Allah Almighty granted the Nation of Muhammad sws. more than any other nation. Nevertheless we are living under the hegemony of non-muslims and their pressure on us is growing from day to day making it impossible for us to grow up and to stand up. All kinds of power are on top of the Islamic world. The whole world, from East to West, are trying to take away the Islamic world and they don't want there to be any muslim territory. There is a hadith: The Prophet sws. was saying, "If my umma is going towards Allah, He will grant them one day. If they change their direction, Allah Almighty will only give them half a day." After that, the Prophet sws. recited, as an explanation for that day, "One day in the Divine Presence is 1000 years of our time." So if someone only gets half a day, that means 500 years.
The way Muhammad sws. said this is a miracle, because he was speaking about the future. The first 1000 years of Islam were full of victory. This was until the year 1687 when they failed to get into Vienna. Since then it is 300 years. That was the time when Islam began to loose its power and to decrease from day to day. In our days Islam is only Islam by its name. The Islamic world only exists by its name and the whole power which is directing the Islamic world and its governments are either following the western world or the veiled power of underground Jewish Zionism.
This makes it impossible for Islam to stand up. Everything is against Islam. Since that date until today all our leaders and Sultans think that this is obligatory. This is the idea which is destroying Islam. Every single leader who came to Muslims since that date is looking towards Europe because after the Renaissance Europe became great through its technology and the Islamic world thinks that it can reach Europe by copying their technology. So we want to follow them.
When we send them our students they take the values away from them and give them information of no value and send them back to us. Everyone goes there in one condition and then they come back completely changed. They come back and cause a lot of trouble in our communities because they don't fit there anymore. They don't like their own countries anymore. They say, "This is not a good life. The way of the western people that is the real life, that is good." They don't realise that the life in the West is so much more dirty. They have been so manipulated that they think, "The real high-life is in the western world, our life is worth nothing."

That is why the youth in our countries usually look towards the West. They want to reach the same level of life. This is the end of Islam. When our people look at the life of the unbelievers and think that they are seeing the best life, then we are loosing everything and every value which we inherited from our ancestors. So one of the most difficult problems for Muslims nowadays is that of education. These wrongly educated youth are never going to respect Islam. Unless the unislamic education is stopped, there will be no future for Islam.
Youngsters must be taught that Islam is the best and they must be the defenders of Islam and of Islamic life. If that foundation is not there, all our problems will arise from that point. The Islamic world is now wondering what to do. We must realise how important it is to make our children to like Islam, but we are not doing this. Even if we are not aware of it, the other side is using everything; broadcasting, TV, films, advertisement to make western life attractive.

If this wasn't the case everything would be so easy. Like Palestine, what is the problem with Palestine? Nothing! If Muslims were united we could make them sink, but there is no power within Islam. If there was, the Jews would not be able to sleep even one night inside the heart of Islam. Palestine is the heart of Islam. What are they doing there? Even without fear. Allah Almighty could send fear into their heart and make them take everything they have and to run away from there. But those chances are gone, there is no more real Islam.
Islam is finishing so quickly. Take Cashmere, or even India, there are 400 million Muslims living there,but it is the idol worshippers who are making everything there, the Muslims nothing. In Afghanistan everything is continuing and the Islamic world is not reacting. In Russia there are 200 million Muslims and since the beginning of the rule of the devils there,50 or 60 million Muslims have been killed and no-one says anything.
Our youth is not reacting, because they say that Islam is backward. The minds of the new generation is polluted with that kind of advertisement. They are learning to refuse the Holy Books. Every education system in Islamic countries is against the Holy Quran. We are teaching our children a system which is against the Quran. How are they supposed to respect the Quran and to respect Islam like that?
We know, because all of us have been educated in such a way, it never changes. It happens in Pakistan, in Libya, in Turkey, in Sham, in Hijas (who are claiming to be first in Islam)... everywhere that secular system is teaching .

I was in America and one person was doing an interview for the radio with me. He asked so many questions about sufism because in America there are so many kinds of people, but everything is under the control of the Jews. His interview lasted for 2 hours. So he also asked about youngsters, because they know that the new generation will finish. So he asked, "What can we do?", and I said to him, "You cannot do anything. You may set up so many laws, but you cannot use them, because there are underground governments. The governments overground cannot do anything. They cannot prevent any evil because every evil is fed through the mafia. The mafia is controlling the governments and the police and the armies and even the number ones in all the countries are under their pistol. They must do whatever those devils tell them to. If they don't do what the mafia-devils tell them to, they will not be number one or number two or number three or have any power in their hands. In America they tried so many times to bring rules to prevent the white poison, or red poison or so many other things, but it will not work." To all this that I was saying, the interviewer agreed.
I told him, "You are like my grandson, don't think that the whiteness of my beard has come through flour. I have been looking since the beginning of the Second War and even before then until today at everything and I know what is going on all around this world. Perhaps very few people know what is behind the veil, what is really going on. I know, because Allah Almighty has given me the ability to look even underground and behind the veil. There is nothing you can do about it!"
The interviewer wanted to know what this all would result in, "Is there no hope?"
"The only hope is from Allah, not from mankind, not from the states, not from the statesmen, not from the police... No, no, no. The only hope now, is from Allah Almighty. If He wants, then in a moment He may change. But if conditions continue the way they are, we will be nothing."
He was very young, he cried. The only hope for humanity, is from Allah. A change must come, and it must come before the year 2000. Don't be afraid, Dajjal cannot enter Mekka or Medina. The Jews can. I was asking myself, "Why did the Saudis let the Americans come to defend them?" Were the unbelievers threatening them? Why did they ask the Americans and their army of unbelievers there? That was a big mistake. If they really needed more power there, then they could have called armies from Egypt, or Pakistan to say, "Yes, enough!" That is our situation, but we are not going to be hopeless.You are all young people, all of you will be in that time, insha'Allah.

Palestine will not be for the Jews, but because of the weakness of Islam, they were able to enter.
Sri Lanka - 25.10.1991
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