Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are reaching to the end of time
Subhanallah wa-l hamduli-llah wa la ilaha ill-Allah wa Allahu akbar…Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi’l ‘Aliyu-l’Azim… We are reaching to the end of time. That is our beliefs. What is much more powerful- to know something or to believe in something? People now are thinking that their knowledge is much more powerful than beliefs. And we are saying: If your knowledge is more powerful and also much more giving to people support through their lives- give your proof! Give your proof that that knowledge- particularly that what they are calling ‘positive knowledge’- is giving people much more support through their lives. Give your proof that we can accept it or refuse it. Because when they say that positive knowledge supports people individually and commonly, we are saying: If you say this truly, if it is a true thing, your knowledge must give to people peace through their hearts. Positive knowledge must take hesitating from people, from their hearts and must put there instead of hesitating satisfaction. Up today I am not seeing that positive knowledge just gave to people satisfaction and peace through their hearts and taking away fear, because satisfaction and peace, when they are coming through the heart of a person or to common people, must take away fear from their hearts, must take away hopelessness from their hearts and must give to them satisfaction.
We are living now through the 21st century, and positive knowledge is on its limits, on the peak point, as they are claming today. Do you think that living people all of them in peace and in satisfaction? Give proof! Look Eaat and West, through all countries that use positive knowledge and instruments, that they are inventing and making countless instruments- which one giving satisfaction and peace to people now? Perhaps in opposite- positive knowledge just making people to reach to a point that they reach also the last point of fear. And also they reached last point of to be hopeless. And you see every day on TV that people are not is satisfaction; all are in a fear atmosphere. The atmosphere that they live in now, is full with fear, full with hopelessness, and their feelings, their thoughts, bringing them much more fear and much more hopelessness.
And it is a perfect proof that people are running on streets; thousands, hundred thousands, millions of people are shouting through streets, through roads, through cities, and they are showing with their shouting and their writing, with their movements a fear- deep fear. They are only a handful of people that show their feelings through streets, but what about great mass of people that are billions? These millions are only the representatives of silent people, perhaps one per thousand. From every thousand persons there may be one showing his fear and feelings for coming days. They show their hesitations and fears, but 999 are silent mass. People are silent. Same thing for those meetings and demonstrations through different countries, through every continent- they are only a handful of people, but they represent the silent mass, who is the majority of mankind. They are silent, they can’t be able to show what they are feeling towards coming days and its violence and danger, its horror and sorrows.
Where is our positive knowledge, o learnt people, o scientists, o philosophers? Where are you now? If you claim that our positive knowledge is giving to people satisfaction and peace, show, bring your proof. How you are claming that your positive knowledge is better than our beliefs? Bring proof! I am making your proofs down! No one can reject it, no one can object in it, no!
But beliefs, what they give to people, to their conscience, beliefs give peace, satisfaction and refreshment, pleasure and pleasement, and hope for life to people. Anyone from philosophers may say no? From learnt people? Where are your proofs, you, that you are teaching and you are so proud with our knowledge? What is the benefit of your knowledge? Just you brought people to the edge of hells with your positive knowledge! Just you throw people in a depthless fear and sorrow valley. What are you doing?! Look now, it is 2003, March, and Armageddon going to start. Going to be given a signal or a command for pressing the greatest war, greatest fighting that the world never reached such a battle, such a terrible war before, because positive knowledge just prepared for killing and destroying mankind. They are trying to take away (life), to make this globe as a desert. These weapons are so terrible, so dangerous, that when they are going to be used, that areas never going to see any more even ants there or never going to see any plant or grass to grow on it. That is your knowledge, positive knowledge! You must ashame, o 21st century scholars and their followers and their teachers. And may be for shaitan a honour to make you to bring you to that dangerous point.
Only a handful people who are tasting through their beliefs whole goodness, whole hope and whole support from Heavens, they should be happy. And these people on earth they should live and who follows positive knowledge should be as a mass, such as coal, and finished.
O people, we are calling you- but now it is too late, because the holy Command just reached on earth to take away whole those foolish people, unbelievers, who believe only in a material world, to take them away and to clean this globe from those foolish people to establish a new kingdom. Because only the satanic kingdom is bringing nations to the edge of Armageddon and Heavens asking now and looking to be taken away this foolish satanic kingdom, to be destroyed and to come in existence a new kingdom- the Kingdom of Heavens. Kingdom of believers- that is coming. Therefore war must be. War, because it is the result of positive knowledge, and it is the last target of the satanic kingdom to destroy everything on the surface of this globe, and to make the whole world to be destroyed and mankind to be killed.
This must be- no one can prevent it. It is heavenly Order, or heavenly Justice’s Decision for those foolish people that left to follow Prophets, that left to give support for the divine Kingdom on earth, and it is a punishment for those people who support on earth satanic kingdom and who follow satanic teachings. They are going to be taken away and then coming peace on earth. Those foolish people who are trusting in the support of positive knowledge and its productions, they should be taken away and the world is going to be cleaned from those foolish ones. Then a new generation with a brightened Kingdom of Heavens is going to give a new life full with hope, full with peace, to be only servants for the Lord of Heavens, to run after… only their purpose and their target is to reach the pleasement from the Lord of Heavens. Those people should live and others are going to be taken away.
O our Lord, we are not following, we never ask to follow satanic ways. We are always hating those people who support the satanic kingdom on earth. Now we are only a handful, but You may keep Your believers, Your good servants, for the honour of the most honoured one through universe, through creation, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.
Lefke - 19.03.2003
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