Maulana Sheikh NazimWe are running to Allah from Shaitan! He has 1001 tricks and traps to catch

We are running to Allah from Shaitan! He has 1001 tricks and traps to catch mankind. One is that he makes you to think that you are able to do
something, that you may be suitable for something, that you are special.
Don't claim anything - it is from the ego - but say: 'I can't do anything'. To
be able to do worldly things has no value. Has Allah created you for a
profession or for His service and servanthood? Are you suitable for that?
We say: 'Oh, this Ramadan we prayed 6oo Rakkat Terawih-prayer'. Ma sha
Allah! What about if you had prayed them in one night!? The ego says: 'We
prayed so much in this month - we must have reached 600 ranks'. If you think
that you can do anything, then you go against Allah's order.
Rabia Adawiya said: 'Each night I am praying 1000 Rakaat. O Allah, may Your
servants know that I am not praying in hope of Your Paradise or out of fear
of Your Hell, but only for Your sake'.
That is the duty of a servant to say:'You are Sultan, I am servant. Everything You decide for me is 100% just, no doubt. If You throw me in Hell, it is suitable for my ego'.
We prayed 600 Rakaat in one month, Rabia 1000 Rakaat each night... Ask to be
able to do this, want, and Allah will give you the power to do.
Fasting is to break the ego, so it cannot lift its head. It is best for
those people who claim to be something or to be able to do something, who
are blown up like a balloon.
Nowadays people claim that they can make their own laws, and they say: Man and woman are equal. But Allah says in the Holy Quran that He has put men over the women to look after them, to protect them. The creation of man and woman is different. Men are stronger than
women, and so they are suitable for the works outside the house. Women are
delicate, so Allah has given them the most honourable duty of motherhood and
to be ladies. They are not supposed to work in the streets. But, as
everything nowadays is upside down, women are working like men and they
loose their honour. Now people don't know what to do. Compare a male
president with a female president, an assembly of men with an assembly of
women. Let man rule men, women rule women, and look, to where they are
reaching. It doesn't work. And who is ruling according to his ego, is
Don't think, you can do something. It is from the ego. Say: 'O my ego, you
are fit to do all kinds of jobs. But you are not created for that. You are
created for the servanthood of Allah. Are you fit for that?' How was it
possible that Rabia could pray 1000 Rakaat each night? Allah is the Creator
and He owns and rules time and space, and those in it. He is able to create
time within time and space within space... There was a holy man, Imam Abdul
Wahhab Sharani, who used to read the Holy Quran seven times between Maghreb
and Isha from Fatiha to Nas. He had 12000 disciples, and when he was
speaking, everyone of them heard him as if the Sheikh was sitting next to
him... Another holy man used to pray one hundred Rakaat and in each he
finished the whole Quran...That is from the power that Allah is giving to
the holy ones. Their spiritual power is working- our voice doesn't even
reach from here up to the door...But when S.Mehdi a.s. comes and says the
Tekbir ('Allahu Akbar'), it will be heard in East and West...You must believe!
Allah is ruling time and space. He is Qadir, Muqtadir, He creates time
within time and space within space. How else was Rabia able to pray 1000
Rakaat each night!
Ask from Allah: 'O Allah, I want to serve You, there is no honour above this',
and then do as much, as you can... But if you think
you can do anything by yourself, that what you do is coming from you, then
you are finished- that is from the ego. You will not reach peace and you
will reach nothing...
Allah in His mercy has brought a measure for the world. But religion is
based on belief. You cannot apply the measures of the material world. If you
do, then there is no religion, you don't reach to blessings and you will go
to hell... Know that all your abilities and the power to do goodness come
from Allah- then the ego cannot show itself. Say: 'I am serving for the sake
of Allah', then the ego is conquered...
O Allah, teach us beneficial knowledge and increase us in that knowledge,
that we may come to know You. Otherwise there is no benefit in knowledge.
And even if this knowledge is to be found in China, you must look for it
there...The ego always says: I am me and you are you. We must fear Allah, we
must be with Him, live for Him. Who leaves Allah, has no more value. We are
saying this since 6o years, but no one is accepting...
This Ramadan is over. Next year I hope to reach to Sahibu Zaman Sayidinna Mehdi a.s.
and Allah's special servants... The way of Allah is the way to Paradise-
other ways lead to Hell. People will continue to destroy one another. They
reached the 5th degree now, and there is seven degrees altogether... It is
like when the butcher is preparing mince-meat. He puts it in the machine
and grinds it. If it is not fine enough, he will put it again and again in
the machine, until it is ready...
O Allah, let us reach the good days. Send the Sahib of the Ummah and Your
divine help. Send Your mercy on the hearts of people so they may turn to
Lefke - 15.12.2001
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