Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are in need of divinely help. Now we are reaching a time that man must
think about what is happening, or what is going to happen and what happened

We are in need of divinely help. Now we are reaching a time that man must think about what is happening, or what is going to happen and what happened.
We must stop even for one minute or moment, and we must think. There is a
song in Turkish, saying: Ey yolcu biraz dinle beni, kervan geciyor, sen
kalma geri.O traveller, listen to me, the caravan is passing, so don't stay
behind. This is a song said by heavenly feelings.
There are some songs that belong to our material world, and there are
others, which belong to our spiritual world. Now you may see that 1oo%, or,
if not, 99% of the songs of people belong to their material world, and they
enjoy materially. In which kind of music youngsters and the new generation
is interested? In pop-music- because pope also happy- that is addressing
their material bodies or beings 1oo%, and nothing else.
The second kind of music or songs belongs to our spirituality, to our
spiritual body, and perhaps you may find 1 % of people interested in
spirituality and spiritual music and songs. Maybe you find less, half % or
quarter %.
Through all religions, from beginning up to end, music for our physical
being's interest is forbidden, no doubt. Why? Because material songs take
ourselves away from our spirituality and bring us into the darkness of
materiality. Therefore they are forbidden, no way.
Everything that takes man away from spirituality, carrying him to his
material being, is forbidden. That is the main rule, and the real reason for
something to be forbidden is that it takes man away from God.. And it is
never going to be changed, from the first man and first prophet up to the
last one, may peace be upon all of them. There is a saying from Rasulullah,
the Seal of Prophets, sws: 'Ad-dunya ma'ulatun', Dunya is cursed. For what?
Because Dunya occupies the servants of the Lord from His divine service and
makes them slaves for it. That is the main point to be well known, and no
objection on it now, before or after, through East and West, Christians,
Jews and Muslims. The Seal of Prophets said that Dunya is cursed and also
everything in it is cursed, because it takes the servants of the Lord of
Heavens away from their main purpose of being in existence. The main purpose
is that Allah created you, o man, for His divine service. But you are
getting away from it and then cursing is coming on you. Therefore people
through their acting and activities are either blessed or cursed- there is
no other possibility. If you are going to do something, that activity or
work is either going to be blessed and then blessings are coming on you, or
it is going to be cursed and then cursing is coming on you. This balance is
never changed. One hundred popes, one thousand bishops can't say anything.
They must think what is the mission of Muhammad sws. What was his calling
for? If they have something through their heads, they must think on this:
That one, to where was he calling people to come? The Quran Karim is
witness, it says in there: 'Wa Allahu jadau ila Dar-us-Salaam.' The Seal of
Prophets was calling people to Paradise forever, never ending Paradise, to
Allah. How you say Jesus is God? What is that foolishness? Now, they say,
there is going to be a war of religions. No real religion may stand up
against Islam, the real Islam which the Prophet brought. He is saying what
is his mission: 'I am calling you to Allah.' And the akbar burhan, the
greatest evidence for Rasul, Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, is that he
was saying: 'Dunya is cursed.'
Dunya is never leaving people to be through their divine service in the
divine Presence, to be servants of the Lord Allah Almighty, but asking them
to be its servants, and not even servants, but slaves. Man should be his
Lord's servant, because that servanthood is giving honour to people. Allah
Almighty is not saying: 'My slaves', because slave is not a honoured title.
And Dunya is making people its slaves, there is no servanthood for Dunya,
but it is slavery. And slaves have no value among a community; they may be
sold, they may be killed. No honour for them, not even 1 %, no. Slavery is
the lowest level for mankind.
Therefore the Prophet was saying: 'Dunya is cursed, because it makes the
servants of the Lord Allah Almighty its slaves.'
