Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim We have been ordered to learn and to know

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quqatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim.
We have been ordered to learn and to know. What we must learn also it is just informed to nations, to people, (to the) Children of Adam- what or which thing they must learn and (they) must know. If you are asking to know (about) something, you must learn. Learning (is) coming before knowing. (It) can’t be (that) a person (is) knowing something without learning.
Therefore- Prophets they are teaching and people learning. Prophets (are) teaching people first whom they are belonging (to), who is their Creator, or who is that One bringing them in existence and who is that One taking them from existence to unknown areas.
Now- we are knowing that we are living on earth. Every creature (is) living on earth. But after a while everyone- one after one- (is) disappearing. Whom they are living today, tomorrow (we are) looking and seeing that (that) one passed away. And no one (is) asking: “(To) where he passed? He left this life and today he disappeared, but where he went? Where he left? To where he left this life? Where they are now? Billions of people were living on earth, now where they are?” What is the answer? People now (are) never interesting (in) such positions, such subjects, they (are) never taking any care.
Just they are falling in an ocean of material world and they are looking themselves with an eye that they are one member of (the) big animal world creatures. (In the) animals’ world you can find countless creatures. Now the opinion of all mankind is to say: “We are also one member of (that) big animals’ family and beyond (it there is) nothing. As animals they are passing and disappearing, we also, one day we should pass and we are going to be disappeared.” That is the limit (of their) knowledge that they learnt to say: “That is our limit, we are only knowing that: today we are living, tomorrow we are disappearing.”
To where? We are looking and seeing that we are now in (the) material world with our personalities, with our physical being or material. With our material we are belonging now to this material world. But tomorrow we are leaving our material being or physical being and (we are) disappearing. To where? How it is going to be that we are in existence with our physical being and after one day, one week, one month, one year, one century we are not in existence? It is not something that you can bring an answer for, to say, because if you were bringing an answer, it is going to be belonging to (the) material world, but we are looking (that) our material (is) disappearing.
Which thing was collecting and keeping our physical being in existence? That question they are not interesting (in). They don’t like to even ask such a question. Yes, our material being (is) just finished, but we are looking and seeing (that) our material (which) is (the) same as yesterday, tomorrow (it is) going to be changed.
There are two different visions, two different (ways of) thinking on it. One of it (is): we are looking to our material being, (when) it is okay. If a person (is) dying (a) natural death, his body is (remaining the) same. But what, which thing was making that body to stand up, to move, to do, to act, to see, to speak, (to do) so many activities? Now we are not looking and seeing what was making this body to do so many activities yesterday. We are looking now and we are saying: “How? If yesterday it was belonging to our physical being- every activity-, yet our material being is ready, but (now) it can’t do any activity.”
That point is important! It means: There is something in it. Something means: some power (is) making that physical being to stand up and to do so many things. That means: (There) must be some power that (is) making our physical being to act, but it is not in our vision. We can’t see (it). We understand (that there) must be a reason for our physical being to act- but what it is? Today you are looking only (a body there) and never seeing (any activity from it). That approves that there is something beyond our physical being that makes us to act, to do our activities.
This is one important point to be learned that Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Wa nafakhna fihi min ruhina”- “We are giving a power to that material form; We gave something that
never belongs to material beings. From our divine Power Oceans We are blowing through that material form and (it is) standing up. And when We are asking for that person to come (to) his last position, We are taking this holy Breath from him, (and) then (he is) falling down, and, as before, it is in its material being.”
What is the benefit- (the) benefit is important- that we must learn about ourselves? If we are never leaning about ourselves, we can’t reach a learning from our Lord, from our Creator.
First of all we are leaning that we are creatures, created by someone. Our existence is not from ourselves, (but) from Someone that we can’t see that One and we can’t touch that One. And that Power (is) just surrounding everything, not only our physical being; (it is) surrounding (everything) till atoms. Not only outside surrounding, (but) in it and out (of it). Everything in existence must be surrounded by that One’s Power. That One’s Power (is) making an atom to appear. If (that Power is) not surrounding (everything), nothing (is) going to be seen or to be in existence.
Therefore ourselves also (are) just surrounded from our inside and outside; every atom or less than (an) atom that it is collected by his Order, that He said: “Be man!”, and (it was) becoming a man. Everything in that form (is) just surrounded with divine Power, Power Oceans. When He is asking to get it back, that Power (is) leaving (the atoms), that they are connected to each other (by this Power) and giving (the) form of a man. When Allah Almighty (is) ordering: “Leave and come back”, they are coming to (the) Power Oceans of His Dominions, endless Power Oceans, coming and entering and nothing (is) there (anymore), finished. Therefore we are burying people and after a while we are looking (that) everything (is) just separated and coming back as it was before.
We must learn about ourselves! That is something that heavenly Knowledge and our mindly knowledge (are) coming together and saying: “Yes.” What we are saying you are understanding, when we are using (the) full power of our minds and joining that power that belongs to Heavens, now we are knowing about ourselves. We can be through this life for a while and then everything (is) getting back as it was before, but something (has been) taken from your being. Something (is) just taken. What is that? That belongs to Allah Almighty’s Existence Dominions, (it is) coming back, coming back and joining, (and then there is) nothing there.
