Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are not extremists or fanatic people
We are not extremists or fanatic people, but our way is the way of the middle, not to deviate to the right or the left. Go straight. Who is going
to one side, is not perfect...
There is head and feet- not everybody is going to be head. But without feet
the head also cannot walk. Allah has created eveything in perfection, you
have to see it. But man wants to do as he likes on earth, like Pharao and
Nimrod, and they don't want to respect Allah.
In the 18./19th century they fell into the sea of Fasad and dirtiness. It
started in France with the revolution, spread in Europe and from there it
came to us. Dirty waters were flowing out and therefore the world is now as
it is. The canalisation has broken in so many places, that it cannot be
repaired anymore, and no one can save himself from these dirty waters...And
democracy is a deception, cheating.
To see oneself better than others is Haram, Batil. No nation is better than
the other. All have been created by Allah.
In front of him the one who respects and loves Him most is the acceptable
one...It is not enough to call oneself Muslim- have you become a real
Muslim? Have you submitted to Allah and sacrificed your nafs like Abraham
was ready to slaughter his son, whom he loved more than anything?!
This month has started strongly. And everything that is happening you find
in the Holy Quran- every letter is like an ocean of meanings. For what the
story about Abraham and Ismail? We are from the generation(zurriyet) of
Adam, the nation(millet) of Ibrahim and the ummah of Muhammad sws. But they are so proud to say that they come from apes. They may be the sons of apes-we are the sons of Adam a.s. and from the nation of Ibrahim, and it is
honour for us! Abraham was Khalilullah, the friend of Allah, and he was
ready to sacrifice what was most dear to him, his son Ismail, and also
Isamil was ready to sacrifice himself and he was fully submitted: Canim feda
olsun, may my soul be your ransom, he said.
Allah doesn't want us to be slaves to our ego, but to serve Him. You can do
that? For what people are living? They live to satisfy their ego- important
people as well as common people. So many ordinary stones- where are the
Imam Rabbani, a Naqshibandi-Sheikh-ul-'Azam, said: Great is the one who
saved himself from the slavery of his ego. For what we are fasting? It is
worshipping, servanthood, the best means to save people from the slavery of
their ego. All the prophets used to fast and tought their nation to fast.
Allah's reward for fasting is endless, because it turns you from a servant
to your ego into a servant of Allah. So don't say: I am great. Allah alone
is Great, and He gives greatness to the one who escapes from his ego. But we
open and close our eyes only to serve our ego. People of the 21st century
are servants to their ego, and Shaitan is their first teacher...
Everyone wants to study. Nobody wants to learn a craft, no one wants to be a
shepherd or gardener. No one respects the other anymore, everybody wants to be a big one and important one. But there is a head and there are feet. In
Russia they tried and said all are equal and all should govern. They killed
the Zar and put themselves in the palace. And Stalin killed 8o Million
people and cleaned Middle Asia from Muslims... Not everybody is going to
govern, because who should they govern? Trees? Donkeys? Dogs? They don't
need a government. But egomania, the illusion of being important and great,
is slavery to the ego, and most probably there is no real great man at all
In old times they worked with the light of faith. But people nowadays are in
darkness and don't see, where they are going or stepping. Nobody sees
anymore. Mind and willpower have come down to zero, and Shaitan has made
people dishonoured in the service to their ego. A human being is servant of
Allah, our Lord. Who is there that lives for Allah? The Saudis? The Turks?
The Egyptians, Syrians, Pakistanis?
This month has started with 'Azamet, take care! The door of worship is
fasting, and it means war against the ego, that always wants to do, as it
likes. Say: "No, I don't want to be your servant anymore, I am turning to
Allah, I am no more listening to you!" Who says that, will be saved, and the
others will have to go...
Every morning I am eating Sahur and I am asking for support for the fasting.
If Allah gives support, with one bite I may fast 4o days...
O Allah, let us be under the Tajalli of Lutf (mercy, divine grants,
favours), not of Azab (divine anger).
Lefke - 17.10.2001
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