Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are living for Allah. Who is living for Allah has been honoured. Who is
living for himself, for his ego, he is doing for Shaitan

Destur ya Sayidi, Meded.Meded, ya Sultan ul Awliwah.Meded, ya Rijalullah. By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.
We are living for Allah. Who is living for Allah has been honoured. Who is
living for himself, for his ego, he is doing for Shaitan.
Meded ya Sultan ul Awliya.
We have been ordered.or our main mission is to fight evil. Any religion
objecting on my words? I am saying that every religion, every prophet coming
for what? To take away evil, because evil is satanic sultanate and its works
and devils supporting evil to make satanic sultanate everywhere and divinely
people that are holy ones coming to save people from the hands of devils and
to save them not to fall through evil oceans. Anyone may object on it? Must
be agent of Shaitan. A real religious people, a real believer must accept
this as their aims to clean whole world from evil and to capture back the
power of heavenly kingdom, because shatitanic kingdom on earth asking to
fight kingdom of Heavens. Till man understands this, they never going to
reach anything from divinely favours here and hereafter.
Now we are living through 21sdt century. People, their scholars, scientists,
they are looking around themselves and making research for everything, and
through their research about nature, and nature is from rocks, from seas,
from plants, from animals, man surrounded with three worlds, worlds of no
life, part of this world as rocks and seas, people, scholars making deeply
research on that, and they are writing hundreds of thousands books, hundred
volumes, thousand volumes books, they are filling libraries, that it is
impossible for a person to reach and to learn what is written in it.
Impossible. To try to make impossible possible it is from ignorance. Who
running after, impossible, and who is asking to make impossible possible
must be ignorant one. Impossible can't be possible. One man's memory, one
man's brain can't carry, and one man's mind production can't bring
impossible possible.
Then - this for no life, nature we are saying- then there is
another.plants.countless kinds of plants. You don't know their names, but
every plant has an identity. Everything through nature has an identity.
Must be. Therefore countless, thousands of kinds of plants we are not
knowing. All we are knowing is pine tree, red pine tree, eucalyptos, rain ?
trees, almond trees, oak tress.if I am saying even Sheikh Hisham coming to
my garden and asking me: What is this and that is that? Ten kinds in our
garden. Sheikh Hisham Effendi that he is an encyclopaedia Sheikh, he is also
asking me: What is this? I am saying: This is potato tree. Saying: I never
met such a tree. Yes you must wait 6 months here, that you may find potato
on it, like tomato tree. He was thinking tomato also like potato on trees
So countless botanical world. Countless! No ones head can carry. No one can
carry. And it is written on plants perhaps thousands of books. Even one you
can't keep through your brain, although.even tough man invented and he made
a system, you are saying: computer. Even computer can't reach. Computer
going and then saying: enough for me, no more, because computers also in
limits. And man trying to out instead if their brain computer. What is
benefit you put everything in computer. It is for computer, but not for you
and people so proud with their computers. No, it is not for you, it is for
that machine.
Then coming another countless world about animals.animals world.Oof!.more
high kevel from rocks nature and plants nature, coming animals world. Animal
world on each step coming another perfection. It is not a play or joke to
follow Darwin. He did everything through fairy tales, and whole universities
teaching about evolution theory. So nonsense theory ever find, that he did
man from monkeys. And some monkeys that are imprisoned in zoo garden, I am
looking sitting and thinking. I am saying: What you are thinking? It is
saying: I am thinking if I can be once upon a time a man. If I can be?
Sitting gorilla, or chimpanzee, or orang utan: what you are thinking my
friend? O my sheikh I am thinking perhaps once upon a time I can be a man
and I am thinking I can't carry to be a man. Yes.
So useless thing occupied from East to West, from North to South every
center that they claim This is center of knowledge. No as long as they
believe in Darwin that centers are polaces of ignorance, that they run after
something never happened. Therefore by himself Darwin always looking his
picture and thinking.when looking his picture: what about you are thinking?
I am trying to find from which kind of monkey I am grandfather may
be orang utan. So I am saying: you are not looking too much irang utan, you
are looking much more to me from ugly one. I am thinking you are
not more ugly from gorilla.I am sorry to say this as a joke but it is a
reality. I am sorry that universities who claim to be knowledge centers to
believe such foolish theory and putting first of all anything and making it
on his theory.
That is biggest shame for knowledge centers for universities and for
educational ministeries and whole governments, biggest shame and also it is
biggest cursing reason from Heaven that making Allah Almighty to be too
angry with them.
Now we are leaving this and coming ands saying that we are. animals can't reach.only form butterfly, if butterfly, thousands of
kinds.and thousands designs on their happening? I am only saying
one animal, belongs to animal world. What about others? You think our head
carrying this but making research on this thousands and thousand of books
written What is the benefit?
And then coming on it our world:'s world is biggest and most
perfect. Perhaps it is top point of perfection, but even man's world most
developed and most perfect creation on earth, but it is less one that people
making research on them. Wju you are saying this o Sheikh? Ye,s I am saying
this by my authority, because yes, people make research in physical being of
man's body.their existence as a material.Their research only for the
material part that we say physical being of mankind. No more they are
stopping there, wrtiting thousands and thousands of books on man's physical
being, But beyond our physical being that gives us an authority to look
after everything on this earth and to use them for our benefit, we are not
giving any value any research to do any research on that side of our beings,
that our physical being is as a plane, we are looking only plane but we are
not looking who is driver, who is pilot. Yes, a Boeing flight, most improved
Boeing flight, 747? We are looking and saying if this flight taking 500
people, everything in it, and getting up ten miles, 20 miles up and then
flying 1000 km every hour, we are suprised. Only theoretical material of
flight, but we are never asking 'How it is flying? By itself? How it is
possible? '
Now they are coming with their Samsonite like caravan, coming there.Crew
coming. If not these people inside, this material can't move from its place.
People take care only for flight, not talking care who making it to fly, to
driver. Our physical being in such a perfection, but how it is working? How
we are looking and seeing? How we are hearing and listening, how we are
smelling and understanding, how we are tasting and understanding? How our
hands going up and coming down, how pour bodies running and stopping? How
our physical measure working for generation? What is that? How it is going
to.? No one asking. And big shame for whole knowledge centers of
universities and academies that they are not asking that point: Who is that
One? No one asking real personality, identity of mankind. That is biggest
blame for living mankind through 21st century, and biggest shame. shame on
them that they deny everything that it can't be touched or looking or tasted
or heard or smelled. 21stc scholars just imprisoned themselves through5
senses' prison. Never interesting beyond 5 senses. And they are going to die
in it and to finish in it and never reaching to anything.
It is enough.enough for whole mankind, for whole knowledge centers,
universities, academies, everyone of learned people, scholars, scientists.
this is enough for them, more than enough. No one can bring any answer or
objection on it. Sometimes I am easy person, sometimes like Himalayan
mountains- no on can pass it. May Allah forgive me and bless you.
Lefke - 25.05.2002
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