Wear the Medal of Truth

Dastur Ya Rijal Allah, madad. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Subhan Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah
Allah Allah, Sultan Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Aziz Allah. Ya Malik al Mulk, Ya Dha'l
Jalali wal Ikram.

We are Your weak servants. We are asking Your blessings for the honour of the most honoured
one through Your Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (sas). La ilaha illaLlah Sayyidina
Muhammadun Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, shafa`at Ya Rasulullah. And also, we are giving our
salutes and respects to the responsible one who was granted such a holy power from heavens to
look at everyone from Mankind, from every nation, from every race, from every colour and from
people of different understanding. He is responsible for all of them.

The Lord of Heavens granted a high honour, perhaps it is the highest honour among Creation to
Mankind so that His, Almighty's, endless Will-Oceans granted there to be in existence a new
creation, under the title of: Deputies on Earth. Masha Allah, La quwwata illa Billah, O our Master!
Teach us so that shaytan and its followers will be falling through Surprise-Oceans. They must be
(falling) daily, even hourly, even minute-by-minute, and below it, seconds as a new grant is
coming to make those drunk people and their followers, because they are followers of shaytan.

Shaytan's knowledge now is finished. What it has given to be a trying on Mankind from
something, we are not saying that diabolo has a knowledge. No! He hasn't any knowledge. O
People, Assalamu alaykum. Our Attenders, be present with all your senses. To understand and to
drink from the Springs of Heavens grants to you honour upon honour. Whoever is losing, will be
repenting. Come and listen! It is for you, and this bombarding is beginning to destroy every
fortress that belongs to shaytan through east and west, through nations, through religions,
through beliefs. It is beginning to destroy everything that belongs to shaytan.

And al hazaru l-hazar, that is a warning. Those who are insisting to accept some empty theories
there should come on their heads something so that they are not going to be happy. Assalamu
alaykum our sincere listeners. Don't sit there to find something wrong with our speech. No. If you
are doing that, you are doing your spying for shaytan. O people it is blame on you if you are
going to be spies for the enemy of Mankind. Yes, hear and take care. Huuu.. Don't object. Leave
objecting and accept what you are hearing. If you are objecting some heavenly arrows may hit
your head so that all doctors can't find any medicine to save you. That is a warning for those
people who are sitting and trying to find something wrong and they are spies for shaytan.

All shaytans and their followers, under our feet. One foot is enough, to put on their heads, to take
them away. Beware. We are not making here tiyatro. I am not turning film. I am not making
scenario here. Beware O People, beware, I am nothing and same time, something. Coming to
destroy all batil, every false that shaytan is teaching mankind and time is over as shaytan and its
followers will be taken away. And the Lord knows where they are going to be taken away. Don't
be spies for shaytan. Beware ulamas Ahl as -Sunnah, beware ulamas Salafi. Beware ulamas of
Shi'a, and beware Christian authorities, from holy people in Christianity, who are claiming that
they are knowing about New Testament, and they are knowing everything about Jesus Christ.

You are knowing nothing and you are claiming something that is impossible to accept. They are
claiming something that is not true. You are O Holy Ones through Christianity saying something
about your Sahib. Sahib, your teacher. You are saying for Jesus Christ, that he is teacher. That's
true? Yes. They are saying something that never was said, such things about Jesus Christ (pbuh),
because he is a miraculous creation. You can't say something that mentalities of people never
accepting. You are saying Jesus Christ is a man. Then you are claiming and saying he is also the
'Lord of Creation'. Then you are saying he is son of the Creator. Then you are saying he is
thalithu thalatha, third of three.

You are saying such things but you are not thinking which is wrong and which is true? And, we
are warning learned people through Christianity. And, Holy Quran, O ulamas Azhar, O ulamas
Sham Sharif, O ulamas in Hijaz, Salaf us-Saleh, O ulamas Shi'a, you know only to say, 'this is
Hujjatullah, this is Ayatullah'. And there is no mustanad, they haven't any base to put that on,
what they are claiming. Ulamas of Shi'a, yes, and also, we are leaving Jewish rabbis. We have
another judgement with them.

Now they are sending a conclusive proof through Holy Quran, O Muslim scholars. Muslim
scholars who are claiming that you are authorities in Islamic knowledge, why you are not saying
something to stop whole Christian world as they should be ashamed of what they're saying about
Jesus Christ and his mum also. Women bringing Lord? Women giving birth to Lord? What is
that? They may say. What is hujjatul qati'a, very, very, very powerful evidence to stop Christians to
say about Jesus Christ and his mum? Say ulamas of Azhar Sharif, and say, ulamas who are
claiming they are Salaf as-Saleh. And also say those whom you are giving to be Hujjatullah or to
be Ayatullah.

