Maulana Sheikh NazimWe must know that we are all servants
Audhubilahi minesh shaitana rajim…Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Allah blessings you…We must know that we are all servants. Only point that people not asking about their positions, that. They are trying to learn everything, only they are not trying to learn about themselves, their positions or their missions. No one asking. And we are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty for me, for you and for all mankind. May Allah bless you and forgive me. Audhubilahi minesh shaitana rajim… Shaitan, biggest or greatest enemy of man, and people not trying to know about that creature…and we are saying: …Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Most terrible and horrible enemy for mankind: Shaitan. And no one asking to know about Shaitan, and his position and his mission, they are not asking. And Shaitan most dangerous, most terrible, most horrible enemy for mankind. Shaitan is not the enemy of donkeys, or cows or wolves or fox. Countless creatures Allah created. Shaitan is friendly with them, but shaitan is not friendly with mankind. What we are saying now is roots of knowledge, which, if we are learning and teaching people whole world may be in peace. But we are not learning, and we are not teaching the roots of knowledge. They are teaching and making research, endless research, that writing books, hundreds of books, thousands of books, putting in libraries, but that things that they are looking, never giving any benefit for mankind, no. Writing professors, so many books, you are saying test? As a test, making so big books, so many volumes, and it is it had been pout through libraries of universities. So many kinds of books.
Look, every time you may open TV, there is a channel Discovery…they are showing so many things, they are saying Nature, making research. You can't imagine, you can't reach to such a things by yourself. They are running and looking and making research on so many creatures through different continents, through oceans, through deserts, through mountains, through jungles…they are doing so many things. Every day, every day I am looking and seeing, but they are not trying to discover themselves. The son of Adam, Children of Adam, or mankind. No channel to try about Children of Adam or mankind, but every day they are making that research on animal world. Every time shaitan making them Don't approach to know about yourself. Saying to them: It is forbidden, forbidden area, don't ask.
X. is Doctor, physician, he may look only on material of mankind, he learned his knowledge on a cadaver, on stones, cutting this, nothing cutting that, everything cutting…how working…earning, making their research on it on dead bodies. We are asking on living bodies research. We are not asking mankind's animal personality, no, it is not important, animal personality if mankind. But shaitan making mankind to run after only mans animal personality, because we have animal personality, belonging to a animals world. Our bodies belong that, our material personality or physical being belongs to animals world. And everything they are doing on behalf of research, they are researching about animal personality of mankind. What about their real personality, what it is? Who's making that research? No, it is forbidden! Shaitan saying: I banned such a knowledge, it is not in the sight of me from knowledge. What they say about heavenly knowledge or spirituality, I am not approving such a things as a knowledge, Therefore I banned it not to be taught to students, beginning from elementary schools up to highs school, no it is banned. You must be only interested in your animal personality. Beyond it…You may learn from cadaver, your knowledge depends on cadaver knowledge, but prophecy form Heavens they say it is not valuable. What is valuable we find on a cadaver. Cadaver teaching us, and no one asking that a cadaver, when opening they look and see through animal personality of man. So fine organized systems in it, doctors saying that there is veins, if you tie one after one after one, may through world it is going to be enough…such a things…IO hears that there is veins like hair, and I heard from my grandson, Professor Doctor Y., he is saying: O my grandfather, even now they are finding more finer veins than hair! No one asking, when they cut that cadaver who arranged that things in it Through 9 months how it is going to be arranged, which power, which material power may do this? No one asking. From two cells, same kind, man's cell, woman's cell- from two kinds of cells, how many kinds coming out? What is that? If one cell going to increase, going to divide they say by itself, going to be two, and then their position going to be one independent cell, then going to be divided into two…how this body going to be in existence in such a perfection? They are not asking, making me crazy to think on it. How they are saying: We are scholars, we are learned people? Why they are not saying who making through the womb of a woman a perfect person to come out? Shaitan banned them, their minds, their eyes, their thoughts, finished…
