Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are in need something from material and something from spiritual
As-salamu alaikum… Audhubilahi minesh shaitana rajim…Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Astaghfirullah min kulli thanbin masi', min kulli ma yukallifu-l Islam…Tariqatuna as-sohba wa khairu fi jamiat… We are in need something from material and something from spiritual. We are in need for our material being or physical being something from material to stand up, and our spiritual being also needs something from spirituality. Really our material being is standing up in existence through our souls. If not souls, our physical being is nothing, can't continue alive. If our souls leave our physical being, our personality just finished- no way for our physical being to continue alive in existence. That is reality, but people's thinking opposite. They are saying 'our lives continue and our lives depends… as much as we feeding our physical being, our physical being going to be in existence', and that is wrong, very wrong idea. But it looks like. Who deny spirituality and power of our souls think that we are only going to be in life by eating and drinking and taking care for our physical being. It is not true, but looks like that. Therefore they are taking no care for spirituality or for souls, they are saying: 'No, we are only a physical being, a creature like other creatures, our lives depend on eating and drinking and taking care for our material being, it is okay'. Who taking this view or idea and never taking any care for their soul and spiritual being, we are looking that they are growing and developing their physical being to one limit. When they reach to that limit, after it beginning to come down. Up to that limit everyone feeling that they are powerful, that they are perfect, that they may do everything; that is their limits, and after that point or age, beginning to come down, Day by day they are going to feel that something getting less from their physical being, and they are surprising and saying: What about? I am looking myself as before or more than before, I am looking I am taking care for my physical being, controlling and making check-ups on it, and taking so care, in spite of that we are looking that our black hairs coming to be whiter and our skin becoming…so many lines beginning, and we are looking our eyes is not like before seeing, our hearing coming down, our teeth going to be destroyed step by step, and our manpower coming less, less, less and we are saying we are finishing. And we are saying- they are saying- what about? Just I am giving everything more than before now, we are using so many medicines, herbal medicines, artificial medicines, atomic medicines, atomic weapons…and even atomic bombs never affecting on…finishing. What is that? Proof coming to them, that: O people, your thoughts, your ideas are wrong ideas, you must understand that it is not material feeding, making you to stand up, no, something else. But yet they are insisting to say We must find a now herbal, new powerful pills, now check-up, and renewing our hearts…they may renew hearts also, renewing liver, renewing everything except that one…not renewing…no renewment for that…finished, passed away…very important form heart from head from they are thinking on it, and they say we must find something to make ourselves young ones again…finished, because you were believing in materialism, you are saying: 'No God', and this is a punishment to cut your power that coming from Heavens, that power to cut down. You may eat drink everything, but your power just passed away; make it in coffin and bury it, finished. 'We are doing copyright, photocopy of man', they are saying, we make this photocopy, we are doing same that person.' You may reach to that point, but you can't make an old person…you can't make his photocopy as before, finished. But they try to find this secret power that makes a person to be alive. No way! No way. Because they are atheist people, materialist people, denying the Creator, Lord of Heavens, they should be punished. Therefore after 25 years now going to finish. So many people coming and complaining, saying: 'What about?' I am saying: 'You believe in God?' 'Eh'… Most Western people finished now, after 25 they are dead people. Mill without water not turning. There is mill- water just stopped. Punishment from Heavens to these people, for atheist people, for unbelievers, for wrong ones, for bad ones, for rebellious ones…it is a punishment from the Lord of Heavens: 'Yes, you are doing as you like, but you are not going to live as you like, finished, I am cutting your way'.
I am speaking for those people whom they are never accepting that there is a soul, there is a spiritual power through our souls, making our physical being to stand up. When you deny it, that power slowly coming down, coming down, coming down…to zero point. For a believer everything from foods and drinks, if they say: 'Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.', giving enough power for them. If not saying 'Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.', taking from them, not giving to them. O people…don't think that people now reached 21st century and what they are inventing from new systems, new instruments, giving power to them. No, everything that they are inventing, taking something from their personality, taking a power from their physical being, and coming to be so weak ones. And weakest people from beginning up today: are the people that live on earth now in our period, so weak! It wasn't before in such a way. Now everyone feeling themselves weak, and asking to find a way to make themselves strong, not strong, but stronger. But no way, till they say: 'O our Lord, support us with Your Mercy, support us with Your blessings!' If not are saying this, no way for them, nothing can support them, they are going to finish slowly, slowly, slowly, and this huge number of people going to pass away.
Therefore- this is an association; association with Sheikh; Sheikh that authorized to give from heavenly powers, or heavenly support to attenders, and attenders, as much as they may give much more care, they may take much more. Like a petrol station, may come a bicycle, asking petrol, giving one litre, it is enough for that one, coming 40 wheels big truck, this one litre is not enough, taking ten gallons…100 gallons not enough for that. Therefore people who attend such an association, as much as giving their attention, as much as they are opening their hearts, that heavenly power, spiritual power, may come and may act in that person, and that person can do through that power.
Therefore this is a humble station, but it is a real station, and very rare to find it. You can find, but it is difficult, they are hiding themselves. You may find hiding stations, or hidden station, you can find, but it is difficult to find them, and so many people from East and West coming here, they are understanding, they are finding and coming here. People are asking: 'For what coming from East, from West to this place? What is here?' I am saying: 'You are not understanding, because donkey can't understand, what is for man. If your level donkey level, you are not understanding. Get up a little bit, then you can understand, and you are not going to asking me why people are coming. If you are reaching to their station, you are not going to ask me: Why they are coming from America.' This is a young fellow, X., 30 hours by plane coming. For what coming? To drink my soup, that only I am putting tomato and potato in a big pot, putting 2 or 3 pounds wheat, and that is all, and putting in it salt…for this coming? No, they are coming for something else. It is not easy to come and fly 30 hours from San Francisco, from California, up to Cyprus. What is in Cyprus? Why not going to Russia? Why not going to India, to Egypt, to London? They may walk… This is an unknown place, but they are knowing and coming. If nothing, they are not coming. If their souls not finding a satisfaction, they are not coming. That fellow coming from Denmark, that one from England, that from Austria, that France, that Germany…from East, from West people coming.
If you are putting a sign that you are saying: This is a Tandoori, curry center, people running to it. If they are looking around and if it is only written Tandoori center, Tandoori Kebab, and inside nothing, you may cheat one or two people, then no one coming in. You may cheat them with big advertising, but when they are coming in it and not satisfying, not finding what they are asking, no one coming second time. But a small shop that not writing anything that you may show, what you are selling, they may come to you. And 21st century people are in need spirituality. They have material, countless, but they are not in peace. What they have form richness, billions, trillions of Euros, or Pounds, or Dollars, not giving to people peace, and people run after peace. They are not finding. Therefore I am advising to whole nations, to whole mankind, that they must come back to their real positions, to ask from their real personality and positions, and to find a way to themselves through spirituality. If not finding, they are never going to reach a peace or satisfaction, and they are going to kill each other, and to destroy everyone's cities and countries, and making shaitan to be happy…Shaitan going to be happy when everything destroyed and everyone killed. May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of most honoured Rasul salallahu alayhi wasallim, Fatiha.
Lefke - 05.06.2002
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