Maulana Sheikh NazimWhat is an acceptable Islamic Government?
Answer - This is an important question for giving helpful answers to Muslims. Christians, believers, Jews and all mankind and human nature.
Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

It is a difficult question - not that the question is difficult, but the answer is, because it is so important and it must be well understood.

Islam and government - you said monarchy, democracy or theocracy. Which of these does Islam accept. We must say firstly that Islam is independent, and does not need to follow any of these three.

Islam has the original government system. Through the heavenly orders that the Lord sent down to his servants for them to be in the most perfect condition, individually and collectively, in their lives.

People may say there is monarchy in Islam, they may say there is democracy in Islam, they may say there is theocracy in Islam.

Islam is above all of these three types of governing systems. Islam accepts that one person should be in control of the nation. The whole nation should give him their trust, support and obedience. That must be.

It is most important point of the Islamic governing system - that power is in one hand, not power-sharing. When there are partners in power, there will be more problems.

As we see in those countries where groups are in power, there is quarrelling and fighting - no peace, no satisfaction, no rest. As long as those groups are not in peace, the nation will suffer the same problem.

Islam orders that power is kept in one hand. That is best. We may compare democracy and the Islamic system.

Democracy. First, the rights of mankind (human rights). Human rights and freedom are defended and basically, these are the mainstays of democracy, human rights and freedom. People don't take much interest in areas other than these two - human rights and freedom.

Islam says, instead of human rights, (because Islam accepts the rights of people as a duty) fulfil your duty to obtain your rights. This is the very important Islamic wisdom. Pay duty to take rights. Without duties, there are no rights.

But democracy is giving rights without responsibilities.

Islam is for justice. Democracy is for freedom. Democracy gives people freedom. Islam is asking justice for them, not freedom, not absolute freedom.

Democracy is giving absolute freedom - with human rights.

Islam is giving, when duty is paid - rights and justice.

That is the difference between the vision of Islamic democracy and Western democracy.
Western people are only asking human rights without responsibility and asking for as much (freedom) as can be given. But Islam says, NO - you must pay for your rights. If a student doesn't work for an exam, how will he pass the test? This is the perfect Islamic vision. European and Western democracy is imperfect and useless, terrible and dangerous for mankind. No future. They are preparing a rebellious people who are asking only for their rights without responsibility and without considering justice, asking only for freedom and rights, freedom and rights.

Islam is saying no! Pay your duty, then take your rights. We are upholding your rights - human rights are available when you pay by your duty. Uphold justice - do not say freedom, I am free to do everything as I like, because you are not alone, single one - millions and billions of people surround you, you are not able to do as you like. NO !

This is a very important thing, which the world does not understand. It is the key for everything. If a person is on board a plane and says - Now I would like to make tea and I must make a fire, because I am free. Yes! - Would you allow him to do this and light a fire on the plane? He is free. Why should you prevent this freedom?

Everywhere you can see what harm comes to people through freedom. Islam is saying no - pay duty, then take your rights, and when you take them, you too must be right for justice.

Justice is to uphold the rights of others in the same way as you would like for yourselves. If you do not do this, then you are not a just person. Islam says you must uphold justice, you can't be absolutely free. NO.

If you are harming people, we will catch you and put you in a cage for animals, like lions, tigers and wolves, not outside. This is the Islamic vision of democracy.

Western democracy dates from the time of the French revolution. They will celebrate the bicentennial 200th anniversary in 1989, celebrate a wrong revolution. All the democracy that the world is using is wrong from A-Z, useless, harmful, terrible dangerous.

European democracy is saying that, without responsibilities, you have rights. Where do they get that idea? From which book? Who said this foolish idea - without paying with responsibility to have rights.

Islam keeps power in one hand which is able to keep absolute justice. Then, the leader must look after the rights of those who pay duty, not paying no rights.

European democracy say that without duty you may take your rights. That is wrong.

The Islamic vision is the best system for all of mankind. Real democracy, but it is a theocracy. European democracy, no; but Islamic theocracy - that vision is best.

