Maulana Sheikh NazimWe have been created for Love - be with Love!

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you! Allah Almighty, He likes to be His servants
to work only for His Pleasement! You are coming here for Allah, you are not
coming here to enjoy yourself. It is not an enjoying place, it is a place...
what saying?...’khalwathane’ in old times... (where) people they were going,
(when they were) leaving Dunya, leaving everything... going... like
monasteries... what saying (for) ‘monastery’ in Arabic?...There is an Ayat

This (here) is a humble place and people (are) coming here to learn something,
to make some practising. Therefore we are saying: Welcome! Welcome on behalf
(of) the most beloved servant of Allah Almighty, Rasulullah sws (The Sheikh is
standing up for his honour)... and we hope that it is going to be (a) pleasure
for you, because (you are) making Allah Almighty to be pleased with you.
Pleasure (is) not coming from outside; but now people, they are trying to make
themselves to be enjoyed with so many things, but they are never reaching to be
happy! They may go (somewhere) with pleasure, but when they are coming (back),
they are coming (back) sad.

But such places (like here) that we may say here is a small place; if anyone
(is) coming (here) sad, (it is) going to open (for him). (It is) going to open!
But who is going with pleasure (to those other places), particularly night-life
people, whom they are thinking that: “If tonight we are going to that place or
that place or that place (we are going to enjoy)...” they are thinking that it
should be a pleasure for themselves, but (that is) never happening! (They are)
coming (back) and they are sad, not enjoying. Such a meetings, such a places
(like here), that people they are not interesting.

Particularly people now mostly they are depressed people; depression people,
they are asking to get out from depression by, through nightclubs, nightlife,
casinos, or cinemas or such a places, which they are calling people: “Come and
enjoy! Come and enjoy!” But in opposite; they are going to find a pleasure
with(in) themselves, but (they are) coming back, (and they are) never enjoying,
never enjoying...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim. We are running to Allah Almighty, to save us
from (the) cheating of Shaitans, because everything (he is) showing us as a
pleasure, but coming (there), finally it is not (a) pleasure or (it is) never
going to be (an) enjoying place.
Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillahi-ladhi hadana li hadha! We are thankful to our Lord
Allah Almighty that we are coming here and (the) whole heaviness from our egos
(is) leaving us and we are getting (to be) enjoyed, light. That heaviness (is)
leaving ourselves. If not, I don’t think that people (were) coming from far
distances here to stay longer!

Alhamdulillah, they are coming here; we are not using such a things that
casinos, nightclubs and other places (are) calling people and to enjoy
themselves, but finally they are asking to go, to come back to their homes.
Here, Alhamdulillah, people... nothing (is) here except we are trying to pray,
we are trying to worship, we are asking to hear something that belongs (to) our
spirituality. Even (if) no one (is) speaking here, the atmosphere that (is)
through this place, (is) giving them rest and they are asking: “We like to stay
here more! O Sheikh, you gave us, you can give us more chance to be here?” And
mostly people, they are leaving and saying: “O Sheikh, when we may come here
(again)?” That means, they are happy! And we are doing nothing here!...
My level...I am not saying (I am on the) same level of you; I am looking my
level more down than your levels, but you are... people, this atmosphere (is)
giving them something, some rest and pleasure through their hearts!
That is (the) difference between their shaitanic places that (are) calling
people: “Come and enjoy!” We are not saying: “Come and enjoy physically”, we are
saying only something (that) belongs (to) their spirituality and spirituality
(is) finding what he needs and (so he is) asking to stay; not to go back, (but)
to be here. It is a good sign!

It is not a business, no! Now so many places you may find that they are imitated
spiritual centers; imitated, not real ones. Because if you are asking to go
(there), you must send first a letter, asking from people: “O center-keeper one,
we are asking to come for a seminar...” X. went...I was asking him some
questions... And they are saying that: “Oh, we are asking to come and to be with you and to
make a seminar.” “Yes!” “O my brother, I am interesting in some spirituality and
I heard there is in Switzerland... when (the) winter (is) coming, through
snowing mountains (it) should be good for us to visit and to enjoy also by
ski...” coming like this, coming like that... “and we are making seminar...!”
(The) second one (is) saying: “I heard there is in Cyprus seminar.” “Seminar of
Cyprus? We never heard! Maybe coffee-shop...” “Looks like coffee-shop... very
happy place...” “I don’t think so!... They have ski?” “No, no, no ski... they
are sitting in a place like (a) flock of sheep and (they are) never complaining.
We are giving boiling water, (we are) putting in it dry bread and they are
saying: ‘ tasteful! So...”

