Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are in need of a support from our Grandsheikh… The Prophet, Rasulullah sws, used to say: ‘Allahumma la takilni ila nafsi tarfatain’
Audhubilahi minesh Shaitana rajim…Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim…Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded. We are in need of a support from our Grandsheikh… The Prophet, Rasulullah sws, used to say: ‘Allahumma la takilni ila nafsi tarfatain’, and he was that one who was knowing Allah Almighty, and no one can reach to the limit of His Marifatullah, his knowing Allah. No one can reach to the point that Rasulullah reached and knew Allah. And the knowledge of all the creatures about their Creator Allah Almighty is going to be like a small drop at the end of a needle when you put it in an ocean…Shahid ul Haqq…You can’t imagine the greatness and honour of Rasulullah sws; his greatness and real being is beyond the imagination of mankind. Who can be honoured to be his name on the same level of La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah sws? Allah Almighty is not making His Name up and His beloved Prophet’s name down:’ …wa raf’ana laka dhikrak’, ‘We are taking your name, your memory and personality up’, so high, that it is impossible to reach to that level. And less, less, less, endlessly less from the horizon of knowledge of Rasulullah about Allah Almighty, is what we know about him. Because finally he is symbolizing mankind; he is only in existence in divine Presence, not anyone else. Can’t be seen anyone’s existence through his existence. For example: you can approve your existence through this huge universe? This is our existence. You can prove? You can say: ’I am here’? And your sound can’t even reach up to that wall. Our physical being is on this globe, earth, and our solar system, galaxy, is going to be as an unseen thing, disappearing through the huge appearance of this universe. How you can say for yourself, how you can prove your existence? And Rasulullah’s existence in divine Presence is going to finish, but his real being and existence just proven in divine Presence. It is impossible for anyone to pass, to reach to the oceans of Rasulullah, and it is impossible for anyone’s being to reach to that ocean…Allah, wa ‘azamatu-li-llah, wa-l hikmatu li-llah!
And Rasulullah was saying: ‘Allahumma la takilni ila nafsi tarfatain’, asking for divine support from Allah Almighty. He can’t be able to trust on himself, and he was saying: ’Don’t leave me in the hands of my ego. If Your divinely support and help is going to be cut for even one moment, even S.Muhammad sws is not going to be in existence anymore.’
That is biggest teaching and warning for everyone. Rasululah sws was saying: ‘You must ask a support from Allah Almighty for yourself and say: Support me, o my Lord.’ When you ask support from Allah Almighty, it is like when a person asks support from Niagara; Niagara can’t reach to that one or that one can’t reach to Niagara, but there are ways, pipes, reaching to you. That is a description. Directly it is impossible to reach to the Niagara Falls, but through those pipes that come up to your tap; you open them, and then water comes through them, and you can use it and drink, wash yourself, plant and do anything. But directly it is impossible.
Therefore, when the Prophet said that you must ask support from Allah Almighty, it means that you must show your neediness and say: ‘I am in need of Your support, o my Lord’. And directly you cannot reach Allah Almighty. It is coming to Rasulullah sws, and to him also you cannot reach, because big pipes are coming and if you enter in it, the water can carry you away also. But from those lines come small pipes, reaching to you. Therefore it is said: ‘Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nastain’; that is a big teaching, but most people don’t understand. They think that a servant can ask directly from the Sultan. No. There is a protocol for the Sultanate. As a servant through the palace of the Sultan you can’t go directly to the Sultan and say: ’O your Majesty, I need an ax’, ‘O my Sultan, I need a brush, a pot, a seed for planting, a rope, a shovel, a donkey or a car’. It is true?
You work for Allah Almighty and a servant works for his Sultan, but he can’t ask directly from the Sultan.
‘Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nastain’; that is a big ocean…We are asking your divinely help, support and divinely lights. You can’t directly address him. There is a protocol. Must be. Who belongs to the heavenly Sultanate? Who represents the heavenly Sultanate on earth? You must find those people. His Sultanate is represented on earth, and you must find those responsible people and come to say: ’I am in need of this’. That means that you ask from Allah, but indirectly, because yet you didn’t reach to Allah Almighty. Your ego is the biggest hindrance between you and your Lord Almighty Allah.
Therefore- the servant is weak, and a weak servant must try to reach a support, physically as well as spiritually. If you are not asking, you are going to vanish and finish. Therefore the biggest Adab for servants is to ask from that one, who belongs to Him, Allah Almighty, who is most near to Him. Who is that one, you must reach to him. If you are not reaching to him, it is like you have a mobile and you don’t use the code number, you never reach to your purpose. And there are so many numbers; if you don’t know the perfect code number, you cannot reach even one person. How you reach Allah if you don’t know the code number? You think the code number is partner? No, but it is the way of the protocol. If you ask to reach someone, you must know his code number. Use that number and you reach to your target, purpose or aim that you are asking. If you don’t know, you can’t reach. Not every number is giving to you what you are asking. You say: ’I am asking to you, o mobile’, and mobile is saying: ’Which code number you are asking? Because I have thousands. Which number you want to use through me for your purpose, what you are asking? If you don’t say, you cannot reach.’ People now think when they say: ’Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nastain’, that without any protocol they can reach to Allah; and they never reach. And it is best manner for servants to ask heavenly support. For heavenly support, if you don’t know the code number, you ask the central and say: ’I need that person, but I don’t have the code number’, and they may give to you.
Therefore Rasulullah was saying: ’Allahumma la takilni ila nafsi tarfatain’, ‘O my nation, don’t be with your ego, nafs, but leave it and ask support, heavenly, divine support. Or your ego will cheat you and you think that you reach something, and you reach nothing.’
This is short but powerful…There are realities in it to be well known by everyone who is asking to reach to Allah. It is a good manner, teaching people.
Lefke - 30.01.2002
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