You may find (that) by (the) heavenly Command: “Be a giantic galaxy”, just it is going to come in existence. Before that Order (is) finishing, that new world, new galaxy, new space must be ready. And when He is saying: “Come back to your real position through My Dominion’s Power Oceans” they (same moment) are just disappeared.
We have been granted a mind for understanding something about ourselves, but we are not using it. We are not using (it) and (if), we are using it for nonsense, uselessly using it, and we are loosing (the) divine Promise of His Grants to (those of) His servants, who are knowing about their Creator. He promised to grant to them something from His divinely Dominions’ Power Oceans that can’t be surrounded, but He is surrounding everything!
People now are not interesting and we have been ordered to know and the way for knowing is to learn such things. If you are asking to learn pharmacy, you are not going to a jeweller; if you are asking to learn architecture, you are not going to an advocate to learn; if you are asking to learn (to be a) doctor, to be (a) physician, you are not going to (a) grocery shop to learn. Everything must be learned from its specialist. This (is the) just much more honoured knowledge that (has been) granted to mankind: to know about themselves, because if you are not knowing about yourself, what is you, how you are reaching ‘Marifatullah’, to know about your Lord?
Therefore Allah Almighty (is) informing that the levels of knowledge (are) countless. You may improve from one step to another, from one position to another, and that is the most pleasure, and most glorifying and praising for mankind: to know about their Lord and His endless Favours, endless Glories that (He is) granting to ourselves.
We are deputies for that purpose, but people like to work through sewage channels. They like it; they don’t like such divine Oceans. It is not channels, divinely Oceans that (are) granted to ourselves; (they are) leading people from (one) level to another level, to come much more through (the) divine Dominions of Allah Almighty. People (are) wasting and loosing their chance and they are coming (to this life), (and,) as they are coming- knowing nothing- they are going- knowing nothing. They should repent, but it should be too late.
And 21st century people (are) very proud with their technology. What is technology! He granted us only a channel of power, no more, a channel for electricity. It is granted to mankind and the Lord of Heavens is making (an) authority for His servants to use that power. Through that power every instrument, every technology is living. They are doing, making everything, but they are not knowing what is (the) source or secret of technology. No one (is) knowing! They are looking (that that power is making the instruments to work), but from where (it is) coming? I am asking: “This electricity- something (is) running or it is atoms’ movement? What is that? If it is something running, or if it is something just appearing through that moment, may be the lines or wires must stop- so many things coming.” But they are saying: “We are looking that electricity (is) jumping from (one) atom to another atom and coming.” What is that? It is not atoms, no, it is something that (is) jumping on atoms and (it is) going to be fan, going to be lights, going to be computer… what is that? No one knows.
And Allah Almighty (is) granting to His servants not such things- it is a grant for believers and unbelievers, because (it has) no value-, but He is asking to grant to His servants something through seconds, through (the) smallest unit of time that our minds can’t carry that, only He may deal with us through our souls that our souls belong to His divinely Blowing.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of that one. We must learn. Who (is) asking to learn, He gives (him). If (you are) not asking (to learn), you are going to be ‘mahrum’, deprived. Give time for heavenly Knowledge! Don’t be like materialist, atheist people, that they are no mind people, but ask real sources of heavenly Knowledge. That sources (are) just granted to Prophets and after Prophets to (their) true inheritors. You must ask!
Therefore (the) Prophet was saying that if you are asking (to find) such a person, not easily they can be reached. May be that person who knows such secret powers may be in China. At the time of (the) Prophet sws China was the farest country in the world and he was saying: “You must ask (for) that (knowledge)! If you are hearing that someone (is) knowing such secret knowledge, run to him, even (he) may be through China!” And from Arabia up to China perhaps (it may take) you 1 year or 2 years, or 3 months, 6 months, or 18 months- Allah knows!
If you are not interested, your level ‘la yazal’, (is) remaining on (the) level of 4 leg people and you should be happy… You should be enough happy (in the) 4 legs world… (you are) never asking more than what you are eating.
May Allah forgive us and open our hearts to hear, to listen, to learn and to know! When you are knowing, (you are) asking to find Him. If you are not knowing about the House of (the) Lord, (the) Kaaba, (are you) asking to go there? No. But when you are hearing about that one, knowing what is (the) position of Baitullah, House of Lord, then (it is) growing up through your heart a deep desire, a deep will to reach to that one. Therefore people (are) running to there. If (they are) not knowing (about it), (they are) saying: “We don’t take care.” Who (is) asking and learning and then knowing, he is asking: “Where is that One?” You must try to reach to that One!
May Allah grant us something for understanding! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…
When a sheep is full, sitting and after a while beginning to chew…Now, what you are hearing, make it to be well understood by yourself, it should be for you honour and glorifying.

Lefke, 11.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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