Maulana Sheikh Nazim We are nothing! All Glory be for Allah!

Abdul Qadir Gilani…(Maulana is singing in praise of that big Saint)

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

We are nothing! All Glory be for Allah! He is Powerful and no limit for His Power. (He is) never giving anything or never taking anything. If (He was) giving anything, that means He may be in pieces. Therefore He is not ‘something’ (so) that His Existence is going to be with pieces, no, He is One! If you are giving to 1 something, it is going to be changed, not to be 1. He is 1, Number 1, from numbers (He is the) 1. If you are giving something to 1, (it is) changing), (it is) never going to be 1. (And) if you are taking (something) from 1, also (it is) changing and 1 (is) going to disappear. Therefore 1 (is) never accepting to give or to take.

Allah Almighty, His Existence, His Personality can’t be like any other thing- (it is) impossible! And Allah Almighty, from pre-eternal up to eternal, He is (the) Creator, creating. Don’t think that when He is creating something (He is) giving to His creatures (something) from His Essence, no! If (He was) giving (to them something from His Essence), He was going to be like us; we can take (and) we can give.

(The) most difficult thing is to think on His Oneness, (the) Oneness of Allah’s Existence. To think on it is most difficult. A man- as much as a man (is) thinking (and) thinking about (a) female being, he can’t reach to understand (the) real being of (a) female. And also a female (is) never understanding (the) real being of (a) male. Man and woman- (for) a man it is impossible to understand the situation or position of a woman, and also (for) a woman it is impossible to understand a real being of man. If you are asking that- a female (to understand) 1oo% the situation of being a man- that woman must be (a) man, or it is impossible. And a man, if he (is) asking to understand 1oo% (the) situation of a woman, that one must be a woman.

And (it is the same for) everything. That is (a) palm-tree. (It is) never understanding (an) apricot (-tree). If (it is) understanding that must be an apricot (itself). Or: that is a plum tree, that is an apricot tree. (And) a banana tree can’t be (an) avocado (tree). Yes. If anyone (is) asking to be like X., he must be X., to understand who is X…Everything that He created, creation, creatures, it is impossible (for them) to understand how is (their) Creator. For understanding (the) Creator, (someone or something) must be (that) Creator. And it is impossible, because this universe can’t carry two Creators; (it) can (only) carry one Creator. What is creation and what are creatures? You may think on it, but you can’t be able to think on the Creator. He is (the) Creator (and He is) creating, and His creation (is) never ending.

This is an apricot tree- that is another apricot tree, but they are not 1oo% similar (or) same, no. This is one (tree), that is another (tree). Creation and Creator- leave them. Leave the Creator- (but) you may think on creation. Not creation, but the creation of creatures that are in existence.

He is (the) Creator, (and He) may fill this universe. (And) like this universe hundreds or billions or trillions times- He may create (a space) and this space (is) never going to be full (or) occupied, so that there is no more room. This space- when our Lord, the Creator (is) asking to bring in existence (and) to create such a universe (that is) quatrillion and quatrillion times (the size of our universe), this space (is) never going to be full; never (it is) getting (to be) ‘full-house’. And, if He likes, He is able to put all of (that space that is) like this universe billion and billion times in (the) distance of (an) atom!

Don’t use your balance for Allah, oh heedless people! Don’t show me icons! People (are) painting and say: “This is God.” Astaghfirullah! Yes! In the distance of (an) atom He may create (a space that is) like this universe millions, billions, trillions etc times and He may order (it) to be in (the) distance of (an) atom. Allah, Allah! (There) must be a crack through the heads of mankind to think on it! Don’t think! ‘Tafakkaru fi ala-i-llah, wa la tafakkaru fi dhatillah’- You can think on creatures, but not on the Creator! Don’t try to think on Him, no! How you can put (in) your mind (the thought) that (a space that is like) such (a universe as our) universe million and billion times may be in (an) atom’s distance? It is easy for (the) Lord of Heavens to say: “Be in that distance!” Finished- and they are ready in (that) atomic area, in that distance! And it is not crowded! Everyone freely may take their place and (they are) so happy; they are saying: “ Ohhh, (it is) such a big distance!” Think on creation, for whole creatures and (that) He is (their) Creator. You may look (to) creatures and through His creatures you may understand something…

Therefore we were saying: He is not giving even (an) atomic (part of His) Existence or (He is) never taking (anything). When He is creating, He is not taking anything (from) this creation. And also He is not giving anything. Only (it is) His Order: “Be!” and (it is) going to be, to appear and to take its room in that area and to say: “I am here, oh my Lord!” Glory be for my Lord!” Everything (is) glorifying Allah! So countless universes and creatures- all of them (are) shouting and saying: “Glory be for our Lord!” They are shouting! It is only an Order (from Allah Almighty that is bringing them in existence). (An) Order is not a material thing. (An) Order- your mind is never going to understand how is that Order; how that Order (is) bringing millions, billions, trillions (of) spaces (and) universes. Your imagination (is) never reaching (to understand), impossible! And everything that you are thinking for (an) understanding of our Lord’s Order and Command- to say: “Be!”- that is all imagination, and reality is beyond that! Therefore you can’t understand ‘Alem-u-Amr, His Dominion of Power or His Dominions of His Power Oceans. It is impossible to be understood! Always you can’t move more than in (an) atomic distance. You can’t be able. You are understanding- our souls may understand!