When the whole world says yes to this Islamic vision, they will be saved and will have reached absolute peace. Otherwise, they may quarrel, fight and eat one another, it doesn't matter. Without cooking, they will eat one another: English - German, German - French, Russian - German, Japan - China; may eat without cooking. They will never reach an end till they come to Islam. Islam is saying, pay your duty and take your rights. No freedom without justice.

Freedom is only in the jungle - go there! When you live with people, uphold justice, because you are not alone. That is the Islamic vision.

Even in Islamic territories, they do not understand this, I am sorry to say. Never mind the Christian, Jewish and other peoples; even the Islamic world does not understand what I am saying or what the Islamic vision for government is. It is the best! Yes!
In Islam, man needs man. This is the main rule. A king is in need of subjects and poor men are in need of rich men, rich men are in need of poor men, workers are in need of employers, employers are in need of employees, as head is in need of feet, and feet are in need of head. That is Islam. We can't make feet head or head, feet or cut heads and leave only feet, as communism did to people. They say not heads in our system, in communism no heads - everyone must be equal. That means, there must be feet, no heads, all of them feet. What is that? If you are putting feet, workers are the government. What is that> How can workers be government? They are workers, labourers - how can labourers be the government? There is an eternal rule for Islam - put everyone in his suitable position: engineer is engineer, worker is worker, labourer is labourer, peasant is peasant, shepherd is shepherd, advocate is advocate, king is king, queen is queen, governor is governor, general is general, major is major, policeman is policeman, businessman is businessman. Therefore, there is no election in Islam. Election is BATIL, false. Perhaps people gather and ask for one feet - all feet request that foot must be head. There is no election in Islam. In Islam, ability is first and then service. You give service and take rank, be able and go up. No election in Islam. Election is BATIL, false. Therefore, the whole world must be changed. No election, because election may take feet to be head, may take head to be feet.

Islam's relationship with other states is also important. AS we said, we must keep good neighbours with other states, good relationships always. Then there would be a free economy, liberal system, not put so many barriers for peoples movements. Good relationships and more tolerance with them, not trying to harm people. Keep respect for states, send ambassadors, accept ambassadors, make it easy for people to go and to come, not to make barriers. Easy dealing for Muslims. Travellers are free and respected and accepted. They must only look who is good and who is bad, so that no-one harms others. There must be good relationship among Islamic states and others. Governments must keep justice, no cruelty, never giving harm to anyone and preventing injustice. Injustice and cruelty are prohibited in Islam. Everyone must obtain their rights. In Islam human rights are for everyone; only in Islam a person may gain a right when he gives service. In Western societies a person may obtain rights without giving service. Islam is fighting that idea. Islam says, if you want rights, give a service and take your rights. You must earn your rights. there is no birthright to be doctor, engineer, MP or General. Do you think that anyone obtained such a position without earning? How can they say human rights, what are human rights? We are born with human rights, breathing, eating and drinking. If we want more than this so many rights - to have a right to be doctor, you must work, you must earn; if you say, as communists say, we must be equal and we must take from the rich to give to the poor. Why? How? What is that right? Work, earn and take. Who is preventing you? Islam never prevents people from working, to be rich. Why would be prevent people form being rich? You must live and work, people must earn through their efforts, free opportunity for everyone. You may work, you may earn, you may even rise to live in palaces. If you are lazy and not working and living in huts and saying we must attach those people living in palaces. With which right? Is that a human right? They are riding Rolls-Royces and we are riding London buses and I am saying big man, bi car. Why are you becoming angry? Under your command thousands of red buses, you can take each one, free. No, they are saying, we also have rights to ride Rolls-Royce - earn and ride Rolly-Royce or any other big car. Islam never allows people to say no work. As long as this world is running, work is never ending on earth. If they really want to work, they may find it. Look, this is London, people are running to London for work. If the government allows them millions will come an work. But Londoners are saying, there is no work. What is that? If there is no work, how are those people coming? But pride makes people not work and secondly laziness makes them not work and thirdly because they are happy getting money freely from government. That makes people lazy. Islam refuses such a policy. Therefore, Islam says first agriculture, then trading, then manufacturing - no need to ask employment from government.

In Islam, there is no need for thousands of clerks, so many departments. It is very simple.

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