Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are not asking a bad place because it is cheap. No, must be something that may be good for us
We are not asking a bad place because it is cheap. No, must be something that may be good for us. First: not to be so cold. Second: not to be a dry place, no rain. Third: not to be difficult for finding water through wells. Fourth: not too much wind. Fifth: no military zone. And sixth: not to be closer to cities or difficult people. Such conditions we are looking…
…Anyone who asking to come, welcome, and we shall try to ask from government also a special permission for immigrating here, and we are not going to need anything, we are not going to be a burden on government, but we are enough or ourselves, insha Allah, we are not on need for them, only our aim is to be here through Armageddon, great wars, not to be with people in Europe, that should be difficult and misunderstanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims.
And I am trying to find a suitable place, to be closer to Damascus also, and in a good situation for climate, not to be too cold like our place now, or not too hot like here, Damascus. Must be an average height, after 20 km, that it is normal. Anytime you may find micros going coming, and we may buy a micro also for our people, that anyone asking to come to Damascus daytime looking for their importance and then going back, it is okay. That is my inspiration for that purpose. And, as I said before, I don't like concrete buildings there. It must be simple places. Maybe we may be here up to Mehdi a.s., and after Mehdi a.s. up to time of Jesus Christ, coming and wars finishing, and people may move through East and West, anywhere, easily.
Only through this short time that people must be in need to be in a safe place, and safe place through big events, when last days approaching, Prophet, peace be upon him, just informing that most safe place in Damascus, here. Therefore we prepare to be here all of us, and so many millions people must run also here that time. 'Tuba li man kana lahu marbata shatin fi sham fi akhira zaman'…it was informed by holy Prophet, he was saying: 'It is a big reward or a favour from Allah Almighty to His servants that they should have a small place that one sheep may be there, to be for him when last days coming'. That is Prophet's miraculous words, miraculous news, for coming days. And it is the time that you may find easily place, and after a while may be thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands… millions people must run to Damascus. According to S.Muhyiudin ibn Arabi, Allah bless him, this Wuta, all around Damascus, should be people like this: if you throw your hat up, not coming on earth, coming on people, so crowdy should be here. And was asking S. Abu Bakr, Allah bless him: 'Ya Rasululah if such crowding going to be in Damascus, how should be for their eating and drinking?' And he was saying sws: 'When Mehdi coming, and he is saying: 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar', one piece of food should be enough for those people. Up to 40 days they should never feel hunger and their feeling going to be as a person just ate one lamb.' In such a way should be.
Therefore- anyone who likes to come, welcome. And I don't think that here government going to prevent people, because just the situation is going to be changed quickly. Today is something, tomorrow is something else. Today maybe people looking towards East, tomorrow they may look to West, or people may look today to West, tomorrow they may look to East. In such a way through 24 hours quickly a changing is coming… wa min Allah at-taufiq. Fatiha.
I am hating everything that belongs to modern life...In concrete people are going to be concrete also...In Arabic houses from mud no need for a stove…
…In old times people found their Rizq in their own village or their own country. Nowadays people travel from one city to the other, from one country to another. In old times they brought water from a well. Nowadays is comes with machines and all the precious ingredients that the body needs, get lost.
Damaskus - 23.04.2002
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