Maulana Sheikh NazimWe have no complains, You gave everything, ya Rabbi, the biggest honour
Shukr, ya Rabbi…we have no complains, You gave everything, ya Rabbi, the biggest honour. You gave permission to take Abdest, to pray in Your Presence. Is there a honour more than that? We have food, no worry, no fear, no confusion in our heart…Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! What Greatness, what a Sultanate! If a Wali makes like this (sweeping), no man remains on earth. How people are proud with their powers and how they claim to be something? Now there is no U-turn… Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Sahibu-l Imdad! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Azim…This is what people of Heavens say: La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Azim. They don’t say: ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim. It is not necessary for heavenly people to say: ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’. No one saying this, no. ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’ is only for living people from Children of Adam on earth. It is only permitted for them to use it, as a defence from ‘kuwatu sharr’, evil and devils. We have been granted that heavenly defence, that it is so powerful! If anyone saying: ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’, shaitan must get away, must run away! When you are getting a little bit heedless, he is also coming behind of you and approaching to you to speak behind of you. To speak, to give its statement to you. And if that heedlessness continues, then if you are hearing (listening) and you are heedlessly trying to do what is thrown through your mind, something, and then you are thinking: This is from my knowledge, from my need’. You are thinking: It is a good ilham, inspiration.
And the Seal of Prophets sws was saying: ‘When a person is going to be heedless and then Shaitan quickly catching him? When he is forgetting his Lord’s Dhikr’. When a person is loosing his Lord’s divine Presence, quickly he is falling in a heedless position. When you are empty, you lost your Lord’s Company with you, as He Almighty is saying (in the Holy Quran): ‘Wa Huwa ma’akum aina ma kuntum’. He Almighty is saying: ‘I am with you, every time, everywhere, but you are looking and you are thinking that I am on Throne sitting, so far, and you are thinking that you are only going to see or to meet Me the Day of Resurrection. And now you are feeling yourselves free’. Allah is not here- Ha sha!- and He is not going to be with us only the Day of Resurrection? That is biggest ignorance from servants toward their Lord, the Great Creator, Almighty. Therefore the Prophet was making Dua and saying: ‘Allahumma la tunzina dhikrak’, ‘O my Lord, don’t make me to forget Your holy Name through my heart. That your holy Name is representing You with full holy Names and with all Your eternal Attributes’.’ ‘Allah’ that is the holy Name that is representing Allah Almighty’s divinely Attributes and holy Names; all of them, including that holy word Exalted, ta’ala.
When a person is loosing that holy Name through his heart, when he is forgetting, that means he is going only in the hands of his ego, which is representing or is the representative of shaitan through yourself. Just you fall in its hands, catching you; you can’t do anything, except what your ego saying to make it. Just you have been slaved, captured and imprisoned by your most dangerous enemy that you are trying to feed it. 24 hours you are trying, your effort is only to look after that dangerous dragon, to make it happy, (to give) what it is asking from you. A dragon is so easy by comparison to our ego serpent. A dragon may be satisfied with its hunt, one (piece), but your ego is never getting satisfied. What you are giving- asking if there is no more? Never getting satisfied. Therefore it is so terrible, horrible and dangerous one that you are looking after it. You are trying to make it pleased with you, and he is never going to be pleased with you. What you are giving, he is asking more. If you give more, asking more- ever ending. When you are forgetting or loosing Allah Almighty’s divinely Presence through your heart, you hear, you are only face to face with your serpent, your ego, and you are in its hands- you can’t do except what it is asking from you.
Now we are in 2oo3, 21st century, all people fall through the hands of their serpents, their egos. No one is working, no one is serving, no one is using what they have been granted from the Lord of Heaven for His divine Service. Show someone that he is only occupying himself for his Lord’s divinely Service! Show to me through Muslim world, or through Non-Muslim world, or through all nations! How through that arena you can find peace? Big ones asking to swallow small ones, big serpents asking to swallow small serpents, big dragons asking to swallow and eat small ones- how you are going to find peace on earth?
