Maulana Sheikh NazimWe must rebuild our personality!

Astaghfirullah!...tubtu wa rajatu ila-llah? tubna wa rajana ila-llah!?

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi

As-salamu alaikum!... O our Lord, put Your weak servants under Your
divinely Protection! Therefore- you must try to say as much as possible
more: As-salamu alaikum, As-salamu alaikum, As-salamu alaikum!?

As Salam, peace- when you are saying (it) too much, (it is) bringing
peace to you and (to) everything around yourself and also spreading
that blessings and mercy through East and West. But now people are not
using too much to say: As-salamu alaikum. Say (it), as much as possible!

And we are saying: As-salamu alaikum! As salamu alaikum, ya 'ibadallahi
salihien? Allah Allah?Allah Allah?

And we are asking divinely Support; and divinely Support (is) never
coming to people directly. That is like a- as we are saying it for
understanding- blessing is coming like Niagara Falls. You can't reach to
take from that, but if it is going through pipes, (you) may drink (from
it), (you) may use it. Therefore, Awliya, whole Alwiyas, Awliyas means,
Waliyullah that means: Friend of Allah, or (someone) who is going to be
friendly to Allah. Try to be friendly to Allah! But people (are) running
to be friends of Shaitan, because it is (from the) Last Days' signs that
people should run to be friends of Shaitan and very few people (are)
running to be Friends of Allah Almighty.

And you can't be friend of Allah Almighty, till you are going to be
friend to His most beloved servant S.Muhammad sws! And you can't be
reaching to that point- to be friend of Rasulullah sws- till you are
going to be friendly to (the) friends of Rasulullah sws. If you are not
reaching (the) friends of Rasulullah sws, you can't reach to be friend
of Allah Almighty!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim! O our Lord, please give Your
Protection on Your weak servants! We are saying: "We are weak servants,
please make Your divinely Protection on ourselves, not to be friends of
Shaitan!" Friends of Shaitan (are) going to be in Hells, (and it is)
beginning here, they are burning! They are burning from inside of
themselves or (from) outside (they are) burning, but they are insisting
to be, yet to be, friends of Shaitan!

Say: "Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, o our Lord, we are running to
You, not to be friends to Shaitan!" Say! In such a meaning say: Audhu
bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim!?

People (are) coming to me, saying: "O Sheikh, I am ill, but I am going
to Doctors (and) they are sending me to tahlil, analysis, (saying): 'Go
to that one to make (a) check-up for yourself and bring that (result) to
me to look', and I am going (to a) different analysts, (the) analyst
(is) saying: 'Oh, you are? nothing with you, you are okay!' "But"- he is
insisting- "I am (still) feeling that I am not healthy!"

Yes? but yet there are not thinking that that is something (which is)
not belonging to their material being, no, (it is something) from
inside! Yet they are not coming to say, to accept that we have another
being through ourselves that that is our souls. They (are) never going
to ask, to make a check-up for their souls. (They are) running to make
check-up (for) every organ through themselves, but they (are) never
going to look, to make a check-up for their souls, no, because people
(are) becoming such materialists. They are thinking (that they are) only
material beings. Material beings never making a thing to move by itself,

(A) car is a car, but you must put in its box a kind of water and that
water (is) changing in(to) another? position and moving? making car to
move. They are always looking: "What is the matter? Our car can't walk,
(but) we are looking (that) everything (is) okay." "Look, if it has
fuel"? "What is fuel? Our car is okay, for what fuel?" "Ya Hu, without
fuel your car can't move!"?

People (are) running to Doctors. (The) doctor (is) saying: "You are 1oo%
okay!" "O Doctor, if 1oo % I am okay, why I am coming to you? I am
feeling something in myself that (is) making me not to be rest; (there
is) disturbing me something from inside. What is that?" "You must go to
Haci X? there is a person that he may understand such a matters?what is
their name?? Their name (is) psychiatrists? And so many psychiatrists
(are) coming to Sheikh, saying: "O Sheikh, I am feeling no good!" "What
you are doing?" I am asking. "Psychiatry." "Ahhh? psychiatry? and you
are coming to me for (a) treatment, to treat you?"? I am saying first:
"Jump!" If (he is) jumping, I am saying: "You are alright, okay, go
away, finished!" "(But) I am coming for (a) check-up!" "That is my
check-up! If you are jumping, (it) means, (that) you are okay, nothing
(wrong) with you!? (But) if (it is) not enough (for you), (we make)
another check-up: Run from up to that side!" "For what?" "There is a cat
running in front of you, run and catch it!"? I am psychiatrists' doctor!
All psychiatrists also they are strange?antika? All psychiatrists, their
minds out of their minds, two feet? "I am trying you, if you are okay or
not." "I can't be!" "You can't be? (Then) you must try to run every day
1oo meters to catch a cat. Catch and bring (it) to me!" "How??" "I am
doctor of psychiatrists, you don?t know! Come, what I am saying to you,
it is okay!"

(For) everything: Check-up! But for psychiatrists- they are unhappy to
be checked up! You are making check-up for people and (you are) saying:
"Nothing (wrong) with you", but I am looking that you also (are) falling
into a deep well, (and) you can't be able to take yourself out. That is
my check-up to you!

And we are in need (for someone) who (is) making (a) check-up for our
unknown being, souls! The authority for that just (has been) granted to
Prophets. Then, Prophets, from Prophets that (have been) granted to make
a check-up, (it is) granted- what they have been permitted (to do)- (to
those who are) through Prophets line people. They may do this, not
(just) anyone (who is) saying: "I can do!" You cant do! But people are
running non-sensely to make a check-up, check-up? for themselves and it
is impossible. Really we are in need a check-up for our souls and who
can do that check-up for our souls? Those whom they are authorized with
heavenly Authority, authorised by heavenly Authority! They can do only
this, not (just anyone who is) going (to a) school (and who is) reading,
reading, reading? They can't understand anything!