And which things that our masters (are) speaking- don’t think (that) their addressing is towards your physical being! (The) physical being (is) understanding nothing! But they are aiming at our spirituality and our souls are swimming through that unknown Power Oceans’ Dominions. And that is our limit, and beyond that limit you can’t reach (to an understanding); even your imagination can’t reach (to anything) after that limit. Every time you are moving towards (the) real Power Oceans’ Dominions, you should find yourself moving with that atom, as a vessel (that is) moving through an ocean- (it) is cutting distances, but always it is through that ocean. Because you are in a boat, a ship that is always moving through that countless Power Oceans’ Dominions. As much as you are moving, you can’t reach beyond that ship, always you are in it. (You) can’t be leaving that ship and coming in Power Oceans’ Dominions.

And this is (an) addressing to (the) 21st century people that they are thinking that they reached the top limits of understanding (the knowledge) from this world and (that) they are

asking to reach beyond this planet. They are never getting satisfied now to be on this planet only. They have some desires, deeply- (they are) asking to move beyond this planet (to look) what is there, but (they) can’t reach. Through themselves (they) may reach from distance to distance with this planet only. If (they are) asking to move beyond this planet, (they are) going to be finished; their existence (is) going to be on the point of zero, no more (there should be) their existence in this universe. They are asking to move and to understand, but they may use only this planet and this planet, (to) where it is going, they may look, but they can’t look. They can’t look, because materiality (is) never making mankind to move from this planet, beyond this galaxy. You must try to reach to another distance and you are on this planet. If this planet is moving beyond (the) solar system (and the) solar system (is) asking to move beyond our galaxy, and when (you are) leaving this galaxy, (you are) looking billions of (other) galaxies- how (you) can reach to (the) end of (all the) galaxies? That means: (it is) impossible to reach beyond of our imagination. All of it (is) remaining in (the) limits of our imagination and Reality is (always the) same.

As one Wali (was) saying: “Allah- Huwa ‘al ‘an kama kan”- The Lord of Heavens is (now), as He was, (and) He is from pre-eternal up to eternal (the same) and you can’t find a way to reach to that ‘manzar’, that view, to reach beyond this creation and to look. You can’t cut that distance and reach (the) end of creation and look who is Allah! It is impossible, but this desire, deep desire (is) teaching man to ask (to reach something) beyond their levels and to move through countless distances, through countless levels, through countless horizons to find the last horizon and to reach to Reality. And it is impossible!

Therefore mankind now (is) falling in troubles, because (people are) not thinking (on) such big subjects. If (they were) coming (and) turning to themselves (they) should find everything through themselves. But (they are) running to find everything out of their existence and it is impossible! Your existence, beyond your existence, your existence is not a real existence. You must turn back (to Him) Who is giving to you that existence with His Command and (Who is) making me, making you to appear through an atmosphere that you can’t reach to the ends of that atmosphere, because they are also swimming through countless Power Oceans of divine Dominions.

May Allah forgive us and make us to think on such high thoughts and to leave useless things, not to waste our valuable lives- that we have been granted as a chance from Allah Almighty- to think on it and to move through that area that no one (is) going to understand, but only their understanding continuously continues through their distances, and then they should be happy for that movement through their creation from level to level. You should reach through your creation from one horizon to another, (and) from that horizon to another, and your pleasure, your light (is) going to be more and more and more (and) you should be with you Lord’s divinely Presence as it is appointed for you through that atomic distance. And (the) Dominions of the Lord of Heavens- Alhamdulillah we are saying- (they are) unlimited. If (they) were in limits, man was going to be always in sadness, because (they would think that) one day that (is) going to finish. But (there is) real pleasure for mankind, who is (the) deputy (of Allah) and created (to be) patron on earth on behalf of their Lord, (who is) giving us endless pleasure. If that Dominions (were) going to be in limits, man (was) going to disappear or to finish under (the) darkness of sadness (and he was) never going to taste anything. But (the) Lord of Heavens has countless Dominions of Power Oceans as well as countless Dominions from His divinely Attributes.

May Allah give us something for (an) understanding, to be in pleasure her and Hereafter. For the honour of His most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 27.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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