Maulana Sheikh Nazim We must try to be holy!
As-salamu alaikum! As-salam qabla-l qalam! You must say, you must give ‘Salam’,
then you must speak! Without saying ‘Salam’, don’t speak! And Salam is the sign
of Muslims. No any other word can be put in its place, no. Salam (is a) living
word that (is) coming from Heavens! Others people (are) saying. (What) people
(are) saying, they are only like imitated words, no any power in it. ‘Salam’
(is) from Heavens; when you are giving ‘Salam’, (there is) coming to you from
Heavens power and you are feeling (a) good feeling. When, a tree, (when it is)
raining on it, (it is) opening. ‘Salam’ (is) in such a way; (it) gives to
Muqmins new life. As-salamu alaikum!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Without (a)
base, what you are building, (is) falling down. The base of everything that you
are asking to do, (is, that) you must say: “Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
We are living for Allah and we must do everything for Allah! (The) big mistake,
(the) biggest mistake for mankind (is) that they are forgetting their Lord and
they are trying to do something for their egos. And we are asking a holy
Support from Heavens and you can’t find holy Support, only you can find it from
those people, whom they are on the way of the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws.
That means: you can find support from holy ones. And holy people, whom they are?
Whom they are following (the) holy ways of (the) most holy Ones Shariat, (the)
heavenly Rules. To be holy one it is not such a thing granted to people from
people., holiness (is) coming from Heavens. If from Heavens coming, you are
going to be a holy one. Don’t think that millions or billions of people may say
to you: “This is holy one” and you are going to be a holy one, no, no!
A man, a servant, must try to learn, how he is going to be a servant. Yes.
Everyone must learn, how he can be as servant. By yourself you can’t be a
servant. Don’t think that you are reading religious books and you are learning
servanthood, no! Servanthood can be learned through a holy ones. You must follow
a holy one that then you are going to be holy one. Don’t think that when you are
reading books of holy ones, (you are) going to be a holy one, no! You must try
to learn servanthood first from (a) lowest level person! What is that lowest
level people? Whom they are?
Lowest level people they are two kinds. One of them on last level, that means,
he is putting his ego under his feet. That is that one. And second meaning: holy
ones, whom they are taking holy breathings from heavenly people. You must find a
person that he is on lowest level. The lowest level you must come to him,
because he is putting his ego under his feet, lowest level, and becoming a holy
one. In another words: holy one (is he), who is putting his ego under is feet
and following (a) heavenly master; you can learn how you can be a servant.
Therefore we are saying you may read 1.000 books, but to read 1.000 books it
does not mean that you are putting your ego under your feet, no! A student can’t
be a doctor by himself, looking books and keeping in his mind so many things, he
can’t be a doctor. He must be under a doctor, that doctor can teach him, then he
is going to be a doctor or no one is going to be a doctor by graduating from
university or other high-schools, no, no!
And this we must try to keep holy ways, to be a holy one! We have been invited
to be a holy one, because Heavens never accepting unholy ones. Accepting true
holy ones! Therefore every person who reaching to the age of maturity must try
to learn how he can be a holy one! Holy ones they are in divinely Presence
welcome. Unholy ones never welcoming in divinely Presence, no.
That is a summary of whole books that asking from people to: “Come and to
surrender! If you are not surrendering, you can’t be a holy one. First you must
surrender your ego for a holy ones training.”
Eh. “We are Liverpool football team!” I am asking: “How you are going to be
first one?” “Because we have an entreneur, yes? Trainer, first class! We learnt
from him!” Or they are going to be like people coming from jungle, like this,
like that, not knowing, not knowing his right or left side...
If for football that whole nations they lost their minds they never thinking to
anything except sport, sportsman those people, yes, and whole world going to be
half inhabitant with some football club, some others saying: “Ya, we must be
here... “ That is their whole efforts now people. They like to play, they like
to be like football. Those people (are) never reaching to any station of
Heavens, heavenly Stations, never! Should be for them a jungle, those people,
(for) whom (there is) no any other ‘ham’, worry, interest, except football;
changing them, like people living in jungle and leaving them there: “Run and
hunt each other, eat and run! That is your level, because you refused (the) real
level of humanity!” Humanity.
You can be from mankind, but no everyone (is) going to be their levels (the)
level of humanity. When you are going to be changed (your structure) from (the
level of being from) mankind, by training under a trainer’s commands, then you
may reach (the) level of humanity. If not, you are always going to be your level
(the) level of jungle people. And they should be there, eating each other and
dirtying each other, running after each other. That should be for them!