Only Sheikh, Greensheikh, (is) saying: “O Sheikh, every day water, dry bread!
Let us slaughter one cow, or one ox that I may put in that big pot... That I am
asking! Looking every day soup from old vegetables, old aubergines... morning
aubergines, night potatoes, night potato, morning tomato...! I am getting like
this... What is that, o Sheikh! Let us bring an ox, slaughter it and to eat...!”
“ Ya Hu- one ox I am cooking for people through(out) one year!” “For what one
year! We may eat it from morning up to evening, finishing...”
Therefore- people (are) asking to go to seminars. I am asking: “What they are
giving?” “Eh... seminar people, they are vegetarians!” “Ha? What is that
vegetarians?” “(They are) only giving us (a) quarter (of an) egg, two olives,
one spoonful (of) vegetables and bread. If you are making this like
may put (it) in (your) mouth, (and it is) finishing... But I think it is good
for ourselves. We must go!” And they are going.

And when coming back (I am asking them): “How you find that place?” “Good, only
we are going to die, if we are staying there more than one month... we are going
to graveyard...not eating...” “What about (the) seminar?” “Seminar...we (are)
never understanding...” “Because... you have dancing?” “Eh, dancing...” “There
is piano?” “Piano, yes, ohhh... and I was interesting in violin... that is...”
“How much you are paying?” “Only we are paying 1oo Euro daily. Ten days:
Euro.” “It is not too much...” “Doesn’t matter, if it is too much also, but we
are changing our atmosphere there, looking who may be for me, for you... that
(one) can be for me better...” “Don’t speak, we are listening seminar! Don’t
look right or left! What is...For what you are going?” “We must look someone,
because my wife left me two months (ago), I am looking also someone to be like
my... I am looking!” “O my brother! You (are) never understanding anything!”
“Doesn’t matter, I am not coming for understanding! I am coming to look to be
happy...!” Yes, Sir!

Now everything, o our listeners, everything (is) going to be imitated. Imitated,
no reality. Do you think that it is a medicine, but (it is) going to be a
poisoned syrup for you, to make you to sleep- upstairs and downstairs also...
And you are drinking... And they are coming, saying: “O my brother, what you are
eating, (be)coming (like this), you are sleeping whole night? We are not
knowing, who is sleeping with us! What is that?” “That is (a) seminar of (the)
coming 25th century! We are preparing people for that seminars...”
All drunk! All drunk!

Alhamdulillah, we are here a humble meeting, (a) humble gathering. Only such a
people too much jumping, I am fearing that they may reach up and falling on
people! You know Hadra? Making Hadra? I am fearing! If falling on me, may harm
my legs, therefore I am sha Allah up, up, up! Without wings,
asking to get up! Be patient a little bit!... Merhaba, welcome! Welcome to you! What we shall
do?... They may ask: “What (is the) Sheikh saying?” “(The) Sheikh (is) saying (things) that we
never heard such things. (He is) making analysis.” “He is analyst?”
“Yes, first class analyst! (He is) making analysis (of) our characteristics,
making deeply analysing on our souls, and we are coming (to be) better than
(when) we were coming! When we are going, our feelings- just we are looking that
(they) changed. Changed! We are happy! But we were not understanding that
happiness, when we were there, but when we are leaving, our feeling just changed
and now we are enjoying! What he put through our hearts, that (is) making us to
be happy and enjoyful!” Ja! “That is ‘hibra’, a wisdom; (he is) giving to you wisdom.”
“We are not understanding from wisdom, but only we are understanding that his
speech (is) making something on our real being, on our spirituality. We are
feeling and understanding and looking and seeing!”

May Allah forgive us! Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. We are coming here on the Name
of Allah Almighty. We are asking to be good servants for our Lord; we are coming
to learn, how we can be good servants, because we are all occupied by slavery
for Shaitan and for Dunya! We are loosing our precious lives for nonsense! We
are learning something: That we are servants of our Creator and how we must deal
with Him! Because He created us for His servanthood! Where? In His divinely

And we are only beginners and we hope that that... like a small seed (that) you
may put, you may plant it and finally (it is) going to be huge oak tree and our
feelings (are) on that what Sheikh (is) giving us, even (a) very small seed
through our hearts, that is the seed of Love! And (the) real Love (is) for our
Lord and real Love for His beloved one, first of all His most beloved servant
S.Muhammad sws! And (it is) growing, growing...

It is not by eating and drinking and dressing! That is something that (is)
granted from Heavens to (the) people on earth, because their real life only
continues through love! If that love just finished, they are finishing! And that
assembly, that meetings, (are) giving power to our very small seed of Love!
Be with only Love, because this universe (was) just created for Love: (The) Love
of the Lord of Heavens to His most beloved servant, S.Muhammad sws! And we are
asking that!...
May Allah forgive us! As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, Fatiha!
Ziyadatan li sharfin Nabiyi sws...

Lefke, 11.10.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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