Therefore it is most terrible thing for mankind, most dangerous point, that they follow shaitan and not looking mankind's real personality. They are not making a research on it. And whom bringing such research on it, on them, they say No, it is banned knowledge, we are not accepting. And day by day- Glory to Allah, Subhanallah- making the Creator, the life of mankind in spite their knowledge and research, making their lives more difficult. Day by day they fall in another difficult position, because they are not asking real personality of man, mankind. Biggest problem for 21st century people of cause that they are not asking to know about their personality. If they can know their personality, every crises, chaos, problems so easily going to be solved. But shaitan never to bring a solution for mankind, asking always much more trouble, much more problems, much more suffering, much more miseries for mankind. That is shaitan's real target, and his aspect, asking to lead to that point to make chaos among mankind, And as long as they are looking only their physical beings material beings, no one can reach a contentment through their lives, and never-ending complex among themselves, beginning single one, everyone they are single…It is an important point to be known
Don't think that now we are sitting and not seeing, we are all collected people, No everyone in their own existence. You are single, he is single. When you understand this, when everyone is sleeping nighttimes, that they were with you, and you are not sleeping getting up, that time you are understanding that you are single. And then, when you are going to be ill, or sick, you understand that you are single, because they are not like you. And when you are going to die, you are knowing, when you are put in coffin, you know that you are single. No one put with you in coffin. Another coffin, small one also, but must be put in another coffin. Then single, Allah created, even we are looking they are crowded, no, you are single and you must look after yourself. You must find a way not to be single. Shaitan is single. We are single, but we may reach to a position, that we can be saved to be single ones. On earth we are single ones, when we are moving from our animal personality, that means 'suluq'- an Arabic word that a person, if he is asking to reach from one place to another place, taking his way, when asking his way that, means 'suluq', just entering the canal that making him to reach to his target. That we are single drops, till you reach to ocean. When you reach to ocean, no more singleness, finished. And as long as you are keeping, insisting to be only with your animal personality, you are single.
As long as you are imprisoning your soul and spiritual being you are single, and your soul asking to break the walls of you material prison and to reach to the ocean, or Unity Oceans of Allah Almighty. When you reach Unity Ocean of Allah Almighty, no ore singleness, finished. As long a s people ask to keep their prisons, as a silk worm making for itself a cocoon, that asking to be single, going to die in it, putting in hot water and making to die. If making a hole and getting out, it is not getting out as a worm, but as a butterfly, flying out. You must have…you must take your lessons from creatures also. That is a big teacher- silkworm for mankind: O people you must not imprison yourselves in a cocoon, no, you must get out. You must not imprison yourself on earth, Heavens waiting for you. Fly and come! Open a hole and go out, get out. Flying- our souls can fly. People think that planes or rockets making them to fly up, no, that is another cheating, big cheating form shaitan, teaching them look you are flying also. What is that? You are flying? The instrument that they say Boeing flight, they are flying, you are not flying, and not taking their lesson also to say: this material flying and we are not flying. Why? We are doing material to fly, we are mot able to make ourselves able to fly, what is that?0
O people, this is an addressing to whole mankind now. I am not addressing to one handful people, my addressing to whole mankind that living through East and West, from North and South, on behalf of all prophets' traditional knowledge and particularly the Seal of Prophets, the last one, most honoured servant of Allah Almighty. For everyone. No one object on it! He objects- 40 days only to live on earth, finishing. There is also now power - who making object on such realities, only 40 days for them, no more, they should die.
May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of most honoured servant of Allah Almighty Fatiha. This is something…therefore they are coming from so long distances, our South African people, they are in need, as well as they are Naqshbandi. This is something just granted to us from our headquarters of most distinguished Naqshbandi order. They are carrying so difficult burden to come, particularly Professor Z.- 16 hours flying and coming. This, if they are not hearing anything else, it is more than enough to come here and to go back… Fatiha.
Lefke - 06.06.2002
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