O people, o people, first you must teach your children on such a basis that it
is impossible to be moved from their real positions. That basis (is) just put
from Heavens. If you are not keeping that, your life (is) going to be wasted,
no meaning! Because, if you are not keeping that heavenly Basis, you never going
to be changed from (being the level of) mankind to be (on) the level of
humanity. Everyone (is) belonging to (the) big family of mankind, but very few
people (are) reaching to the level of humanity! Humanity (is) giving honour to
you and you need some trainer, to teach you. People lost it. And now perhaps 6
billion people or 7 billion people (are) living on earth; all of them (are) just
under the title of ‘mankind’. But there is another column that it is written:
“This (one is) from human, humanity.” Humanity gives honour, to be mankind- no
honour for them.
Therefore, you must leave to be an ordinary one from mankind; you must train
your ego under a trainer, to complete it and then you can come to be a member of
humanity. Humanity. Honour (is) for humanity, not to be from mankind. Now
mankind, they are doing some wildness that even most terrible beasts they are
not doing that! How you are saying that is honour for them? No honour! Therefore
you must try to be a holy one! If you are not belonging to be holy one, you
can’t enter to (be) under the title of humanity!
Yes, I was passing through Switzerland and there is Saint Nikolaus, he was
belonging to holy ones. But no one understanding who he is or who he was. And
through his whole life no one or very few ones (were) understanding about that
Saint Nikolaus and Sainthood means to be a holy one. Not everyone by Pope’s
signature (is) going to be a Saint, no! That, all of them, (are) imitated
Saints! No, it is not acceptable, to be written your name that you are a Saint,
because (the) Pope or Cardinals or Patriarchs or Bishops (are) signing that he
was a saint, no!
There is a Saint here in (the) Turkish side, in Famagusta; he was from Jesus
disciples, Saint Barnabas- God bless him. He was (the) disciple of Jesus Christ
pbuh, and he is now lying underground... perhaps 7 steps you must come down to
look and it is (a) so humble, humble grave! I was going; when my way (was)
passing there, I am going and when I am saying: “Fa’lem annahu: La ilaha
ill-Allah” this was shaking; his tomb was shaking and coming his spirituality to
say with us: “La ilaha ill-Allah!”
They are, their sainthood (is) just signed and approved from Heavens; they are
real ones. That Saint Nikolaus also. They are thinking that he was, as they
(are) imagining, no! Therefore, when I was passing, (he was) always calling me:
“O Sheikh, come, please visit me!” I am landing and visiting... (and) he is
going (to be) very happy...You were with me sometimes, when I was coming from
Switzerland to Black Forest, in such a way?...
I was once passing through and getting out, after his visiting- he was so happy.
I saw a person on stairs coming. I am looking that his dressing (was) not (like
an) ordinary person. I understand that he is, belongs to be a religious one for
that monastery. He was saying, greeting me and I am greeting him, and I was
asking: “Your holiness (is) here, making your worshipping and looking after that
Saint Nikolaus?” He said: “I am sorry, I am not a holy one...” He was such a
humble person, saying: “I am not a holy one, o Sheikh.” And coming to me to ask:
“Even (the) Pope?” He was saying: “Even (the) Pope, he is not holy one”, because
everyone, whom they are appointed on earth, holiness is something, no emperors
or governors or bishops or cardinals (can give to you)...” O Sheikh, it is not
something that if cardinals (are) signing (it) and going a person to be holy
one. Even Pope, he is not a holy one.” He was saying just truth!
Holiness and to be holy one, that is from Heavens, not from people. If whole
people (are)saying: “This is a holy one”- (it has) no value! If I am saying:
“Dr.X. is chancellor of Germany”, you are accepting? No, they may say perhaps:
“He is (a) holy one through mental-house”...
Therefore, that is our way: We must try to be holy ones for (the) holy presence
of the Seal of Prophets! Then he may take you to the Lord’s divinely Presence!
No one (may do that) except him! Therefore we must ask (for) real holy ones, to
take from them the secret power of being holy ones. Or we are going to carry so
many things here and Hereafter!
O people, don’t work for Dunya, but work, to be a holy one! You may be gardener
and you may be holy one, you may be shepherd- you may be holy one, you may be
carpenter- you may be a holy one, doesn’t matter, but you must put your ego
under the feet of a holy person, to kill it, then you should reach (to) real
life here and Hereafter!
May Allah forgive us! Alfu salat, alfu salam, alayka, ya Sayyidi-l awwalina wa-l
akhirin wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbihi, ya khairi-l khalqi ajmain.
Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah,
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah...
May Allah forgive us through these holy days! O Allah Almighty, send us a holy
Sultan, to take ourselves and to train whole nations, whole mankind, to make
them clean for the Day of Resurrection!
For the honour of (the) most honoured one in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad
sws, Fatiha.
Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilayh, mamarra layali wa tula dawam...

Lefke, 2.10.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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