And they are so very rare now, (these authorized people), because people
are running to make their check-up with psychiatrists and their level
(is) on (the) same level (with them) and (so) they can't take any
benefit. Finished, finished! Mankind just finished, because they are in
ruins innerly. In ruins! They must rebuild their personalities once

First they must try to recognize their real identity. Who are you?
First, for rebuilding himself through this life, to recognize himself:
Who are you? Someone must teach him: Who are you? Because by yourself
you can't know, who are you. You can see everything, except yourself;
your eyes (are) looking and seeing everything, except yourself. What you
are in need? You need a mirror!

(You are looking into the mirror), (but) you say that: "I am this one
(in the mirror)?" (Then) you must bring two witnesses (to confirm to
you) that through that mirror you are that one! By himself he can't
recognize himself also in (a) mirror! He may think: "That is another
one! I am not this one, because I am not looking myself, putting myself
second to that and to see that this and this (are) same no. Perhaps that
mirror it is a strange instrument, showing shadows, showing something in
it." But if no one in that area, you can't say that: 'This is, I am that
one.' You need two witnesses (to tell you) that: "This you are, you are
looking. That is mirror, showing to you."

Therefore, (for a) man who is asking: Who are you? (there) must be a
person like (a) mirror (for him), to be able to show (to him): "You are
this one!" When he is accepting, what he is saying, then that person
(is) just permitted to build, to rebuild your existence, to manifest
yourself again, as before. Because you are in ruins, destroyed; your
real being (is) destroyed, therefore you are in need a rebuilding, and
rebuilding (is) only (for) those people, who have been granted heavenly
Lights and (who are) authorized through Heavens- not from earth, no!
(Authorization) from earth (it means:) on our level?(the) level of
animals?zoo level?We are on zoo level?(They are) putting some examples
in(to the) zoo-garden, but (they are) not putting one man inside also
that we are on same level!? You went zoo-garden?? You have been in
zoo-garden?? I went also, but I was escaping, not to put me also in
another place?

(because they are saying) that: "This one also (is) on that level, (he
is an) animal!"?

Our level (is the) first level, (that) of animals. Only (that) we have
been granted (the ability) for speaking, other animals are not speaking.
Same qualities that they have, we have same also, only they are running
on four legs, we are running on two legs?

But we must get up for rebuilding our real personality!

If you are not recognizing yourself, you can't be able to understand
anything! (then you are) coming (here as a) 'hayvan', going (as a)
'hayvan', coming as (an) animal, and going as an animal? And this life
that people (are) living now, it is not (on the) 2nd level of real
mankind. Because first level (people), their characteristic (is) on?
same character, all of them! If they are getting on (the) 2nd level,
they can't touch like this?(they) can't give (troubly to anyone)? (they)
can't harm anyone!

Once my Grandsheikh showed me in Mecca Mukarrama, Baitu-llah
sharafaha-llah: "Look, Nazim Effendi, up!" I am looking one, first level
people: they are making Tawwaf, but they are quarrelling and making
everything, giving harm (to) people, pushing them, pulling them? but the
2nd one, (there) I am looking and seeing a group of people, (that) they
are like butterflies? no sound? no trouble?no harming?! (On the) first
level, (the) level of animals; they are giving to each other harm,
biting, hitting, everything they are doing?

Now look and say truth! What is the level of living people, whom they
are claming that: "We reached to top of civilization"? They are so big
liars, because that is Shaitan's teaching to them, to say: "Now you are
on top level of civilization!" For what? "Because you have so many kinds
of weapons and high technology you have, therefore you reached (the) top
of civilization." And I am saying: "Yet you are on (the) same level
(with animals)! Technology (is) never taking you (up to be) on (the)
second level. Only spirituality can take you (up) and your spirituality
(is) under (such) heavy pressure (that) you can't be able to leave it,
to reach to that point." And people are trying to kill, to harm people,
to destroy- what is that? That is the level of mankind? I am sorry to
say (that) it is not (the) level of real? human beings level. And I am
sorry to say that even animals level they are not accepting (these
people on) their level and (so they are) kicking them down! Kicking them

That is the position, general view of our world in our days that it is
last days, and we are reaching to Yaumu-l Qiyama?

O people, come and listen and ask truth! To ask truth, it is your most
important characteristic (as human beings). You must ask truth and you
must try to learn (the) truth about your life (so) that you should be up
(on the 2nd level), never harming (anyone). Therefore- (the) Prophet sws
(was) saying: "A surrendered people"- that people are running away from
Islam, the name of Islam; they are hating (it) and (they are) running
away (from it), but really Islam what (it is) saying? (it is saying): "A
real Muslim (is someone) who (is) never harming people, (neither) by his
tongue, (nor) by his hand, (or) by his power." They are not real
Muslims, now (these) people, Muslims! You are looking and seeing what
(is) happening! And people (are) thinking that Islam (is) ordering to
kill people without any? with reason or without reason! (They are)
destroying every day and they are saying: "In the name of Islam!" Audhu
bi-llah! Allah takes them away! Takes them away?

Don?t be with them! Don?t say that they are doing good! That is not
Islam and they are not Muslims! Only by name; their names may be written
Muslims, but they are so far- as far (as the) earth (is far) from
Heavens, they are far away from Islam!?

May Allah forgive us and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured
one in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 14.05.2006

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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