Who has such a special power to defeat dragons and serpents and to save nations from wars, from death through wars? To save them from miseries and suffering, to save them from crises, from troubles, and everyone they are as a fountain of troublemaker. Everyone living on earth is wholly trouble makers. You can’t find peaceful people, finished! People are running through streets and roads, shouting: ‘We don’t like war and death’, and fighting and death are running as rivers on earth everywhere, but they are hooking their minds only such a fighting through two nations and say: ‘We don’t like it’, and really the whole world is through the fire of battles and wars and people are fighting. No peace through countries, no peace through cities, no peace through citizens, no peace through pheasants, even no peace through animals, because no divine justice is respected on earth, or no divine discipline is put on earth.
People never take any care for heavenly justice and peace- what is going to be with animals? Animals attacking some of them another group of animals and eating and killing, because they have no any heavenly order to them to make a state through jungles and to keep that divinely orders and commands and to be under divine discipline.
Now we are living in a time that everyone blaming Islam. Blaming Islam and Shaitan is making it. Shaitan is using their agents everywhere under the title of Islam, Muslim. And they are doing so many bad things under the title of Islam, and unbelievers find a big chance for blaming Islam and to make people to run away from Islam that brings, just it had been sent from Heavens on earth to bring mankind peace. But they are changing it and showing that Islam is running after killing, running after destroying, running after every evil and that Islam representing evil or devils representing Islam. 21st century’s people found a big chance for blaming Islam and it is not true. Islam very innocent from their accusement. But they are not looking reality of Islam or real Islam when just it was born through the most honoured Prophet S.Muhammad sws through his time, and after, but they are trying to look people under the title of Muslim, but they are only through their names Muslims, as the Prophet sws was informing. As a miracle the Seal of Prophets 1500 years ago was informing that: Should come when last days approaching, should remain only name of Islam, no reality from Islam, nothing else. People going to be only through their names, if they like it also, to be Muslims, without their names no any relation through Islam and those people. And we are living in it.
And it is well known that divine justice if it is practiced on earth fully, even wild animals going to be harmless to each other. And it is related to Ulema and Awliya and to their servant, to me, that in the time of S.Umar, that he was the symbol of justice on world, with his justice perfect practising for Islamic justice or heavenly justice on earth- wild animals they were never giving harm to other animals. And there is a famous information through history books: Once two shepherds reached to each other on the beach of Dijla, Euphrat and Dijla, second big river running through Iraq. One of them saying: ‘O, just Caliph Umar passed away’. ‘O my brother, how happened this, how you can know and we are here at the beach of river and between us and Medina Munawwara- the most blessed one on earth after Mekka Mukarrama, that the caliph is living there, and at least we are in need 4o days to reach there. How you are saying this’? And he was answering: ‘O my brother, because I am looking just now one wolf carrying one lamb from my flock. Up today they were friendly, that one also was eating from the plants of the earth, not touching to my flock. But today I am looking that wolf carrying one lamb from my flock. Therefore I understand that the caliph must have passed away’.
That means when a person keeping divine justice and is practising it on the servants on the lands of his Lord, that justice is keeping everything in its real position. Not any harm is going to be form one to the second one. Even wild animals no, can’t do. This is going to happen commonly on earth when Mehdi a.s., Padischah, Sultan should be over whole world from East to West and North to South, in his time also lions should eat only grass with cows, with dears, with giraffes, with such animals that feed themselves from plants of earth. And even small children may play with scorpions or snakes, they are not harming them. Everything should be friendly to each other, because divine justice just going to appear through Mehdi a.s. that he is going to carry away every oppression from earth to throw it away and opening world with divine justice.
And now we are in full injustice position and oppression that Prophet was saying and he was hating, and he was sorry for his nation that they should be under the oppression of oppressors before the time. And Mehdi the Sultan of Islam he is coming and putting divine justice fully, so that no one should say that: ‘I never reached to my rights, here or there’. But now injustice is as a patent of the life o 21st century’s people. Oppressors, Nimrods, Pharaohs, and Abu Jahals. Nero’s oppression is going to be so small, unimportant, what they are doing now everywhere. People are taking rights, someones’ rights someone is putting under their feet, and they never take divine balance for balancing the rights of people. And everyone has same rights on earth, by being servants of the Lord of Heavens.
May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of that one who is most honoured one in the divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.<
Lefke - 11.03.2003
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