before and (they) have been cheated by so many pills (that for their advertisement they are) saying: “Oh, this, if you are taking (this), you are going to be like (a) horse, (you) may jump, high jump. You may run like (a) camel. You may jump from a big channel on (a) camel- so powerful (are) these pills!”
There is a good word in our literature: Anything that you may be in need, if (you are) asking (for it) from around yourself, it is not reaching to you. (And) if (it is) reaching to you, but (it) may be late and when you are finishing (and it is) coming, (there is) no result also. When a young person lost his manpower, coming to zero, (they are) bringing that person, saying: “Don’t worry! If you are taking (this) you are going to be like (an) Arab horse, ohhh!” Or someone is coming, (saying): “You may be like (an) Arabian camel.” Coming to people like X. or (someone) like me: “Because you can’t walk, take this pill. You may be, you should find yourself like a person sitting on (a) donkey; very restful. You may walk from East to West, don’t worry, take this also.” To make him down quickly, (to the) cemetery…Every age people have been cheated by satanic tricks and they fell in satanic traps. We are asking to save them from (these) traps, but (there is) no way. No way- just they have been caught!

Such a knowledge 1oo % knowledge (is) now satanic teachings and (through it they are) trying to make people to be cheated, making them to believe that these material medicines may give to them what they lost. And people (are) learning something to reach high levels of material life. They are saying: “If we are reaching (to) high levels of (the) material life and we are going to be rich ones, (then) we may buy everything with our money, to be like a young man…

"Oh my Darling, what do you think about me?”
“You are like the first night…”
“I don’t think, my Darling…”
Shaitan (is) cheating (them), making these pills, (and) bringing (them) to such a person like me, 8o, 9o. 1oo, saying: “Take this, you may be like (a) young horse!”
And saying: “Oh my Darling, what you think?”
“I don’t think…” That Shaitan!

Therefore: Astaithu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim! Ya Allah! You must ask shelter from the tricks and traps of Shaitan and his workers and his supporters! This is a life (that) if you are using it moderately, if you are keeping heavenly Rules, you should be happy up to (the) end. But (those) who they are wasting money, they are (the) brothers of Shaitan. But it is so easy to waste money- you may take it back. But (those) whom they are wasting their physical being- impossible. If (it) dried (out), (it) can’t be back that source, once again, no, finished.

(The) teachings of Satan (are) making people to fall in endless troubles and problems and the Prophet was saying (as) the summary of (those) people who should reach nearby to (the) Day of Resurrection: (They should have) two kinds of characteristics: “Himmemuhum kutunuhum wa qiblatuhum nisauhum.” They are running after eating and drinking. Always you are looking (there are) going to be big assemblies, meetings for governments, congress, Nato, European Union or others. Coming this President or Prime Minister or Minister, such first level people (and) they are saying: “For their honour tonight (there) should be big feast.” This is what they are asking, this, nothing else. They are very tired daytime, they are getting hungry and sitting one hour, two hours, three hours, up to midnight, even up to dawn they are eating, speaking, drinking, speaking… no more sleeping…They are living for that purpose. Himmemuhum kutunuhum…No any idea except: “What it should be (that) we are eating tonight? Where we can enjoy with eating and drinking tonight?”
Quiblatuhum nisauhum. “Oh My Darling!” (kissing her hand)… Presidents, Prime Ministers… one woman coming- if you are tying on her leg a piece of meat, even cats (are) not running after her- and (she is) coming… no any hair on her head, coming and (the) President (is) coming…(kissing her hand), then… (bowing to her), then (jumping on her)…Qiblatuhum nisauhum…No other thought, except button and under it…

That is Shaitan’s teaching and satanic aims, sending people on it: “Run to reach to that point!” Also dressing like this…Therefore I am saying: If putting there a piece of meat, cats (even) not running after them…

To learn. But they are not teaching such things. They are making me to speak on the lowest level, because all people (are) just on (the) lowest level. Don’t think that (with) what they are dressing- women or men, ladies or gentlemen- their level getting up, no! Yet they are (on the) first, (the) lowest level, joining their levels the level of animals. That is what they are learning and that is their aims. Therefore eating each other- for their stomach and (for) under it…

May Allah forgive me and keep us with His good servants and bless you and send us from His Saints that have been granted holy Powers from Heavens, heavenly Powers, to change our ways; to save ourselves from Shaitan and satanic groups. We are asking humbly to be that quickly, more quickly (that) no one (is) going to be cheated that time and Shaitan (is) just defeated and his followers and deputies have been defeated by divine Powers.

May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

This is an introduction for Sheikh Hisham… to know about which things we are speaking here…He is making me into that direction, to speak on it for all people that they are ready here and also everyone who has such headphones…All Awliya (in) East and West must listen. They are taking something from this. That opening (is) only for Grandsheikh and he is opening us (a) very thin line, because (if) a little bit we are going up, people can’t carry…(This is) until Mehdi a.s. is coming and supporting them, because satanic tricks and traps (are) making everything so bad that it is no good for the future of people…

Therefore slowly, slowly the Awliya (are) beginning to crawl towards satanic powers. Now they are beginning to move on the direction of (the) important points of (the) satanic center, to make it down. Just (it) began. It is a beginning and it is enough for us. After a while should be seen some other powers that (are) taking up all satanic buildings. One Wali (is) taking it from its bottom up and throwing (it) away. They have power…

May Allah forgive us…Fatiha.

Lefke, 17.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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