Therefore, those people, who are coming under the flag of the religion that
is raising the flag of Heavens will be winners, should be victorious, and
other flags should fall down. So it is important now to think on that point:
What are we doing, what I am, who I am, or who am I? Everyone must ask
himself those questions. And there are two flags raised: One flag is the
heavenly flag, the flag that belongs to the Lord of Heavens, and the second
flag is just a piece of cloth with a dirt shape on it and belongs to the
satanic kingdom.
And you have been offered to choose and be under one of these two flags.
Look sometimes to yourself and ask: Am I under the holy flag of Heavens or
under the flag of the satanic kingdom? You must ask and look, and according
to your faith, according to the power of your belief, perhaps you may see
really. If you don't see with the eyes of your head, but you may see with
the eyes of your heart, that you are under the flag of Heavens, under the
holy flag of Heavens. Keep your position; don't move, because you are under
heavenly shelter, so that if there is going to be a flood of fire on earth,
you may sit in the fire, but it will never touch you, because the order will
come to the fire not to burn you like S.Ibrahim a.s. He was thrown into the
fire of Nimrod, and the holy command from Heavens came: 'Don't touch My
beloved servant. Get away! Change yourself into a garden of red roses.' This
is coming to those people also who are under the flag of Heavens.
Now the fire is coming. Don't think everything is okay now, no! We are just
on the first step and beyond that coming. People are going to come together
and be on two ways: either under the flag of Heavens, or under the flag of
the satanic kingdom.
O people- I was beginning to speak on something else, but they brought me
through this way, and it is important. It is very important to be known by
all nations. Also, after this introduction, we must say what is the main
mission for the creation of mankind on earth, to be well-known. First man
and his lady landed on earth and they had a mission. Same time Shaitan
landed on earth. Adam a.s. had been forgiven and blessed, but Shaitan, as he
was not asking for forgiveness, he was cursed. He came on earth the same
time as Adam and he came with his bad characteristic. He represents
disobedience, he was the first disobedient one through creation and all
creatures. He got courageous to address Allah and to say: 'If You don't
forgive me and throw me from Paradise on earth, I swear on You that I am
going not to leave Your servants to be Your servants. If You send Adam here
to establish Your kingdom, I am coming also to make my kingdom on earth, and
I should try until the last moment to keep my kingdom and not to be there
Your kingdom.'
Spit on Shaitan who was speaking like that in the divine Presence! Therefore
all the angels kicked him down from Heavens.
From that time up today Shaitan and his group, his slaves and devils, ask to
establish their satanic kingdom on earth, and Allah Almighty was sending His
prophets from Adam up to end to establish and keep His heavenly kingdom on
its feet, not to fall down. Now today Shaitan is in the most brave and
hopeful time of his life, thinking that he can make the heavenly Sultanate
not to be on earth anymore and to be his own Sultanate.
Now coming wars of religions, that means, wars between the satanic Sultanate
and the kingdom of Heavens, and we have been asked to give our support to
the kingdom of Heavens. Allah Almighty should support those who are going to
support the heavenly Sultanate. Even the servants of the heavenly kingdom of
Allah Almighty have nothing, and the supporters of the satanic kingdom have
every possibility from power and they depend on their technology, but it
means nothing, it is going to be ashes. This should be, we are going on this
O believers, o mankind, come to support the heavenly kingdom! The Heavenly
kingdom is not in need of your support, but really you are in need of a
support, and when you support the divine kingdom, Allah Almighty should
support you. He is not in need of anything from His servants for His
kingdom. But honour and protection, mercy and blessings will come on you,
because you intend to make the heavenly kingdom of Allah Almighty up, and
you should be up also. Who is asking to make the divine kingdom down, he is
going down and down and down, endlessly.
May Allah forgive us. You are the eternal Sultan, Sermadi Sultan. Increase
Your most Beloved Servant S.Muhammad sws in honour endlessly. For his
honour- Fatiha.
This must be written and you may make copies from the cassette or make a
booklet to be sent to all the heads of states.
Lefke - 02.01.2002
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