Maulana Sheikh NazimThis is not a lecture, we are not in a coffee shop or conference; we are not
students asking degrees (but every day you take a degree here), we are not lazy
cafeteria people

This is not a lecture, we are not in a coffee shop or conference; we are not students asking degrees (but every day you take a degree here), we are not lazy
cafeteria people. We are middle way people. You may sit for a little while;
Allah granted to you to come and make Sajdah, to respect His holy order: ‘Come
and make Sajdah’. Who is deaf, is going to be killed now. Who is not listening
to make Sajdah has reached to his end now.
The only safe people are those who keep the holy command of Allah Who calls:
‘Come and make Sajdah to your Lord.’ Who is doing this, must do it not only once
a week, no, but five times daily. If not, he is going to be in danger to be
assaulted, and to be killed. Only Sajdah is going to protect people not to be
killed. There is no other way now for Muslim communities. For Non-Muslims
charity is going to protect them, as Sajdah protects Muslims.
Therefore billions must be taken away. Only those people, who make Sajdah for
Allah, should be protected and sheltered, and among Non-Muslims charitable
people. Charity is going to be for them a blessing from Allah Almighty, as the
Sajdah is for the Muslims.
Now in only two moon months from the New Year of the western countries, the
Islamic calendar should join their calendar, and it this going to come that
people should be taken away and the whole world should be cleaned. May Allah
bless you and forgive me…
Ask forgiveness from Allah. People give importance only for their ego’s
satisfaction, egoistic enjoyment, and physical body’s pleasures. They run after
that. Their main target is to reach more pleasures for their physical beings
through their egoistic willing and wishes, demands and desires.
Now it is important for Muslims also to make their egoistic desires less, to
make a limit, not to be everything for our egoistic desires, no. But now the
Muslim world and the non-Muslim world 100% run after that point. It is their
target to reach to or to fulfil their egoistic desires.
No one is thinking on this. They ask to take people away from nature and to
establish a new life-style, and everyone is asking for that new life-style,
individually and commonly. They ask to save themselves from nature, but they
cannot get up, and therefore they build their buildings on pillars, not to reach
to nature, but to be far away. They don’t like to go in a worldwide direction to
build their buildings and cities, but they ask to go up, higher and higher.
Therefore they build towers, skyscrapers, because they like to escape from earth
and go up, not to be with nature.
And nature is our physical being’s mother. When you go away from it, everything
is coming against you. As long as you are friendly with nature, nature keeps you
like a mother keeps her child. Nature keeps people, who are friendly with it.
Therefore one hundred years ago, in villages and in the countryside especially,
people were much more healthy, they lived healthily. Now people escape from
nature, and as long as they do, nature is going to be unhappy with them and send
on them something that is worst for them. In old times nature did its best for
mankind; now it is angry, asking to harm people.
Therefore they say that bacteria, microbes, run everywhere and take their
revenge from these foolish people. Before people used to drink water from wells,
from running waters. Now they must refine the water so many times and take this
and that out from it, so that only the name of water is going to remain, but the
qualities, which are so useful for our physical being, are taken away. Then
there is no more defence for our body against bacteria and microbes, and
therefore so many kinds of illnesses come that have never been seen or heard of.
Animals live with nature. In the jungle there are never going to be these
illnesses; only the animals that we keep, time by time are getting ill. It is
not from themselves, but from the curse, which comes on their owners, that
mad-cow-illness is coming on them. Otherwise that illness would never come to
cows. It is not really that the cows are mad, but it is a cursing coming on them
because of their owners and people, that eat meat and use every bad method for
slaughtering animals. That cursing is coming on the cows, otherwise those
animals would not be ill, because they live friendly with nature. You may see
sometimes donkeys rubbing themselves on earth. That is a disinfectant. Every
flying or running animal is so friendly with nature, disinfecting themselves
with earth. Subhanallah!
Allah has put most perfect ways for the life of man on earth, to be everything in its perfection, but man is running away from nature, because they run away from their Lord. And cursing is running after them and comes on their heads. ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim!’ This is important: Animals teach people not to escape from nature.
If a dog puts its tongue on a plate, you must clean it 7 x with water and then
once with earth, because dogs always carry bacteria that harm people, and that
are not going away except with earth. Even with soap they are not going away,
only with earth, which cleans and kills the bacteria. It is such a strong
disinfectant, it is best!
People go to sandy beaches, but sand harms them. It doesn’t carry disinfectant
like the earth. People lie on the sand and it harms them and also the sun is
harming them. They quickly become ugly, men and women. And the sea also is not
clean at beaches where hundreds and thousands of people enter; it is so dirty.
Every kind of microbes and bacteria are in it, it is so bad, making women to be
old and ugly quickly in face and body. It is so dangerous. And the sun affects
their minds also, and the heartbeat, affecting the capillaries- there is
dangerous harm from the sun. It is not save. Therefore everywhere you can find
so many ill people, worst illnesses come on them. Beware of the sea. In a clean
sea you may wash and swim, but places where people collect, are so dangerous,
finishing people physically, spiritually, and morally. First order coming to
prevent this. May Allah forgive us and make our whole efforts for His pleasure,
not for our egoistic pleasures. Who follows egoistic pleasures, must be punished
with any kind of illness or other things, here and hereafter. Islam protects
mankind physically and spiritually. Therefore Shaitan is very angry; he is
asking to make Islam down, blaming Islam, because it prevents every harm from
man, physically and spiritually, and it brings them to safety.
And Shaitan is asking mankind to fall into trouble and suffering. Therefore
everywhere, in East and West, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries, he is making
his agents to make advertisement to prevent people from coming into Islam. Islam
is saving people physically here and spiritually hereafter. And that is the only
reason for blaming Islam. And blame on those who blame Islam! There can’t be
anything wrong in Islam to be blamed for.
You must try to be defenders of truth, which means Haqqani! Don’t be afraid and
bow in front of false, Batil. You must be ‘sabit’, fixed on your feet and defend
Islam. Truth is only in Islam, not in any other school of ideas or ex-religions.
Try to be defenders of truth. If you defend truth, Allah defends you, don’t
worry. Don’t say: ’We have no army, no weapons.’ You fix yourself on truth and
intend to be defenders of Islam, of truth, and you should be supported; heavenly
support will come, no one can make you down. If there is no heavenly support,
everything must fall down. A very simple earthquake may come, and with it may
fall everything that is built on false. May Allah give us His divine support for
defending truth.
In no religion there is any person to speak like this…
Lefke - 17.01.2002
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