Maulana Sheikh NazimWHAT ARE YOU PROUD OF?
Greatness belongs to the Lord of Heavens. We are small-ones. What do you think about this world? It is a big world. If you compare yourself to this world, how big are you? If you go 10000 meters up you cannot even see huge buildings. Even big mountains will look small. So you and your size disappears in comparison to this world. Then what about this world compared to the sun? Is the sun bigger or smaller? In the view of our eyes it looks smaller, but our eyes are cheating us, it is bigger. If you would start to approach it, the sun would become bigger and bigger and our world behind us smaller and smaller. They say that you have to put the world a 1 300 000 times to reach the size of the sun. Still we say that this world is big! And we are so small! Then compared to the sun this world is so small. Compared to other planets and all that belongs to that galaxy, it is so gigantic, even our sun gets the size of a spot, ready to disappear. Where does that put us? Oh, man, where are you? If the world is nothing in front of the sun and the greatness of the sun will be nothing in front of our galaxy... And there are so many galaxies. The size of these make our galaxy like a small point. There are so many gigantic galaxies that even those enormous telescopes cannot catch. It all disappears. This is something very important. The most powerful telescopes cannot reach these galaxies, even though they are overloaded with technology.
This universe is so great. Who are you? Are you God? Can you be God? Where is God? The whole universe is in his Powerful Hands. Everything else is nothing! Every greatness infront of the greatness of the Lord of the Universes is nothing! How can you say that man is God or God is man? Do you think that a man whose size is not much more than an ant, is representing you?
We are living in a century where mankind is researching so much. Why are they not making a research concerning Allah? Why are they not making a research on the greatness of the Lord of Heavens? It would be a very short research, but for all those who claim to know so much about science and space, they know much more than me. They may say much more than I can about the greatness of this space and universe. Where is the Lord? Where is He sitting? Is He sitting or standing up? Where is He?
Foolish atheist people are saying that there is no God, or they are saying, "Where is God?" Or people with a very short mind show God on a postcard. What do you think about that? We must blame mankind, science and religions for that. Allah is the Great! You must believe in his Greatness!
Archangel Gabriel brings Holy Commands and messages from the Lord of Heavens to his messengers. He is a big angel, the Lord Almighty created him in the finest form. In the Holy Books Archangel Gabriel is described like a peacock. No other bird has such a beauty. The Archangel Gabriel is the most beautiful one. All angels are beautiful, usually to a degree that we cannot bear to look at them. If we would, we would fall down. Archangel Gabriel is so beautiful and so gigantic. Through the traditional knowledge that we have in the Holy Books Archangel Gabriel has 600 wings. If he opens his wings the space between East and West is too narrow. One feather of his wing can by just merely touching the Himmalaya Mountain push it from its base. That is the size of this angel. Once the Lord of Heavens sent Archangel Gabriel to another angel. That angel was so much bigger than Archangel Gabriel, that Archangel Gabriel was the size of his finger. Countless angels have such a size. Don't make the Lord small! Oh, people, you must learn how to respect your Lord, Almighty Allah.
We are so small, but He granted to mankind something which no other creature has been given. We can understand about his Greatness. That is what he has granted us; understanding about his Greatness, about his endless Greatness. We can fall on our knees in his Divine Presence. Oh, people, we must believe in his Greatness! If you do, you will be a real servant, a humble servant. How can you be proud? Of what? Some people are 2 meters big and think it is a reason to be proud. A camel is higher than that! And if you get to be as big as a camel, the giraffe will be even bigger. So why should you be proud? Some people are 300 pounds heavy and it will make them proud. An ox can weigh even 1000 pounds. What are you proud of, oh mankind? With your power? I can run 100 meters in one minute. Even dogs run faster than that, rabbits too and horses much, much more. Why are they not proud, but you are? It is the ignorance which mankind has inherited from Satan. Satan was the first proud-one in front of the greatness and the Divine Pride of Allah Almighty. Who are you to be proud in Divine Presence? All angels kicked Satan down. Don't be proud!
That is the whole problem. Mankind is proud with something which no-one has a reason to be proud of. But our ego always wants to be proud. Our egos want to move the Lord of Heavens from his Throne and sit there. That is what it wants. But it is fully wrong and fully foolish. The Lord of Heavens knows his creatures and sends his distinguished servants, his prophets, who belong to heavens. They bring Holy Commmands and they try to teach people who they are and to teach them about the greatness of their Lord and to make them humble. But in this century people are mongul-types and they think that when Allah Almighty gives them some authority over technology they have become lords. They are very proud with TV and computers and tape-recorders and their rockets. They claim that they are someone else, someone who passed away centuries ago and that they have rights to be lords. This is what they are claiming, the people of our times.
Don't be under the command of your ego, but let it be under your control. Every trouble which comes individually or commonly is only because you cannot control your ego. If people could contol their ego, there would be no more trouble. But the ego is controlling people and the ego is very wrong. Every religion came to fight egoistical ideas and to put the ego on its own place. That is all. You must know the greatness of the Lord of Heavens which comes through all the Holy Books. And you must know something about yourself. Who are you and under whose control are you? Are you able to control yourself, or not? Whoever can control themselves are real servants of the Lord of Heavens. If not, he is only a donkey for his ego. Whether you accept it, or not, it is written that you are either the servant of Allah Almighty, or of your ego.
Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists... all kinds of people, but important for all of you is whether you are able to control your ego. Why are you fasting? This is also the time of fasting for Christians. What are we fasting for? To make a full control of our egos. When you catch it, it cannot be able to come over you. Everyone who wants to control his desires should fast, because the ego has endless desires and no good desires. Good desires come from our souls, which ask to move towards Heavens. But our ego says, "No! Don't go up! Stay with me on earth." And Jesus Christ is waiting for Christians to move towards Heavens. We also believe in him. He shows everyone a way to Heavens. You can reach Heavens. If you can control your egos, you may reach Heavens, but these worst desires of the ego tie us to earth. They put iron chains and nails on us so that we cannot move.
We are very happy with our titles, but they give you nothing. Oh, man! Oh, believer! Oh, Muslim! Oh, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants... you must protest against your egos! No-one protests against their egos, only against the Pope. Why? Protest against your ego and say that you are wrong. We must move towards Heavens. If we do not move towards Heavens we will finally be taken by force.
It is a short description. It is not a lecture, because I am not a lecturer. I am only a humble servant and you are distinguished guests. I am only shouting at our egos, our souls are praised. Our advice to everyone is to be on the side of their souls, not the side of egos and devils. Be on the side of the prophets and saints and good-ones. Don't be on the side of devils. You may choose one of the sides. Finally you will be on the side of prophets or on the side of devils. No-one can be anywhere else. It is like magnetism. Either you will move to this side or the other. Finally you will be caught by one of the poles.
May Allah bless us and send us his Lions quickly. We need lions because the world is full of jackals, wolfs and foxen. We need the lions to carry them away and to prevent mankind from falling into darkness. To take them out and up to Heavens. Our way is towards Heavens.
London - 01.03.1994
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