What they are saying about Jesus Christ and his mum. What is your evidence? You found it?
Say? Now they are making me to speak on it as then you are saying 'Why'? Hal min muddakirin, (is
there anyone that will take heed?) Allah Almighty saying, "I am sending to you My Holy Verses
but where are those ones who are reciting taking something through their mentalities according
to their capacities?” Where are they? Asking. You are claiming O Salaf as Saleh that you are
ulamas. Distinguished ones, eh? I am giving you insha Allah up to tomorrow to think on it, then I
am going to speak to you, insha Allah.

And I am saying to authorities or ulamas/scholars. They are giving so many certificates and they
are saying now we are doctors of Sharia, doctor of every ill one. People are not ill through their
bodies, their illness is through their understanding. Yes, through their understanding they are ill.
They are treating people of what they have from some misunderstandings. You are doctor. If you
are doctor, Islam is from heavens. Islam coming from heavens to ourselves. What is your
evidence to refuse/refute which or what things Christian worshippers, Christians are claiming?
You must correct them. It is a very short verse through Holy Quran to make Christianity not to
speak on anything about Jesus Christ and his mum.

They are claiming they are God, or Mother of God, or Son of God or Lord of the Creation,
what is that? What happened? Why you are not saying? Why you are not defending Islam, O
ulamas? You know to assault me, swear at me, Allah takes you away! Who is not accepting Truth
should go to hells Jahannam az-Zumara! Try to be Defenders of Truth. That is our noble
visam/medal. Yes, that is our heavenly medal, put here that they are Defenders of Truth. Let
Christians put also 'We are Defenders of Truth'. Let Salafi ulamas put here 'We are Defenders of
Truth'. Leave Shi'a ulamas to put a a medal that claims 'We are Defenders of Truth'.

You are defenders only to assault Sahaba? That is your honour? Who granted you that? Why
you are not getting up O Ahl as-Sunnah ulamas for defending As'hab and the Seal of Prophets
saying hars Allahu Allah As'habi As'habi. O our Lord, forgive us. They are stopping me. Giving
a while insha Allah, we shall meet with you tomorrow. Same time now we changed, that it is easy
for you because night time is short time for these countries and this time is okay. Leaving this,
our association insha Allah up to tomorrow. I like to hear about that from our ulamas, what they
are understanding from Holy Quran and nazafatul Quran, purity of Holy Quran. In such a
beautiful style saying no one can refuse it, impossible.

O ulamas Azhar Sharif, stand up for defending Jesus Christ. Defenders of the Seal of Prophets,
leave that but you must try to be defenders of Jesus Christ. Those ignorant people are saying like
this, like that, we are not accepting. Qul: Hatoo burhanakum, the Lord of Heavens saying, “We are
not accepting anything till you are bringing a proof”. What you are saying? And every proof you
may find through six thousand six hundred and sixty six verses. Verses. You must take everything
from there. But you can't reach.

There are so many things in Holy Quran that Allah Almighty bringing so many examples, for an
understanding there is a holy verse that shows those people who are coming against Holy Quran
and against the Seal of Prophets that they are like a person their feet up and their head down and
through their lips water only 3 fingers can't reach. What is the benefit if you are not reaching the
Oceans of Understanding. What you are doing? You are writing so many books, for what? Leave
that writing, bring understanding.

Don't write books but bring understanding O Mankind and through mankind those who are
claiming something for themselves or they are thinking they reached something through Holy
Quran, stand up and bring your evidence and authority. May Allah forgive us. Tawba Ya Rabbi,
tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. Insha Allah tomorrow Allah gives a chance to speak on it for
destroying all beliefs of Christianity, down. And also beliefs of Judaism down. And also beliefs
that Islamic doctors have so many wrong ideas that are not from the Holy Quran or from the
Seal of Prophet.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Aziz Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Karim Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Sultan Allah
dum dum dum dum...

Open your ears for hearing and listening, heavenly singings that are all glorifying the Lord of
Afwak wa ridak Ya Rabbana. Fatiha. Subhansen ya Rabb, Sultansen Ya Rabb Subhansen ya Rabb, Sultansen
Ya Rabb, abdun ajiz.
You know. Fatiha

Lefke, 02.05.2010

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